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You've set up a Facebook Page for your business and the number of Likes is growing steadily. Just because someone Likes your Facebook Page, it does not mean he is asking you to market to him continually via his Facebook news feed. Even if the person hitting the Like button is a customer, that does not mean he wants to be explicitly marketed to via Facebook.
Now, I am not saying you can't market to these folks at all or should scrap your Facebook initiative. It's also imperative to remember that Facebook (and social media in general) is not a one-way pump for pushing information out to your connections.
As I've written before, social media Web sites are tools for accelerating the customer acquisition cycle.
Don't disrupt the customer acquisition cycle by turning off prospects with overly aggressive sales pitches on Facebook. Then he showed clients the next stage of social commerce, a mock-up of an arena seat map indicating where a customer's Facebook friends were sitting. The feature is available on the interactive seat map that launched last year and is now used in more than 300 venues (for 9,000 events and counting), says Debbie Hsu, Ticketmaster's director of product management. After buying your tickets, you have the option of tagging friends for the seats you've purchased, much like tagging people in a photo on Facebook. Earlier this month, Facebook games director Sean Ryan talked about the maturity of the games platform and suggested that live event ticketing could be the next big thing. It was commander in chief meets chief executive officer, and Bush, who quickly sensed opportunity in ribbing Zuckerberg, spent the hour long talk chuckling at the hoodie-clad Facebook founder. Next, Zuckerberg transitioned into his first question, asking Bush why he chose Facebook (and presumably not Google, Apple, or Twitter) to speak.
Facebook, fresh from its partial privacy revamp, is straight back to business as usual—which means expansion.

Instead, he's hitting the Like button to signal an affinity for your products or services. Start conversations with your fans on Facebook by asking them questions or have them share a story about how they use your product. As you interact and share with your Facebook fans, you need a means for them to put their hand up to signal their permission to be marketed to. Nurture the relationship through good content and interaction, build a bridge from social media to your mailing list, and then market to those customers and prospects who have truly given you their permission to do so.
Each time a ticket buyer shared with Facebook friends that he was attending an event, Hubbard said, that alert generated $5.30 in additional ticket revenue.
In hopes of spurring word-of-mouth marketing to reduce the estimated 40 percent of live event tickets that go unsold, Ticketmaster is launching this enhanced Facebook connectivity. By connecting to Facebook while you browse for seats, you can see where your friends have purchased tickets. The venue's seat map displays Facebook flags in the sections where your buddies are sitting.
Your friends get an alert asking if they want to tell people they're going and to tag their seat and share that as well, creating more potential ticket sales. Clearly, Facebook, which advised Ticketmaster during the development of the seat tagging, would like to find another Zynga-like success.
Bush continued the rounds of his book tour for his memoir Decision Points, traveling today to Facebook's Palo Alto headquarters, where he and Mark Zuckerberg engaged in some good-humored raillery. They might have some tips on how to better use your product or service that would be helpful to other fans. This can be a join my mailing list box right on your Facebook Page, a link back to your online store or Web site, or an invitation to come visit your store.
When you click on that section and scroll over a seat with a Facebook icon, a window pops open showing you who's there.

You can hide your seat, but the default setting is to share with everyone, not just your friends. It should be part of a bigger experience that encompasses weeks or months of anticipation to see a favorite band and then a period of reliving the show with other fans.
Is Facebook planning to break into the IM market?ShareGrove made the announcement on its Facebook page, appropriately enough, and notes that it's shutting down operations on June 1st.
Don't ruin that by continually posting sales pitches that will turn him off and have him hiding your updates or un-Liking your Page altogether.
That way you can buy tickets near a friend, or head for the opposite side of the arena to avoid an ex or that certain colleague you know will belt along with the band and ruin the show. The thinking, says Hubbard, is that people going to see a certain band or team have a shared passion.
This gives users who have data stored in its system time to make a backup—after June 1, all user data will be deleted, which is a nice privacy step that Facebook should take note of.And what exactly does ShareGrove offer Facebook? People reluctant to tag their seats might do so after the show and reach out to people they met at the show. The current chat client on Facebook, which many people use as a quick-and-dirty (and sometimes more convenient) chat alternative to other, bigger IM clients, is neat but incredibly limited in scope. But add the social chatting and sharing powers from ShareGrove, and Facebook Chat could become a very useful tool—or at least a tool for uselessness. ShareGrove was merely a different way of letting people chat as a more clearly-defined private group than on a public wall space.

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