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Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. Any discussion of Bethany Mota, 18, social media goddess and ascendant fashion icon, needs to begin with her metrics. Mota, who graduated from high school last year and still lives with her parents in a quiet northern California city they’d prefer remain confidential, is a haul video superstar. Subjected to this Warholian monologue over lunch, most of us would probably ask for the check.
While YouTube has been a launchpad for celebrities in the past (for instance, Justin Bieber), the Mota deal is perhaps the highest profile alliance to date between a public company and a celebrity whose exposure is almost completely limited to social media. If successful, the Aéro deal could pave the way for other social media stars to cash in on their notoriety without the institutional filter still imposed by the mainstream media.
I arrange to meet Mota at the Westfield, a mall in San Francisco, on the Friday after Christmas. Following these brief encounters, some of Mota’s throng are too dazed even to check their phones. As Mota tells it, she discovered the YouTube’s beauty community after a friend started bullying her online.
Some teens in her position would be embarrassing themselves on TMZ, but Mota still describes herself as a homebody. Eventually we find a coffee shop under the mall’s large dome, where Tony buys a slushy orange drink for Bethany and a coffee for me. While her unscripted videos project energy and spontaneity, in conversation she is calm and measured. Of course, there are plenty of bullies on the Internet, too, and Mota has had to contend with her share of free-floating anonymous bile.
In a video this holiday season she offered up three prize packages, including a MacBook Pro with a Marc Jacobs case, an Alexander Wang purse that retails for about $US900 and hundreds of dollars in gift certificates.
She says that it’s a rare event when she features a product that she received for free, and in those cases she adds a text disclaimer to the video. While Mota has done a few small partnerships in the past, including with Forever 21 and JC Penney, she now plans to focus on deals that she thinks have long-term potential. Aéropostale reached out to Mota last year, after her videos caught the attention of its social media and client services teams. The partnership does not restrict Mota’s social media activity or prevent her from endorsing other brands in her videos. After Bethany drains her slushy, I suggest we head back to the Aéropostale to take a closer look at her collection.

There are Bethany Mota sweaters, Bethany Mota skirts and even a Bethany Mota sequined bustier. Mota, wearing a dark pink skater skirt, wedges that playfully riff on work boots, and a backless sweater from her collection, receives everyone with hugs, smiling for their selfies (or more accurately, usies) and signing autographs. As her viewership numbers grew, reading the comments on her videos and tweeting with her fans became a dependable pick-me-up.
Her shopping hauls remain her primary focus, but she has created videos on DIY crafts, hair and make-up tutorials and interior decoration. On camera, she barely touches on school, work, friends or any of the other things that probably still preoccupy recent high school grads.
He enthuses about many aspects of his daughter’s improbable rise, from what a great role model she is to the shrimp he ate in Singapore when Bethany had an appearance there. Homeschooled throughout high school and during much of her childhood, she has little to say about her friends or how they perceive her Internet celebrity. Mota is such a natural marketer, goes the implication, that she doesn’t need to be paid to stump for corporate America.
When Christine Miller, an Aéropostale executive, first spoke to Stubblefield about a collaboration, he told her that Mota wanted her own fashion line but that he knew that inking such a deal would require a gradual courtship. And in late August Bethany appeared at the Aéro store in Times Square, drawing 1,500 fans.
While licensing arrangements vary in structure, Aviva Rosenthal, a partner at Los Angeles-based Act III Licensing said one common approach would include an advance and a guaranteed payout, with the licensee collecting 10 per cent on the goods’ wholesale value or about 6 per cent of retail. One other exception: The Internet meme Grumpy Cat, who reportedly has movie and book deals and a beverage line in the works. As of this writing, upwards of 2.2 million souls follow her on Instagram, more than Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Cosmopolitan combined.
Haul stars like Mota have tapped into a market, and increasingly, established fashion brands are taking notice. But Mota had tweeted to her million odd followers that she’d be making an appearance, and I arrive to find her surrounded by several dozen girls. After meeting her idol, the nervous young woman prances in place and graciously thanks Mota’s father for having given the world his daughter.
In 2010, she launched a second YouTube channel, Bethanyslife, which is supposed to be more personal. Tony, who is dressed in a grey sweater and faded jeans, says he works in dairy service and now helps to manage Bethany’s career. She doesn’t know if the bully who catalyzed her career is aware of her success, but she wishes her well.

Surely one great delights of starring in shopping videos is all the free swag that arrives, unbidden, on one’s doorstep. Conrad, 27, who happens to be another client of Stubblefield’s, has also published several bestselling young-adult novels about being a young and famous reality TV star in Los Angeles, and she now has an online lifestyle portal. YouTube has always been the foundational leader in digital music, the reflex go-to for kids, grandmas and the lazy-tech masses alike. In one recent video that has racked up more than 600,000 views, Mota shows off a series of blouses, hair accessories, and beauty products, as well as a sunflower dress.
Asked whether his daughter’s fame has turned into a paying gig for him, he politely declines to comment. Mota declined to comment on her earnings, but estimates by several sources familiar with YouTube advertising suggest that she’s easily pulling down $US40,000 a month from her videos alone.
By her third appearance, outside Chicago, the principals were drawing up plans for a licensing deal.
The other two sections are a global listing of new and trending stuff on YouTube (get ready for an endless barrage of Bieber and Drake clips), along with recommendations, and - once again - links to stuff you’ve already played.In addition to the definite benefit of spectral access to live versions of your favorite songs, covers and more, one thing YouTube Music locked up well is the awareness that they’re driven by mobile, and their attempts at accommodation are interesting.
If users want to just listen instead of watching, they can switch the app to audio-only mode, which turns off the video playback, replaces it with a still image and allows you to listen while going about your business. In other words, the aforementioned Bieber and Drake bullshit will find its way into your promotional realm, and soon be involuntarily downloaded to your phone.
Creating a playlist with several videos to watch in a row seems impossible, and instead we’re offered “song stations," which queue up videos from artists related to the one you're on. You remember this game from Pandora, the limits of which drove us to Spotify - and millions of people now await their Monday morning Discover playlist with baited breath. The lack of personally curated playlists on YouTube Music makes the app far less functional, far less appealing. Google is capable of far better. Their Google Play Music service kicks YouTube Music’s ass in playlisting, discovery features and higher fidelity presentation.
Until that question is answered in ways that Spotify can't address, we'll keep our ten bucks a month.

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