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A) On the right side, select (dot) to either don't upload photos or to upload photos at good or best quality to OneDrive. A) On the right side, move the Automatically upload videos to OneDrive slider to the left (off) or right (on) for what you want.
An extra 15 GB of cloud storage will be added to the existing 15 GB on your Onedrive account if you enable Camera Roll to automatically send images to Onedrive. You can turn off automatic uploading after the space is added to your account if you choose.
You might have to upload an image to get the extra 15 GB, it wasn't instantaneous, so I decided to place a copy of a picture to force the upload.

Anyone with Onedrive installed should be able to get this extra storage if the enable automatic uploads in Camera Roll PC settings. I decided to use OneDrive, and so I sent a folder from my external Toshiba drive to OneDrive. Photo Import not defaulting to Camera RollHi everyone, I'm a new Windows 8.1 user after years on a Mac. Skydrive doesn't grab Camera Roll on XPS 10" RT Tablet?Is this intentional or is there a way to change this?
Store any file on OneDrive, and it's automatically available to access or share from any PC and device.

If you like, you can also save any image or video file into your Camera Roll folder as well.

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