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UTS has joined with four other universities and the NSW & ACT Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to create a tool for potential students who do not come from a background of further education. The Make Your Mark website complements and supports the significant on-the-ground work the universities are undertaking in partnership with schools and communities as part of Bridges to Higher Education, a partnership of UTS, the University of Western Sydney, the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and the Australian Catholic University. In a joint statement the universities said Make Your Mark would be a great asset for students, teachers, parents and community role models alike. Chair of Bridges to Higher Education Annette Cairnduff said there were many questions facing students who may be the first in their family to study further.
Not just for recent school leavers, Make Your Mark is a portal for potential students of any age who want to find out information about what to do, where to go, and who to speak to. Director of the UTS Equity and Diversity Unit Jude Stoddart, UAC Managing Director Andrew Stanton and UTS Student Equity Project Officer Trudy Phelps at the Make your Mark launch. By 2018 the demand for people with higher education qualifications will outstrip supply to the magnitude of 22,000. Recent research by KPMG* on activities conducted by Bridges has shown that intervention early in education clearly changes attitudes of both students and parents towards higher education. Among surveyed parents and carers, 96 per cent reported improved knowledge of higher education options, while 94 per cent agreed that their knowledge of higher education benefits had improved. The website will help all people in NSW and the ACT to look at education options as a way to reach their life goals whether it is to be University or TAFE. Casing the lower two-third portion of the walls of your house with an ornamental or beadboard paneling is another brilliant idea to make the ceiling look higher. Once you install the paneling, paint the upper portion of your walls with the same color and use vertical stripes on them. Now, paint the ceiling of your house with a color lighter than the walls and the vertical stripes on them.
According to one school of thought, crown molding and trim at the right top of the walls should be painted in the same color as the walls of the room.
Set some traditional or colorful tall urns or vases in various corners of your house or rooms and fill them with some seasonal blossoming branches or grasses. It is better to avoid ceiling molding, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans, and overhead lights as they grab attention towards the low ceiling of your house. Take a cue from fashion and use of floor-to-ceiling curtains for windows of your house in order to create the illusion of height of your rooms. Last but not the least; hang a striking large mirror that covers up major portion of the walls. Our children’s school principal always takes advantage of our monthly PA meetings to offer those gathered some parenting wisdom. Happiness guru Gretchen Rubin apparently knows this same Navy Seal (or else all Navy Seals believe this) and on her blog, she doubles down on bed-making and its benefits.
People tell me a million things they’ve done, but to my astonishment, the one resolution that comes up the most often — and this isn’t the most significant thing you could do to boost your happiness, but it does seem to be the thing that people most often try, and that does work — is to make your bed. But for me, in my own home, my unmade bed is itself the perfect sign of higher productivity, proof that I did something with my child-free hours besides putter around the house.
Perhaps a made bed brings you happiness only if you’re a hospital-corners type of person.
Like, if they choose to let fresh laundry lay on their bed and they sleep on it, it’s they who have to wear wrinkled clothes.
After basic the only guys making their bed everyday were the uptight, too rigid fellas that needed structure and to control everything and lacked artistic talent. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without prior written consent of the author.
Commercial use and distribution of the contents of the website is not allowed without express and prior written consent of the author. This website is aimed to provide them and their families with the information they need to make the first step, so they can make their mark," Ms Cairnduff said.
The Bridges program has delivered more than 200,000 contacts with school students from around NSW, with 97 per cent of students surveyed having indicated increased confidence levels in their academic abilities.

