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Make effective funeral speechFuneral is a very emotional part of our life, this is an emotional thing of our life. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
I shall try to explain the most widely accepted means of staging a demonstration, which effectively handles all the above 3 points and ensure that the presenter can draw maximum benefits from his audience.
Lower animals, such as fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds, don't do much "thinking," but instead concern themselves with the everyday business of gathering food, eating, drinking, sleeping, reproducing and defending themselves. It supports a variety of functions, including emotion, behavior, motivation, and most importantly long-term memory. It appears to be primarily responsible for our emotional life, and has a great deal to do with the formation of memories.
While we still don’t know where exactly the memories are stored, we know one fact that Neocortex plays an important part in storing of memories.
What you should essentially do while preparing for a demonstration is to concentrate on the 20% functionalities of your software which you think will give 80% benefits to the audience. I hope this provides some guuidelines and some thought invoking pointers for our little grey cells.
In this guide we show you how to make dynamic picture or video slideshows using the free tool Windows Movie Maker. Once you’ve loaded your videos into Windows Media Player, begin moving the play slider with your mouse until you hit a point you’d like to clip or cut out completely. You can use several keyboard command options[3] to ease the editing process, although the ones listed below will more than suit your needs. Since we’re making a simple picture slideshow, splitting and editing clips is useful for cutting down the amount of time you’d like a clip to appear on screen. Once you’ve added your music and clipped your pictures and videos, it’s time to add some key transitions and effects. Remember to change the title shots located at the bottom category of your shot sequences by double-clicking the title section and adding your own text. If you’d like to have more control of the transitions and effects available, the Animations tab located at the top of the program allows you to change the transition and pan features which occur between slides. If you’re researching transition effects, but aren’t sure which to use, mouse-over the animations to preview them. Head over to the Visual Effects tab and you’ll find an array of visual tools to suit your movie.
Before saving, there are several tool options built in to Windows Movie Maker, which you can adjust. Your Project section also holds some interesting options, such as Emphasize music, which will lower the volume of the videos in your movie, in order to make your movie soundtrack pop.
You can also adjust your movie’s Aspect ratio to best match your presentation outlet[4] or picture size.
Once finished, you can share your creation on Facebook or YouTube[5], so your memories are stored online for the world to see.
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I have done a lot of software demonstrations, some good ones (where we have earned the trust of the customer, and the project or product got sold) and some not so good ones, when the customer was not very convinced and wanted to repeat the process or sometimes even dropped us as a prospective vendor. One should also keep in mind that human limbic system requires arousal at regular intervals. So the most important goal of the presenter is to activate the neocortex and keep the limbic system alive. Rather than locking them in a dark room with you, create a digital slideshow that you can email or share on social media. Often used to make simple movies, Movie Maker is also an exceptional picture slideshow creator.
Movie Maker supports drag and drop functionality for both pictures and videos, so feel free to use the media slot as a canvas and drop all the pictures and videos you will require for this project. You can drag and drop your music files into the program or click on the Add music button in the Home menu.
This is where Windows Movie Maker excels, as there is a largely unheard of AutoMovie theme creator already build into the software. The save settings labeled For high-definition display  is your safest bet, if you’d like a crisp movie, while the other settings lower the quality to lower the file size as well.
Windows Movie Maker is a great resource for the amateur editor looking to create simple, dynamic projects like this one.
Changing the background selection should also open slideshow options to tailor your display to your liking.
You can even create a video wallpaper[7] of your baby’s first steps or your beach video in the Bahamas to continually relive the experience time and time again on your desktop. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and stringing them together in the right order and with the right music can create an unparalleled story. It is one of the most popular games that can be played in your mobile and is available for both Android and iOS platform.
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I have tried to learn from all these and have also taken initiative to increase my knowledge on the subject of effective demonstrating. It all happens like a movie in front of the audience.  Some call this as the ‘Tell-show-tell’ technique.
With Windows Movie Maker 12, it is now easier than ever to create crisp and professional looking videos and picture slideshows. You can also Right Click Windows > Add videos and photos to open a file folder, which you can use to add your content.
The AutoMovie feature will add transitions, closeups, and overlays to your photos automatically, creating a spectacular short movie in seconds.
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This means; you have to do some sudden and abrupt action (not violent off course!), to grab the attention of your audience.
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For instance, you can flash a prop or start with a contemporary news story (choose wisely, don’t use anything political, social or religious, which might instead create a feeling of disinterest and dejection). You can be an experienced player or a new one; you need to understand the role of the resources for the benefit of your account.
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You should take help of your family members andfriends also for this kind of work.The Eulogy is a kind of very important speech.

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