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After you have reached some significant reader amount you may proceed with your further plans. Network Marketing – Marketing Tips and Strategies – How To Generate More Leads For Your Home Business!
I have been on gPlus for a while now, and I enjoy engaging with strangers on my Google+ profile and on my business pages.
As luck would have it, I came across a recent post on the Renegade Blog that was packed with handy brand building and Internet Network Marketing tips. In order to be successful on Google+ you need to have a proven promotional ‘recipe’ to follow, and one that works like gangbusters!
It can’t substitute for the natural, sustained organic growth that comes from engaging with the bogging community, but it can boost the number of new readers and help promote a specific blog post, event or product. The third thing I learned is that guest posting (writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog) is one of the most important strategies for growing your blog readership. Today, there are billions of people online, and tens of millions are searching for what you have to offer, all looking, waiting, for someone like you to sign them up or buy a product from you. Most distributors are now more confused than ever about how to build their business online. If this is you, the groundbreaking FREE business report The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto by Ann Sieg will be the single most important piece of information you read in 2013. Ann Sieg gives you a step by step plan to achieve effective online lead generation strategies that help you build your business like never before by leveraging the internet.
The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto will help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back, and bring you the level of success you dream about.
Affiliate DisclosureSome of the links I drop on this website are affiliate links, and that means I earn some commission if you purchase through my links.
Welcome to the fifth installment of Blog Idol Interviews the SITS 31 Days to Build a Better Blog edition! The advice featured in these interviews is a fantastic way to to find additional direction and inspiration for taking your blog the next level, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.
I plan to continue this series in coming weeks, so please check back for more great blog advice even after the SITS 31DBBB event comes to a close. This is a tough question, as my blog is currently in a rut – it’s been neglected for several months!
I tend to spend more time on social sites like Twitter and Facebook just talking to people.
Now that we’re at  the end of the SITS 31 Days to Build a Better Blog edition of Blog Idol Interviews, what other questions linger about blogging? Let’s say you just wrote a great blog post, you are checking the spelling, preview it 100 times… but then what? Unfortunately many bloggers are afraid or not aware of the fact that simply publishing a blog post is not enough. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Blog TipsDo you have a blogging or social media tip you’d like to share?
If you’re not sure how to do that, here is a guide to the many ways you can promote your blog content. When you come up with a topic to write about, do some keyword research to see what people are searching for. Social media can be a powerful way to amplify your content and get it front of the right audience. Alert people or blogs you mentioned in the article by sending a direct message or mentioning them in one of your tweets. Pin the tweet promoting your blog post at the top of your profile so new followers will easily see it.
Share your post on your personal profile and encourage the rest of your team to do the same thing. If you’ve got a great visual for your blog post, share it to Instagram and include a link to your post. Most of the time, your email contacts have a much stronger tie to you than those you are connected with on social networks.

