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No matter which brand you buy, microwave popcorn never tastes as good as its movie theater counterpart. That ingredient is called Flavacol.Flavacol is a super fine, butter-flavored seasoning salt that movie theaters on their popcorn. Skip the expensive concession stand and make buttery, delicious movie theatre popcorn at home with this simple step-by-step tutorial.
To air pop in the microwave, all you need is a small brown paper bag and some popcorn kernels.
It sounds complicated, but clarifying butter is actually a breeze in the microwave, and it removes enough of the water to leave you with buttery, perfectly crunchy popcorn.
I like to use coconut oil for one big reason: many movie theaters use a coconut oil blend to pop their popcorn.
You should start to see the butter separating into three layers—foam, clarified butter and milk solids. You’ll be left with a very clear, very yellow layer of clarified butter, with a layer of milk solids underneath. Swirl the pot around so that each and every kernel gets a nice little coating of coconut oil, and is more or less in a single layer. Every now and again, give the pan a good shake to mix up the kernels and keep them from burning. But as you get to the end of the clarified part, you’ll start to see that third opaque, white layer—the milk solids.
Sprinkle on your desired amount of salt (if you use salted butter, you might want to go light on the salt at first). And then go pop in a movie, get cozy and enjoy your much healthier, much tastier (in my opinion) movie theatre popcorn! Clarified butter is also great to have kicking around because, unlike regular butter, it has a really high smoke point.
How to Make Movie Theatre Popcorn at Home   Print Prep time 2 mins Cook time 5 mins Total time 7 mins   Skip the concession stand and make movie theatre popcorn at home with this super easy recipe!
Thanks for the great reminder about how easy it is to make real popcorn and save all that money!
My favorite popcorn sounds kinda crazy but its amazing: Melt about a tablespoon of Earth Balance vegan butter and sprinkle in about half a teaspoon of dehydrated mushroom powder and swirl it around (then pour it on the popcorn). I Googled homemade movie theater popcorn and came across this and it sounded good, so I tried it. I had bought a Stir-Crazy popcorn popper, but was still kind of getting tough popcorn when using extra light olive oil. A great way to tell if the oil is hot enough it to put in 3 popcorn kernels in with the oil – when they pop, you’re good to go! Imagine my surprise when I figured out exactly how easy it is to make it at home with just 3 ingredients and no fancy tools or machines! Coconut Oil (The movie theaters use some that’s artificially colored to get that super orange color. I know you mentioned staying away from butter but if you do decide to try some you can get movie theater style butter in small pints for home use.
Making movie theater popcorn at home is easier said than done, if you don’t know the secrets movie theater owners have been using for years to lure us into their seats. Of course these days we can watch high def movies in the comfort of our own home, so why not learn how to make the best tasting popcorn at a fraction of the cost of movie theater popcorn.
Those stainless steel salt shakers we’ve all used at the theater concession stand pour on what seems like the best salt ever, but no one has ever seen it. When you ask for extra butter at the concession stand, the movie theaters use a topping, not real butter. Making movie theater popcorn at home is easier said than done, if you don’t know the secrets movie theater owners have been using for years to lure us into their seats.
Even if you pop it yourself on the stovetop and drizzle it with real butter, it doesn't have the same flavor.

