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17 December 2012 By Chris Dyson 12 Comments Writing your marketing plan for next year can be a daunting task if you are a Micro Biz owner.
Everyone keeps on telling you that you must do this and not do that but ultimately only you will know what works for your business when you begin to invest in it.
Below are a list of 43 ideas, tips or tricks you can start doing today that can help you to market your business for free and ultimately find more customers for your business. Circulate your Press Release with local and national news outlets if you have something that’s really worth sharing. Sign up for HARO emails and respond to requests from bloggers and journalists looking for experts to interview.
Create an Electronic Press kit and include key contact information for your senior staff who can be contacted for press interviews. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online, therefore it’s very important as a small business to make sure that you are in the places your customers will be looking for your products or services.
Contribute articles to local publications, email the editor and offer your expert services to their readers. Comment on blogs that are relevant to your website’s topic and be sure to leave your URL. Respond to comments on your blog posts, this is a great way to build up a community and ensure that people feel welcome and will return to you site in the future.
Run a monthly link roundup where you highlight your top 5 blog posts from around your industry. Accept Guest blogs from other people it’s a lot easier to come up with fresh content for your blog if other people are helping. Find Bloggers running link round ups and email them your latest blog post to see if they might consider including it in their next one.
Create a Custom Google Map about businesses or tourist attractions in your local area and share it on your blog. Run a big best blogs type post featuring a bunch of great blogs and bloggers, this is a great source of ego-bait and will get lots of social shares and links from the individuals concerned. It’s well known that Social media channels are great ways to increase traffic and brand awareness for your business. Build a Facebook Page for your business and create events, posts, contests and photo albums to engage with your audience. Sign up to Twitter, or start using it much better than you are now – it’s a great way to network with other business owners and potential customers. Use SlideShare to market to a large audience for free: post presentations, case studies, create how-to-guides, repurpose blog content, etc. The basics of SEO aren’t too difficult to comprehend and there is a lot of stuff you can do for free that will get you some extra traffic from the search engines. Read the Microbusiness Hub guide to SEO  and make sure you are implementing the basic on site elements such as unique page titles and using key words in your content. Install Google Analytics on your website and setup goals so that you can see what methods of promoting your business online are working the best. Install Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster tools on your site to check for any errors such as missing pages that are returning a 404 error.
Optimise your page titles and meta descriptions to increase the likelihood of people clicking through to your site. Q&A websites and forums are great places to find potential customers for your business. Join forums that are relevant to your business, join in the conversation and offer insightful and helpful answers to questions.  Forums are also a great source of links to your site too. Join Mailchimp and create an email list – include your email signup form on your blog and offer incentives such as a free e-book or whitepaper to encourage more signups.
Offer a set of “free tips” to people who have given you their email address, this is another great way to get more email subscribers.
Business networking is a great way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, find new clients and tell others about the great work of your business. Run an event and promote it online, this great guide from Kane Jamison has some excellent advice on ways to get lots of free PR for your events. Offer a testimonial to your suppliers for use in their marketing materials or on their website. I hope this list of ideas has given you some inspiration for marketing your business in 2013. If you have any more free marketing tips please them in the comments below, the best one’s I will include in the article above and I will link back to your website.

Chris Dyson is a Freelance SEO Consultant and currently blogs about Social Media and SEO at Triple SEO.
Nice post Chris, below is a tip that is great for getting some targeted local leads which works in many verticals. Eilidh Macrae recently posted..What is the fundamental difference between PR and journalism? You might want to look at your Raven Tools account as they are pulling Keyword ranking metrics early 2013!
I would recommend Microsite Masters or Authority Labs as a good alternative for that particular service, but I do love all the other tools I have access to with my Raven Account.
Doing these is also a good way of really getting to know what you want from your business and clients. You don’t need to send them after all, and as a clarification exercise, always worth the time. A whole host of awesome free marketing tips to market your business that will get you more customers for free and increase your profits…. From past few decades, World Wide Web has become popular hub for online buying as well as selling product and services across the world. Word-of-mouth is one-of-its-kind tool most commonly used for promotion of  online business in competitive marketplace. However, there are many free promotional tools through which a person can advertise his online business and bring high rate of targeted traffic towards his website free-of-cost. Blogging:  It is the most effective tool of advertising particular business online among potential visitors. Directories: Online directory submission is another way to create brand awareness about your online business among prospective visitors easily. Article marketing: It is the best way for free publicity of a website in the World Wide Web. Press Release marketing: Submit latest updates about your business in the form of Press Release on different online PR websites. All the above discussed are the most effective ways of free advertising widely used across the globe to create brand awareness of a online business.
Morgan 3 Comments Although traditional marketing is still as effective today as it was years ago, business owners have to consider using the internet for promoting their business. A lot of people ask me for things they can do themselves that don’t require any additional costs to their business so that they can begin to see what works and then decide whether to invest more resources in those activities. It seems today everyone is a publisher so there is a high demand for interesting and engaging news. Hubspot have compiled a great list of 50 Local business directories, that you can begin to register your business listings on. Citations are very important, so sign up to for free to find some great places to submit your business online. Use your blog to build relationships, promote your brand and get customers into your sales funnel. Custom Google Maps are a great way to get links and traffic to your website just like this one or this one.
It’s very easy to get started and doesn’t require you to have to hire an expensive expert to get you going.
If you need some advice on how to avoid looking stupid on Twitter then read this article by Gaz Copeland. Make it easy for visitors to your site to share your content on their social networks.  Use a free WordPress plugin like Sharebar.
If you’re in the clothing, beauty, food or a similar lifestyle business, your micro business is a natural fit for image sharing on Pinterest and it currently brings more referral traffic than Google+, Linkedin or Youtube. For very little effort you can get hundreds, even thousands, of extra visitors to your site quickly.
This is a great way to let people know you are not just a robot and are adding value to your network. Use this research to create content for your blog or website that your potential customers are looking for. They are also an excellent way to show people you are knowledgeable about your area of expertise. A lot business networking groups can be quite expensive which can be hard to commit to if cash flow is tight but there are lots of “free” ways out there to connect with other business people in your area. You may also want to use Copyscape with which is great for checking your content is unique as Google really doesn’t like duplicate content.