Connecting with reporters, bloggers and other influencers is another way to increase the reach of your posts.
If you want to drive traffic to your blog or website, you must invest the time to promote your content.
Laura Click is founder and CEO of Blue Kite Marketing, a Nashville-based integrated marketing firm. This question is asked by millions of more or less successful bloggers that want to get more readers.
Try to stick to the chosen theme but it will also be good to post some different information from time to time. I like the platform better than Facebook, but the main reason for me being on there is of course… IT IS GOOGLE, the king of search that sends tons of traffic to my websites!
It hit the nail on the head of how to promote your blog post on Google+, and also listed many promotional ideas that bloggers can use to explode their profits to mind-blowing levels. The simple reason is nobody has showed them how to market online effectively, and how to guarantee an endless amount of pre-sold prospects, eager to join their opportunity.
He Finally Discovered The Secret Of Making Money Online And Enjoys Sharing It With Strangers Who Want To Improve Their Life And Lifestyle.
First, I look to see what topics are hot in my Twitter circle or what people are talking about on Facebook and try to create some content around those ideas. I also may check out and participate in linkups or see an idea on someone else’s site and then write a post on the same topic, but give them a shout out and link back in my post.
I am in love with using it as a tool for promoting content as well as connecting with potential readers who I would not find through other aspects of social media. With the help of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and some other fabulous hints, you’ll be a self-promotion machine in no time, getting the word out to your regular readers and new readers alike. Informative, fun infographics are great snackable content that’s easy to digest and highly shareable. Getting a group of experts to share their advice and tips can be a great way to attract attention and leverage the audience of those included. Then, once you’ve written the post, make sure to take a few extra steps to optimize your content.
This works especially well if you use original images or create compelling graphics to go with your posts.
If so, be sure to link to the blog post in YouTube video to drive traffic back to your site.
However, paid promotion through social advertising channels can help you get the word out about your blog post. Perhaps the most common and well-known option, Facebook makes it easy to promote your content to get individual posts in front of more readers. Twitter also offers the ability to promote individual tweets to get the content in front of more people. Pinterest recently announced that it will be rolling out promoted pins for small and medium size businesses.
To do this, share their content, comment on their blog posts and respond to their social media messages. If you’ve written something that you think a reporter or key influencer might like, go ahead and send it their way. In addition to being the lead blogger on the Blue Kite blog, Laura is a proud Mizzou alum, avid runner and dog lover. Besides that blogging may help you to raise some money as well if you sign to Google AdSense program..
Another thought that also went through my mind was how to promote your blog post on Google+. I try to promote one old post a few days a week as a way to increase traffic and bring new eyes via Facebook and Twitter. is a great way to entice people and keep them interested in you with beautiful pictures! I know the gamut of social media activities I need to do to gain new readership, just like I did when I first started.

I would, of course, love to know more about how to find more loyal readers and improve my bounce rate especially of a recipe post (where people come from places like Pinterest or Foodgawker or google searches for a specific recipe). Chrissy is one of my dearest friends and this fall, she and her husband Charlie will have their first child.
I just gathered my top 10 tips how I promote my blog posts once they are published, which helped me grow my readership. However, instead of being promoted on the Google+ platform, these ads run on other sites throughout the web – much like traditional display ads. This is something you would want to use sparingly and for premium content offerings, such as eBooks, webinars and the like.
Some people have no any difficulties with creating content and literally shoot their readers with their posts. Don't bother your head with meta-description and don't leave 6% of your texts for key words. And anytime I have an idea about a post to write, I always start a draft with the idea (it might only be a few words), That way, when I’m looking for something to blog about, I can go through the drafts and I always find something. You can create a board for a specific special interest of yours and connect with those who follow it or strike up a conversation in the comment section under a pin. And as far as Facebook goes, apparently, people still love it, so it is a great traffic driver to your blog! I would also love to see specifics about monetization – when should start, what ad networks or affiliates are good, what can you realistically expect, etc. And here’s a great step-by-step guide from Jon Loomer on how to use promoted posts for your blog.
This allows you to extend your reach by getting in front of people who have not liked your company’s page.
You have started your blog recently and you know what is what in the subject you have chosen. It is better to pay attention for RSS.Don't submit your blog to the catalogs if you have two test posts.
Finally, I dabble more heavily in social media outlets that I’m not typically super active in.
You may be a professional wine waiter and lead a blog of wine history and the peculiarities of this beverage in various cultures and countries. It means weeks and weeks in a hospital bed hoping and praying that since you made it to "viability"  and your odds are now at 70% that you'll be one of the lucky ones. You may have various aims promoting your blog and they will influence the methods you will choose. Let us consider they ways to promote the blog connected with the real interest but not the online marketing or money raising.
Read the posts carefully and if you have something to add or to ask leave a comment without any doubt.
It is likely that all the bloggers will be interested who has left that great comment and click it.
If someone will suppose your blog to be informative and outstanding he will follow it.Pay attention to the design of your blogChoose the nice background that won't be changed each week. Set a good calculator if you want to control the number of the visitors of your blog.Devote the first 2 or 3 sticky posts to the description of your blogWrite who are you, where are you from, what do you do and what is the aim of your blog.
That will help your potential readers to get the maximum information from the first pages.Provide the links to the blogs you find interestingIn that way you will attract more visitors to them.
It is possible that the person who runs one of these blogs will add your blog to the list f the ones that generate the significant traffic.Use RSSAdd your blog to RSS catalogs when you will have at least 5 complete posts.
Try to write the reviews of the other blogs if you suppose them to be interesting and informative.

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