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Open air Markets in Istanbul, tour,shopping,visiting local markets, istanbul is the city that has full of open air markets.
The Spice Bazaar was designed by the chief court architect Koca KasA±m AAYa, but completed by architect Mustafa in 1660. For any questions regarding Open Air Markets - Bazaars in istanbul, please send us an e-mail. By Ken Gassman   China is rising like a rocket, bound on a course to join the world’s super powers, putting the country in a position as a global leader that its leaders and people think it rightfully deserves. The All Arts Market in NoDa is an opportunity for artists like Ballantynea€™s Lauren Walter to get some attention and sell some works.
Drawing is better left to the artists and artisans participating in the All Arts Market on Saturday, June 15, from 6 to 10 p.m. All Arts Markets are typically held either the first or third Friday of each month to coincide with the Arts Districta€™s gallery crawls.
During the event, every corner of the Neighborhood Theatre is packed with local artists selling original artwork.
Marketplaces like the All Arts Market provide crucial exposure for emerging and established artists alike seeking to sell their work. Last November, Walter started making what she calls a€?Acid Art,a€? which starts as architectural photography mostly of Charlottea€™s buildings.
Walter uses several computer programs to take the digital image from a snapshot to a wildly colorful comment on the original. Walter owned her own law firm in New York, but relocated to Charlotte for two reasons: a€?burnout and nicer weather,a€? she said.
Since several at the All Arts Market are new artists, a€?you can really find wonderful art at a reasonable price,a€? Jackson said. The All Arts Market is an initiative of NoDaRioty, the arts committee of the Historic North Charlotte Neighborhood Association.
Bazaar Turkey - Senguler Tourism is a Turkish destination management company, travel agency and an Art Gallery  based in Istanbul. Sparkling butterflies dangling from sterling silver chains, radiant crystals floating on silver bracelets and glittering gemstones hung from hammered hoops are just a few of the treasures on display at Sosie Designs Jewelry.
As a self-taught jewelry artisan, Sonia first sketches her designs and then goes about creating them. With retailers in the USA, Australia and Japan carrying her designer jewelry line Sonia further seeks to expand her exclusive label. Dedication to customer service and around the clock accessibility are two traits that Sonia prides herself upon the most. To see the Sosie Designs Jewelry collection up close and personal, Sonia will be participating in a series of wholesale tradeshows this summer.
These markets are opened daily in the residencial areas of the city in spesifi dates under the control of municipality. Located in EminA¶nA?, it is the second largest covered shopping complex after the Grand Bazaar.
In addition to that everyday in istanbul as we mentioned before you can see different open Market's for each day.

The tour starts first with meeting in Sultanahmet in our Gallery to warm up and give you the general overview. During this visit you will be inside the locals and see the part of the daily lifes of the people living in the city. For three years in a row, the country has posted economic growth of 10 percent or better, according to Chinese government statistics, a level that many foreign analysts think understates the torrid pace of growth. The result is a colorful and bustling bazaar of grassroots art where, a€?everything is handmade a€“ no reselling,a€? according to Jackson. She still uses her law degree to support herself financially, but balances work to have enough free time to create art. When organizers repeated the event, booth space sold out within an hour as artists clamored for limited space. All Arts Market wares can range from a $10 pair of earrings to a $25 print of a painting or the $1,000 original.
Participating artists saw 400 people in their creative spaces; another is planned for fall. NoDaRiotya€™s meetings are open to all, and are held the first Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.
Sonia Schimke has built a unique handmade jewelry business that has captured the imaginations of her customers. She is inspired by the need for stylish precious metal jewelry that is both affordable and chic. Her most recent creation is her ‘Exotic Blooms Collection', which is a mixture of ethnic jewelry styles that incorporate a delicate color palette in a modern and feminine way. Sonia has found a very comfortable niche selling online and provides her clients with the absolute best in jewelry design.
After that our staff will take you to the classical Spice market located in the sirkeci area.
Approximately 80 artists will exhibit and sell photography, oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, clothes, birdhouses, candles, creams, a€?about anything you can think of,a€? said Jackson, who also is the event co-organizer. Her jewelry designs are available through her online website and select boutiques around the world.
Sonia enjoys working with different mediums, such as sterling silver or crystals, to create unique pieces of jewelry that are unlike anything available in stores today. She has combined the finest materials with quality craftsmanship to create one of a kind jewelry pieces. Various spices from the Orient were offered here in the past, Egyptian Bazaar was so named because the spices used to be imported from Egypt. After going out of the Spice Market we will take you to the open air market just next to the Eminonu. On the other hand, in the Byzantine period, the site of the Spice Bazaar was the centre of corn trade. After this visit; according to the day ( note that everyday in istanbul has different open markets in different locations. Her designs are fitting for even the most discerning fashionista looking to stand out from the crowd.

Each one is crafted to perfection by a seasoned artisan whose ethos represents the best of the handmade marketplace. Located in EminA¶nA?, it is the second largest covered shopping complex after the Grand Bazaar.
Various spices from the Orient were offered here in the past, Egyptian Bazaar was so named because the spices used to be imported from Egypt. On the other hand, in the Byzantine period, the site of the Spice Bazaar was the centre of corn trade. For all of the injustice and unfairness meted out by the Chinese system over the past five decades, the huge advances made by so many individuals create the incentive for others to emulate. At the same time, the World Bank says that the poorest 10 percent of the Chinese population experienced a reduction of their income of about 2.5 percent, despite rapid economic growth. The DTC expects China’s huge market of 1.3 billion consumers to purchase larger, more expensive diamonds as their personal incomes rise. That pace is significantly greater than the current growth of the global diamond jewelry market – about +6 percent annually – and nearly 50 percent faster than that of the U.S.
According to the Gems and Jewelry Trade Association of China (GJTAS), sales of diamond, gold, platinum, and other jewelry are expected to top RMB 200 billion ($25.6 billion) by 2010. They represent the new generation of consumers who have grown up with economic reform, and they are adopting Western-influenced lifestyles and trends. In part, this is due to western influences such as cable television, which has introduced new consumer fashion trends in jewelry. The World Gold Council (WGC) has promoted demand for gold jewelry in China with a consumer marketing initiative led by 18 karat yellow gold jewelry in Italian-inspired designs. This campaign was launched after WGC research showed that many of China’s young consumers perceived that gold jewelry was old-fashioned. The three-year campaign is promoting Italian designs, especially to young female consumers. After many years of favoring gold jewelry, it appears that China’s new, young middle-class consumer may be turning to platinum. Platinum promotions focus on the major gift-giving holidays, and are targeted at young female consumers who often buy jewelry for themselves.
There has been strong demand for higher quality diamond jewelry, including marriage rings with stones of one carat and larger. While roughly 80 percent of women in China’s major city of Shanghai receive a diamond ring, it is not an engagement ring; rather, it is the ring they receive from their spouse on their wedding day – a wedding ring set with smaller diamonds.
With Chinese jewelry production techniques improving rapidly, their jewelry is of world-class quality. About one-third of the world’s 50 largest retailers have already entered China, including five of the top ten.

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