It’s hard to write a PR release unless you know exactly who you want to reach and why.
In fact, Internet is considered one of the most effective channel for promotion of online business.
This type of advertising strategy includes several ways sub categorized as online directory, informative article marketing, blogging, forum postings, e-mail marketing, Press release marketing, social networking (Facebook, Myspace), social bookmarking and so on. Below, a set of some effective ways of free advertising of online business are discussed in brief. Majority of online directories are absolutely free to sign up for and so, you can add company’s name, website link with short description about your business. By this way, you are making your target visitors aware from all the latest happenings about your company. Promote your online business in the highly competitive World Wide Web free-of-cost by using the above mentioned effective ways. This new book will show you how to build, promote, and make money off of your Web site or brick and mortar store using the Internet, with minimal costs. If you are UK based then you may want to look into Free Index, which has a great system for finding B2B service providers. Free guest blogging communities, like My Blog Guest, are a good starting point for finding bloggers who want to connect. In the today’s capitalistic competitive Internet market, majority of people are spending big sum of money for promotion of their online business for immediate brand recognition and high traffic rate. The best part about blogging is that it’s free means you can start a simple blog free of cost. By means of this promotion method, one can come into eyes of his potential online viewers easily.
By writing informative articles about your business, product and services, one can expose his website more efficiently among target audience.
If your customers are on the lookout for details of the products that you sell, for example, they will probably look for your website to find the information that they need. All you need to do is post 100% original and relevant content on your blog along with link of your personal site in order to promote your online business.
Learn how to generate more traffic for your site or store with hundreds of Internet marketing methods, including many free and low-cost promotions.
Many companies nowadays also have their sites set up so they can process orders and accept payments from their customers online.A company’s website certainly plays a vital part in boosting your online presence. Presently, there are many CMS and web applications like Drupal, WordPress, Zen Cart, Magento, osCommerce, Joomla by using which a person can manage content of his blog easily. This new book presents a comprehensive, hands-on, step-by-step guide for increasing Web site traffic and traditional store traffic by using hundreds of proven tips, tools, and techniques. Learn how to target more customers to your business and optimize your Web site from a marketing perspective.
You will learn to target your campaign, use keywords, generate free advertising, search-engine strategies, learn the inside secrets of e-mail marketing, how to build Web communities, co-branding, auto-responders, Google advertising, banner advertising, eBay storefronts, Web-design information, search-engine registration, directories, and real-world examples of what strategies are succeeding and what strategies are failing. Search engine optimization (SEO) is what can give your business leverage over your competitors that also tap internet marketing for promoting their business. SEO helps ensure that your customers won’t have any problem finding your website when they search for your company or your products and services on the internet.
You should hire an experienced webmaster to help you optimize your website but if you are on a budget and prefer to do the optimization yourself, the most important thing you need to do is to produce quality content for your site.Content is king when it comes to search engine optimization so make sure to post helpful and relevant articles on your site.
You may install the best SEO plugins and employ tricks to rank high in the search results page but search engines will weigh your site according to the quality of your content.Take Advantage of Social MediaWith the current popularity of social media, a number of your target customers will most likely have accounts on social networking sites. You can therefore reach out and engage with your target market by setting up an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.What makes social media an effective online marketing tool is that users check their newsfeeds on a regular basis. You do not have to tell your followers to visit your website for updates nor require them to contact you through your IP PBX to learn about the new products of your company if they already follow you and read your updates.Make sure that you post news and photos that provide value to your followers and can get them to patronize your business. Morgan is a copywriter and editor who enjoys the challenges of creativity and attention to detail.
He writes about a wide variety of topics of interest in the field of technology and current trends in the industry and creates only original content.

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