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Welcome to the Marketo Blog!Be sure to sign up to receive updates on the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to turn your marketing into revenue. Day one at Marketo, I was informed that one of my projects as a Social Media & PR intern would be writing for the blog. With some support, a little courage, and a few tricks, I was able to complete my first post. I’m no seasoned blogger by any stretch of the term, but I thought I would share what I learned during my experience and how I got over my fears and published my first blog post.
Stay on top of your blogging game, and learn best practices to make sure you’re getting the most from your company’s blogging efforts. I quickly found that I’m not the only one who has had some apprehension with writing or blogging.
No one should live in fear to write, especially since we are in this new age where “Content Rules” and Blogs are necessary forms of communication.
This may just be the most important lesson for coming up with a successful first blog post.
Thinking about a big, long, giant post you have to write can seem daunting, but breaking it up into digestible parts will help make it easier to start writing.
Then, all that’s left is to write up a conclusion that summarizes your point or nicely ties up what you have been trying to get across in your blog.
An English teacher in high school once told me that when we write our first drafts it should be like “barfing on paper”.
I hope this post has helped at least one person feel more confident about starting and submitting their first blog post. You can find a slew of Quora questions, articles on TechCrunch, blog posts like this and other web content speculating about the inner workings of app store ratings. Monitor your app downloads so you can learn trends about how and when your app is being used. A few months ago, I wrote a post about the benefits of blogging for your small business; but creating an awesome blog post is just half of the battle … how do you get more traffic and visitors to new blog posts? Here’s an infographic with tips and tools to help you get your blog post shared courtesy of Canva and Razor Social. But since thata€™s not really a possibility, the next best thing is a template that can walk you through all the steps necessary to write a solid blog post -- with as few headaches as possible -- almost as if a genie was there guiding you all along the way.
Because business blogging (and writing in general) can be really tough sometimes (writer's block, anyone?), wea€™ve put together 5 essential blog post templates every marketer needs.
Note: These templates are intended to help new bloggers and bloggers in a rut get started with their writing.
After you know what your how-to blog post will be about, take several minutes to really plan it out. We're going jump right to crafting the introduction, but you can always dive deeper by downloading your own copy of these templates, complete with text boxes for you to fill in with your own notes and copy. When writing your introduction, keep one question top of mind: How can I establish credibility and empathize with my audience to introduce my topic?
Now's the time in the actual template where you get to start crafting your own introduction.
Just be cognizant of this question: What are all the steps I need to explain in order to avoid confusion, and can I add any visuals that will make learning any easier for my readers?
So, all you gotta do in your conclusion is paraphrase the key takeaway you outlined earlier in the planning stages (if you follow the downloadable templates), and pose a question to get your readers to react in some way. At this point in the template, you craft your own short-and-sweet conclusion to recap what the reader should have gleaned, and then, guess what? You're DONE with the writing! Next up: finalizing and optimizing the post to get it ready to be read, bookmarked, and shared.
In the template, there's a place for you to collect a handful of links to reference throughout your post.
To share this graphic with your blog readers, simply copy the code below, and paste it into your WordPress post editor.
To learn more about building your blog, psychology-based marketing principles, and to gain access to Social Triggers Insider (one of the top marketing podcasts on iTunes), sign up for the exclusive Social Triggers newsletter. You may also like the Social Triggers podcast where I feature NYT best-selling authors, world-renowned academic researchers, and professors from prestigious universities around the world. You spent time agonizing over the headline, the introduction is a sizzler and the structure is written for web skimming readers. The reality is very different to the imagination that started with a dream of thousands of fanatical readers, advocates and viewers turning up to your web front door.
No, it’s just time to roll up the sleeves and build traffic one marketing tactic at a time.
