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Yesterday I showed on the tutorial videos how to cut out the pattern pieces, lay out the pattern, cut it and also gave a whole heap of my top tips…. Nel tutorial che vi propongo oggi e che state per vedere ho voluto mostrarvi un trucco da bad girl, decisamente diverso da quelli che faccio solitamente, molto intenso sia sugli occhi che sulle labbra. Guardate il video a seguire e fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate di questo make-up e in che occasioni lo sfoggereste. Cat eye makeup is really popular makeup and that is because of its amazing look adopt for many occasions. Cat eye makeup usually is made with eye liner, but there are different cat eye makeup looks, such as smokey cat eye makeup, different colored eye liner etc. In the spirit of holiday season, I’ve made a quick video tutorial on how to model a Christmas Tree in 3Ds max. It all starts with modeling a single needle, then a small branch, then a larger branch and the you put it all together to make a complete Christmas tree!

I didn’t make the video on decorating the tree, but it is very simple, just make some shiny ornaments and hang them where you like. Hi I would love to watch this tutorial sadly the video won’t play for me anyone else having problem playing it?
Hey austris , how did you tackle the furry thingy that swirls around the tree ( don’t know the english word) Is it hair and fur or spline modeled ? Nonostante non sia portabilissimo, devo dire che lo trovo magnifico e assolutamente perfetto per una serata speciale! The process is quite simple, you can use this technique for small and large trees, it’s up to you. For a real tree I wouldn’t bother with doing it by hand, I would use the GrowFX plugin! I guess you could also use something like hair&fur or forest pro for some more interesting effects.

Today I have for you incredible cat eye makeup tutorials, which will help you to learn how to put cat eye makeup. And now you can learn how to make it perfect, following these incredible cat eye makeup tutorials.
As I said lots of times yesterday being methodical and accurate right from the start will result in a much more professional (and much more gorgeous!) finished wedding dress.

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