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By popular demand, Infinite Communications is now offering a $499 LANDING PAGE SPECIAL  for your business.
According to a web-marketing group, “40% of people respond better to visual information than text”. This new one page website will include visually engaging design, an image gallery with zoom, two contact forms for lead generations and clickable phone numbers for visitors to immediately call your business. Clients will only have to pay a one time fee of $499 plus $15 per month for hosting and maintaining the website.
Infinite Communications has already sold 50 landing pages to various businesses in Southern California before the anticipated release date. Gary is a Google certified teacher and holds a certificate of educational technology and information literacy (COETAIL). Grinding out posts with a variety of media to document learning that is happening in the classroom is often a thankless task. Parent teacher conferences, back to school night, any and all forums are an opportunity to have a tab open to your blog to share what you and your students are doing. If you write posts about major activities, consider having your students write reflective comments on the activity the following day.
A translator widget can help accommodate non-English speaking parents which may be a substantial population of your parents. Embedding a hashtag chat in your blog can provide a steady stream of discussion, and blog posts related to your content area.
Once you have posts, send URLs to professionals whose work you may be following and ask them to contribute or comment. TIME magazine’s financial writer Dan Kadlec chimes in after I shared a post relating to teaching finance.
Managing a classroom blog should be fourth on your list of priorities after teaching a viable curriculum, good teaching pedagogy, and various assessment methods. Fractus Learning participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon.

When sharing and deciding on where to promote your food blog there are a few things to keep in mind. Try to set aside at least an hour a day (not necessarily consecutively) to visit others and really dig in. As you may know from our other blog “What is a Landing Page & Five Tips to Create One That Influences Your Website Visitors”, a landing page is vital to marketing your business online. The images, graphics, and videos used on your landing page can better persuade visitors to take action. If you want to promote action from your clients, have them choose your business in a matter of minutes, and increase your sales, then get your landing page today! He teaches middle school science at Saigon South International School and his interests are exploring web 2.0 tools, connected classrooms and authentic assessment. However, many well meaning teachers abandon a class blog after a few months because they feel their efforts are unappreciated and all their musings have fallen on deaf ears. In the early stages, don’t expect your site visitor widget to be going off the charts. You may find out that many of your parents are not even familiar with the concept of a blog and may need some assistance in subscribing to feeds either by RSS or email.
They will have time to reflect on the experience and you can use it as an opportunity for a a variety of writing strategies such as summarizing, sentence fluency and other forms of figurative language like similes, metaphors and hyperbole. If you have time, consider making a parent mailing list and send them emails every once in a while appraising them of learning activities and major projects. Being able to translate what I’m writing about is essential to get non-English speaking parents coming back to my blog. What it does is takes your photos under flickr and turns them into a badge which is a collage of pictures.
As so many people are on Twitter these days, it’s so easy to share your pedagogy with trade professionals and make connections for you and your students. But, it can be a great portfolio of your learning activities that you use to document the growth of your class and your growth as as teacher.

I’m loving sharing my recipes here and am always on the lookout for other places to share as well.
A responsive site means the site will automatically adapt to desktop, tablets, and mobile devices will of any size. However, having had a classroom blog for three years now, I’ve learned a number of ways to get others involved with your blog and make it more of a product of a networked community rather than just one dedicated teacher. Teaching thoughtful commenting is a 21st century skill and some posts may have elements of debate that you can use as a forum to engender good digital citizenship.
I’ve gotten many thank you letters from parents explaining how grateful they are to see what their children are doing in math and science. I take pictures throughout the year of student activities and add them to my flickr account which are then added to the flickr widget which is embedded in my blog’s sidebar. What’s cool is that parents and students can see their ever changing discussions and it breaks up dormancy between posts.
By networking and encouraging others to contribute, it becomes an amalgamation of you, your students, your students parents and professionals in the field. When students get to middle and high school, they tend to talk about school less and less so a blog is a great way to de-privatize what is happening in school. Walk non-English speaking parents through the process of using this tool at back to school night or conferences.
You can make a dynamic tag (such as your name) or a category that will filter posts in your subject area to a sidebar widget of your blog. Sure you can copy and paste a link and title to tons of linky’s but what about reciprocation? If you have a linky or somewhere to share food posts please leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list!

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