On your profile and Facebook page, post as many inspiring statuses that will engage your friends, fans and followers with a link to your published article. Add as many relevant users to your friend’s list so that they can add you back, increasing the chances of receiving more “+1’s” and “shares” from them. Create a large number of boards on your Pinterest profile and pin the images from your blog post,  these will contain the links to your published articles. Networking on Stumbleupon still works and join a “voting” group if you are looking to promote your article on there.
Research prior to setting up your first Ad and create an eye-catching Ad that will draw the people into your newly published article. Add your published article’s link to a page, as a suggestion, only if you are engaging on that specific page and have a small relationship with the page’s owner.
Create as many connections on this social media site as well as utilizing the ability of adding your newest article to the groups found on LinkedIn.
It is important that you create a visually appealing article with a “catchy” title that will draw the attention of paid stumblers as they stumble away!
This doesn’t exactly involve the direct promotion of the new article’s link but it helps get the signature (Contains the article’s link) in front of more eyes. Promote your newest article in the signature of every post you create on the forum, at least 5 times a day for effective promotion. Connect with others on Pinterest, share their content, and you will be invited to join a group board where you can post your links to new articles on the blog. Create and use a custom-designed image that encourages the reader to share your published article onto their Pinterest profile.
Create and form a small group on Facebook, dedicated to sharing each member’s new article on their own specific day.
Triberr is a hidden goldmine for you to promote your newest article on and get a ton of social shares from it. Create a well-designed slideshow based on the topic of you newest, published article and link to it in the description and the slideshow. Submit your Blog’s RSS feed to the top RSS directories and see your published article published on other blogs, automatically.
Create solid connections in your niche and on social media since they are going to be your top promoters for your newest article. Contact a quality email list owner and create a solo ad based on the topic of your newest article. Join a website club in your niche and promote your newest article fairly along with the possibility of creating new connections.

With your newest article, create a pdf version of it and submit it to top pdf-submitting websites. Select a “relevant” blog, offer a deal to the owner, and display a banner to your post on his blog.
Select a handful of bloggers you have had some sort of engagement with and offer them any help along with your offer for them to share your published post. Never neglect this area of SEO (search Engine Optimization) promotion since it will always give you a better ranking when you do so. Pick five or so blogs and try to be placed in the top three for optimal promotion of your article’s link, within the comment. Contact an owner of a “similar-interest” newsletter and offer him to use the same exact article that you just published in his newsletter. In certain niches, find “news-submitting” sites within the niche and submit your newest link to them. Create a signature and for every email you send, there will be a link back to your newest, published article. Based on the same topic, interview a top blogger with questions that relate to the same topic. Submit any type of video that talks about the same topic as your newest article does and link back to it in the description of the YouTube video.
Use tools to select the most effective time for reaching the most people on every social media site you want to share your article on. If you enjoy designing and you are good at it, you can grab the data or info from your latest article and create a beautiful Infographic out of it. Use promotional tools to help you promote your published article at a faster pace and to reach a larger audience. Press releases will display and offer your newest article to publishing news sources such as Forbes, Huffington, or ABC. As you help promote the articles of others, you will in return get help in promoting your newest article.
Grab some text from your post, create an image with the text in Photoshop, and add it to your account on Instagram with a link back to it.
Create contest where your participants have to share your article to their social networks or in any other way that helps promote it. Find some quality gigs that will have a “relevant” person share your newest article on social media.
Every time a user hovers over an image in the article with his mouse, social sharing buttons will appear automatically over it for them to promote your article to their social profiles.
Create an ad that will display some text about your published article with a link back to it and let 7search or Google Adwords advertise it for you. Many people like to read Squidoo lenses and a perfect opportunity for you to promote your article to them in a lens that links back to your newest article. In order to keep up your promotion for your article long after it has been published, write a series of articles with the same topic. Have the people who joined you in your webinar, visit your newest article via a link you give them in the webinar.
Similar to guest posting, blog exchanging is when you give a blogger your article as well as he gives you his in return.