They usually pop it using a combination of orange-colored coconut oil and Flavacol seasoning, but regular coconut oil will give you the same results without the fake-looking color. When you pop it on the stovetop, leave a lid on the whole time so the steam all stays in and keeps it from getting dry.
I understand why—the stuff that comes in the bags from the vending machine or from the concession stand at the movie theatre is packed full of nasty chemicals, artificial colors and flavors, and more hydrogenated oils and salt than anyone should be consuming in a snack.
While there are some natural and organic options out there, the vast majority of microwave popcorn is loaded with a laundry list of chemicals and general nastiness. If you air pop your kernels (in either the microwave, a popper or on the stove), you can eat a whopping three cups of the stuff for less than 100 calories. By skipping the boxes of microwave popcorn and heading straight for a bag of kernels, you can save a boatload of cash. If you have ghee kicking around (which is more or less a version of clarified butter), you can skip this part and just melt your ghee and use it straight on your popcorn. For the most part, the cooked kernels float to the top of the pot, which keeps them from burning, while the unpopped kernels stay at the bottom.
The popcorn tastes even better if you serve it up in some mega cute popcorn boxes (affiliate link). Because most of the water and milk solids are removed from the butter when it’s clarified, it keeps for much longer than standard butter. Meaning you can add lots of buttery flavor to dishes that cook at a high temperature (think: pan frying). It reminds me of when I was a carefree 18 year-old spending my summer at hippie-dippy music festivals. I have never used coconut oil to make my popcorn on the stove but I am sure gonig to start. This is a product that Hazel Dell, a mushroom farm in Fort Collins, makes locally with all their leftover mushroom bits and a little garlic powder. Such an easy and cheap beer snack for when people come over…plus you can so easily jazz it up with various spices and condiments. I can’t believe that a simple change of coconut oil and ghee makes SUCH a difference. For a few months I have been looking for a popcorn recipe to make that crunchy popcorn like the movies. So here are the three secrets movie theater owners have kept under their hats to keep us coming back for more. These oils have very bland and light tastes to them, which makes a flavorless popcorn most of the time. When you go home and use your own salt, it all falls to the bottom of the bowl and doesn’t quite taste the same. So if you want your popcorn to turn out the same, you’ll want to use the popcorn butter toppings.
That's because movie theaters don't use real butter—their popcorn has one secret ingredient that gives it that distinct taste. Other good coconut oil substitutes are corn and palm oil.You can buy Flavacol from Amazon for about $6, and a little goes a long way. And in that 100 calories, you’re getting a hefty dose of healthy whole grains, vitamins, minerals and a very satisfying crunch.
Bagged kernels cost about 400% less on average than the microwave stuff (and, obviously, a ton less than the concession stand variety).
Namely, because butter has such a high water content, it makes the popcorn almost instantly soggy. But for those of us ghee-less folks, here’s how to do a quick and dirty clarification.
Plus, we’re not looking for perfection here, just to get rid of enough water to keep our popcorn crunchy. I like to sprinkle my popcorn with parmesan (not so weird) or dip it in things like hummus or honey mustard (more strange, I think).

My first born turns five in a few weeks and we are having a couple of his little friends spend the night for his party. I will definitely be making this soon (perhaps when the weather is less feral Down Under!). For the longest time I figured that to get the taste of movie theater popcorn at home I’d have to purchase an expensive popcorn machine. We actually bought a stovetop popper for like $20, but we have more than gotten our money’s worth!
Its about the whole experience…the surround sound, the HD picture, the seating, and of course, the popcorn! Since those toppings have artificial flavoring and colors, I like to stick with butter (pun intended).
Redditor datoneazn bought a four-quart package that he's been using for years—you only need about ? teaspoon for each ? cup of popcorn kernels. Place on its side in the microwave and zap on high for 2-3 minutes, or until the popping slows.
But you also want to make sure to release the steam, because that’ll also make your popcorn soggy.
Even still, trust me, the second you take off the lid, a straggler will pop right into your eye. Go ahead and reserve those milk solids for something else, they’re a great addition to pasta sauce, omelets and baked goods to give a bit of creaminess.
I bought the exact popcorn boxes you have shown and we are going to have a Monster’s Inc.
Use the popcorn oil and you’ll get the yellow coloring of traditional movie theater popcorn too, but the secret to making healthy popcorn is to get the kind with beta carotene for the coloring. Popcorn salt are flakes of salt instead of granules, so it sticks to the kernel better than traditional salt.
Even though butter will lighten the popcorn up a bit, the health problems associated with artificial flavors and colors tip the scales for me. To avoid this, movie theaters actually don’t user butter at all, and use butter-flavored oils (yuck), but you can use butter at home, just as long as your clarify it first.
Lots of folks just toss them, but I’m way too cheap frugal to do something crazy like that. It is ultra fine and dissolves faster than regular salt, so you never feel the salt on the popcorn, you only taste it. And lastly, popcorn salt makers remove the trace minerals usually found in table salt and sea salt, so you end up with a less bitter tasting flavor.
Mix a scoop of this coconut oil with our next secret ingredient and you’ll have perfect popcorn every time. Put a lid on the pot and swirl it around every 10-20 seconds so that the popcorn doesn’t burn.
It is salt and flavorings, but when combined in your Stir Crazy popper with the coconut oil, your house will smell like the concession stand at the local movie theater! Continue swirling it around to keep the unpopped kernels on the bottom and the popped corn towards the top. Once the popcorn popping has slowed remove from the heat and wait until all popping has stopped. You can also put some of the seasoned salt in a shaker and add a little more after poppping if you’d like more salt. Sometimes I like it extra salty and will add more, and sometimes I’ll leave it just as it is.

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