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I am working on an Asian inspired birthday party theme, and these would look great hanging with the lanterns. I love your post and I love your project, its really hilarious, I like your presenting style, I like most that music tree decorations. Fold the top five sheets along the center stitch and spread each layer out as evenly as you can. I wonder if all of the takeout menus I have around the house could be turned into something this pretty too.

I used a glossy paper to make the stars more durable, but it didn’t fold as easily as regular paper. Fold the ribbon in half, then drape one side over the top of the stack and the other on the bottom of the stack. Sew with a long straight stitch directly down the middle of the ribbon, back-stitching at each end. For this project, I made stars, but you can use nearly any symmetrical shape to make these ornaments (tree, wreath, heart, bell, angel, ball, snowflake, etc.).

I made four patterns for you to download to make your own ornaments: star, bell, angel, and ball.

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