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All you need is: a pot, popcorn kernels, oil, butter, salt, and measuring cups (if you don't like to shoot from the hip). Some people prefer to use coconut oil (which is typically a solid, unless you keep it in an apartment without AC).
The solid bit of the clarified butter can be used for different recipes, but don't sweat it for now.
Before the days of convenient pre-packaged popcorn or the microwave variety, this is how it was done.

To create this project, we used a few inexpensive store bought items and combined them to make a fun snack station reminiscent of a movie theatre concession stand. You get to see some great flicks, ignore all of the sticky stuff on the floor, and indulge in that buttery manna from heaven that inspires all sorts of nostalgia: movie theater popcorn. Here's how to create your own DIY concession stand at home, complete with a popcorn maker, a mini fridge and more! Not only is it healthier for you (relatively speaking), you can impress your guests with your knowledge of butter. If your mini fridge isn't tall enough, like ours was, you may want to build a simple box out of more scrap wood and paint it the same color as your cube unit.

Add a popcorn maker, etched glass jars and more to create a delicious corner to your home movie theater.
Unfortunately, the "butter" in those bags tastes pretty horrible (and is loaded with terrible chemicals and carcinogens). So, remember people, you can actually make movie theater quality popcorn (that's better for you) right at home.

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