It will help prospective students make decisions and provide parents with further understanding of what their child can achieve and would be undertaking.
While traditional homes and buildings took a keen interest in giving the ceiling a beautiful and at times extravagant appeal, modern homeowners are pretty satisfied with the simple and the understated. However, there are some drawbacks to low ceiling as they sometimes make you feel like a little closed in or confined. White paint is preferable as it creates a sense of tallness and mass, reflecting great deal of bright light and highlighting the sense of amplified height.
When the color of the walls will different than the color of trim and molding, your lower ceiling will grab the attention of people.
Dangling some small frames above the opening of your doors and windows wonderfully tricks the eyes of the next person into view that your house has higher ceilings.
Your lower level furniture play vital role in making your ceiling looks higher as it gives a sense of enlarged distance between the floor and ceiling.
Chris Gregoire signed legislation (Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill 6696) to help Washington win a $250 million federal Race to the Top (R2T). This might be obnoxious if it wasn’t always such good advice, and usually easy to adopt. Making a bed, Gretchen claims, not only brings more order to life- it actually makes the bed-maker happier.
I care about my kids cleaning up the crap they dump in the front hall every day when they get home from school.
It gives people who don’t find success in an area (in her case housekeeping) something achievable so they get a taste of success and hopefully it tastes good enough that they want more. Those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds and people from regional communities experience similar outcomes. Moreover, 87 per cent of students surveyed felt better prepared for university and 81 per cent reported improved motivation to complete year 12.
We were reminded of this changed attitude towards the ceiling in a dramatic fashion when we stumbled upon this stunning penthouse apartment by Bernard Khoury, who took the opposite approach and used a fresco-style giant metallic installation to highlight the Nakhshab Development and DesignNow, that expansive approach works well if you have a living space with high ceilings and a home where the vaulted ceiling is the norm.
This simple idea of decorating your home with tall floral arrangements can play vital role in slowing down the eye's movement of people as it moves steadily upward.
I care about my kids clearing the table and loading the dishwasher after dinner so that I don’t have to clean up after them, care about their dirty clothes making it from the bathroom floor to their respective hampers. But for those having to put up with an 8-foot-ceiling (which is not all that bad) or less, decorating a space is all about making sure it does not seem claustrophobic. No matter what happens with the rest of your day, he told her, when you go home, at least you’ve gotten one thing done.
There, a made bed indicates luxury above the ordinary, being taken care of, being on vacation from the regular.
Decorating a room with low ceilings is all about working around the existing constraints while making your chosen design theme and color palette work.1. Follow the given below are few simple but amazing tricks to make the ceiling of your home look higher.
You can consider various designs of wallpaper or some good quality paints to add vertical stripes to your walls. Our principal put a more positive spin on it for us parents: if our children started with that concrete success as soon as they woke up, she reasoned, how could more successes not quickly follow? Go Low and HorizontalThis might seem like an all-too-obvious solution to the low ceiling problem, but most of us still get it wrong because we do not go the extra mile in picking the right decor.
Often, impulse buys can ruin your decorating style, and soon you have furniture that makes the room with a low ceiling appear even more congested. Set a limit regarding the height of decor you can add to the room with an 8-foot ceiling and stick to it. A good way to fool your eyes is to pick sofa sets, coffee tables and side tables that are not just short but also yamamar design More Inspiration5 Inspiring Ceiling Styles for Your Dream Home2. Floor-to-Ceiling Glass WallsGlass surfaces are always a great addition to small spaces, as the offer a sense of visual lightness and help demarcate areas without actually blocking out the passage of light.

Large glass windows and sliding galls doors have already become an integral part of most contemporary homes.
Open up the living room or the bedroom with a low ceiling towards the backyard or the porch using these trendy floor-to-ceiling add-ons.
Light and Glossy CeilingsAnother popular trick is to paint the low ceiling in a shade that is as light as possible. White is often the preferred choice, and since most homes with high ceilings also use a similar approach by default, it really does not seem like any extra effort.
For those not too happy with white, paint the ceiling in the same neutral color as your wall, but use a hue that is a shade or two lighter.
This instantly puts the walls in focus, and the room appears far taller than it really Coop 15 Architectureby Elad GonenWhile some designers suggest a glossy paint for the low ceiling because it reflects the light better, matte finishes also work well, and the choice here depends more on the overall brightness of the room. For a room with tall glass windows and ample illumination, a ceiling with a glossy finish can seem a touch too bright and Sears Architects4. A Warm, Fuzzy Glow!Pendant lights and elaborate chandeliers are additions that are more adept at lighting rooms with high ceilings. Keep these away from your low-slung living space or dining area and choose wall sconces and recessed lights that offer the right blend of focused and ambient light.
Give uplighting a shot in the room with a low ceiling, and you will instantly see the transformation in the aura of the area. A dark ceiling makes the room feel dingy, cluttered and suffocating, while the light bouncing off the ceiling gives the impression of a taller, more ventilated home.
Smart floor lamps can also help add another intriguing layer of uplighting to rooms with a really low ceiling.5. Vertical Stripes and PanelingOne of the most popular fashion tips for those who are short is to wear dresses or shirts with vertical stripes to make them seem taller.
The same little trick works for interior design as well, as stripes also add a hint of sophistication to your space. This also allows you to incorporate a bright accent shade into the room with a low ceiling without overwhelming the space. Vertical wood paneling also has a similar visual result and is a perfect option for homes that need additional warmth and a sense of Oakwood Homesby PGDS Architects6. Stretch Out Those Drapes!Continuing the streamlined theme, drapes and curtains with a pattern at the top are lovely additions that give the low-slung room a taller appeal.
Even plain sheer curtains can get this task done while ushering in ample natural ventilation. If you have a breezy, beach-inspired theme going in your house, then the latter are indeed the perfect way to drive the theme home.
Keeping the crown molding proportional, simple and neutral makes the decorating style even more exquisite and Marcye Philbrook7.
High Shelves and Vertical DisplaysVertical displays, high shelves and even artwork that is placed a touch higher than normal can give a room with low ceiling a taller appeal.
While moving the artwork higher is not something we are very fond of (as the viewing angle is disturbed), a subtle change moving it up 6 to 9 inches higher than its normal position can do the trick.
To put it in a nutshell, when decorating a low-slung room, think vertical with style and design. If you are willing to commit to more permanent structural changes, raised door openings and windows also help accentuate the Michael Minadeo + Partnersby A+B KASHA DesignsHaving a room with a low ceiling is not as bad as you would imagine (especially if you are not tall enough to bang your head against a pendant light or two)! Much like a small bedroom or living area, you can play off of the sense of coziness and intimacy to create a truly inviting and snug space. So instead of worrying about things you can’t easily alter, why not gleefully embrace and enhance the experience of living in a home with low ceilings?

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