Guest Author: Samuel Pustea is the owner at Internet Dreams where you can engage and learn how to succeed with your blog or website. My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” shows you how.
Also, to anyone looking to expand their audience, a place to share ideas, opinions, product reviews, etc. Bonus: Download my exclusive 19-step checklist that tripled my blog traffic in 7 days!!  Easy to follow guide!!
Additionally, you can take advantage of their cool weekly webinar trainings where they invite masters to share what’s working now in Internet marketing!  Definitely a win-win and super easy to use.
I love Onlywire…in literally 2 minutes, I can have my blog post shared to over 28 social networking and bookmarking sites at the click of a mouse. In fact, check out this cool infographic (originally from QuickSprouts but elegantly put together by Louise M) to knowing when’s the best time to post on Twitter! Imagine, having over 80+ sites notified of your recent blog post…and it only takes you less than 30 seconds to let them know! That’s what this cool service called Pingler does for you!  This free tool pings your blog URL to blogging sites, alerting them of your entry, and driving traffic for you. Here’s a more detailed video I did which shows you how to use this tool…yet its relatively simple and self-explanatory!
Discovering how to market your blog using social media like Facebook isn’t hard.  From my experience, sharing my blog post in highly targeted groups that consists of my target market has yielded quality leads and created great networking relationships! If you have a favorite tool that you use to syndicate your blog post, please share it in the comments below.  Sharing is caring!!
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How to Know Everything About Your Market Before Creating a Product You are using an outdated browser. Depending on the type of the market you are in, you may be able to talk directly with people, face to face or over the phone, or if your business is mostly based online, you can use different ways to get the feedback.Who to askI’ve been talking about your target market but don’t think it is only referring to your blog readers! I was speaking to an employee who had not submitted an entry to the blog yet and I asked why not. This blog will include some tips I used to get over my initial fear to write, advice I have received on writing, and how I went about constructing my first blog post. Brainstorming out loud with another person will unlock the floodgates and get ideas pouring out of your brain. Some might suggest writing the main points first and then going back to create your introduction. Or you can end with a simple question, inviting readers to comment or add to your discussion. I know it is intimidating to write your first blog post or it may make you feel vulnerable to have someone else read your work, but the best way to get over that is to be like Nike and just do it. When you subscribe to our email updates, you understand and agree that Marketo will send you email invites and updates, ranging from events, webinars, new content, and more, based on your settings. This series is a compilation of tips for marketing your app, both before and after it has launched.
Wouldn’t you rather feedback come directly to you instead of being posted in the App Store, especially if it’s specific or negative? This is a no-brainer, and should be number one on your list: if it’s awesome, people will review it and tell their friends about it.
You should always personalize your content so you don't run up against duplicate content penalties -- and so you're not boring. Your body copy can be written in paragraphs, with bullets, numbered lists, multiple headings, or a mix of all of these.
Hyperlinking to third party content can round out your perspective and help you appear more trustworthy to your readers. Then, once you place your blog post copy into your blogging platform, you can create hyperlinks for these resources where they fit best.

You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. Sign up for the free newsletter to learn how you can get more traffic, leads, and sales for your business. It will involve some social media marketing, old fashioned blogger networking and also understanding the nuances of Google.
Pick three to five marketing methods from this article that catch your attention and work on those. Be aware though that if you use this tactic some bloggers will not include your link or even approve your comment.
Make sure it is obvious and near the top of your blog and offer them an incentive to subscribe such as a free ebook.
I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. They had little food, disease was taking its toll and the instructions he had been handed were clear.
There is a subscription fee (affordable) and you can send your posts to 49 sites (but you wouldnt need a profile in all of them) You can install the Onlywire for WordPress plugin after you set up uour Onlywire account and going forward all your posts will automate to all the sites. You have given us a ton of ideas how to promote our newly launched product contact form plugin for WordPress. I will request you to post something for bloggers like me,, to understand and to become a happie blogger.. Need an easy to use, newbie-friendly blog platform just like the one you’re on?!?  Click here, complete your information, and create your blog name! You sure live up to the ‘Girl on Fire’ moniker with a post like this, Charlene! Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. The reason was partly because she was scared, and partly because she didn’t know what to write about. Having someone there to bounce ideas off of will help you get a feel on whether an idea is something worth running with or whether to dump it. During my first week here we were discussing what I might be able to write about for my contribution to the blog.
That’s a ton of clutter – so we’ve come up with a few ways to help you cut through it all.
It not only improves your app, but also gives your users a reason to trust you or your company.
Knowing more about the analytics behind your downloads can help you make more educated business decisions moving forward. Blog about each other’s apps and you’ll expose your own app to a heap of other smartphone users.
These templates are simply intended to get reticent writers, well, writing -- and provide a tried-and-true format for tried-and-true blog post types. Feel free to wrap things up nice and succinctly -- if you're using your business blog for lead generation, a lengthy conclusion is just one more barrier to your call-to-action.
Every time you create a new article send them an email with an excerpt that requires them to click on the link to read the rest.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. Then the inevitable “OMG everyone is going to read this and think I’m stupid!” thought raced through my mind. A few weeks later during a conversation with Peter O’Neill, a top analyst at Forrester, he also confirmed that a lot of people and even companies are afraid of creating content. Forming a post around your opinion and personal perspective on a matter makes for a perfect first blog post.
I was telling him that I was unsure what to write about for a marketing blog, since I am brand new to marketing. I recommend writing the introduction first, and even consider introducing yourself in the beginning. The “barf on paper” technique is to be used with the absolute condition that you will spend sufficient time cleaning it up, or editing.
I would say this is the biggest message I would give to people who think they can’t write or are afraid to–take a risk!
Home Depot’s mobile app includes a menu for users to send feedback to an undisclosed Home Depot email address.
Also, interested to hear others’ experiences with Facebook advertising and whether it’s worth it? You might be the kind of person that hates to admit you need help but if you are stuck on coming up with a subject for a blog post, or need advice on how to develop an idea, asking is often the best solution. I’ve recently migrated a FB Group over to a Page and the organic reach has dropped off considerably. Most companies will have blogs and you can see what they are talking about to get those idea wheels turning in your head.
If you are planning to write for your company’s blog, it is likely that it is run by a content manager whose job is all about writing.
He brought up the fact that I had recently graduated as a psychology major, so I must know something about psychology. Once you get that first blog post out there, I’m sure you will be amazed and surprised at the result. To get some traction, I started reading Marketo’s blog and then discovered we have a handy post called Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs, highlighting top blogs in the industry. They are definitely a valuable resource and the best place to go to gain insight on what topic might be interesting or trending at the moment. Having someone you trust or are comfortable with edit your post and provide some constructive criticism before submitting is ideal. The free plan may be good enough for you if you know you won’t get a lot of answers.Also the most famous email marketing tool that most serious professionals use, Aweber of course!
I used that as a jumping off point to learn more about what people have to say about marketing.
Before I write each blog, I set some time on Dayna Rothman’s calendar, Marketo’s Content Marketing Manager, to discuss my ideas or help me come up with new ones. Fresh eyes will catch errors that you may not have noticed, and hopefully they will also have some ideas for bolstering your post. You can give them a go with their $1 free trial but this membership is worth its weight in gold for any business.Putting it all togetherSo now that you have it all set, make a decision how many answers you will want to receive before making a decision and make sure that if the answers are different all the time, not to run into product creation, but rather wait for more feedback and pick something that is often mentioned as a problem.Have you ever created a product and how did you decide to create it?
And to take the guesses out of the process, just ask them.Generally, people want products that solve a problem, save money or save time. So that should be your starting point.But to make sure your product is going to make you money, you have to talk to your target market, potential customers, to find out exactly what they want.

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