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The smartphone cameras have gotten so good that many folks use them instead of dedicated point-and-shoots. Taking photos is only half the battle for budding photographers, as it creates the need to get those masterpieces onto a computer for storage and other purposes. Recently it ocurred to me that maybe a good way to get a lot of photos off my phone and onto my computer could be Google Drive. Photo transfers involve two steps: getting the photos from the phone to my Google Drive storage in the cloud, and accessing them on the computer. I don't always use the same computer to work with photos either, not even a single platform.
The first step of uploading the photos to Google Drive is slightly different depending on whether the photos are on the iPhone or the Note 2.
On the Note 2 it's a simple matter of opening the Gallery app and tagging all the photos for uploading.
The iPhone method is similar to that of the Note 2 but iOS doesn't allow sharing to the Google Drive.
Google Drive folder on Mac FinderThere is no app for Windows 8 but Google Drive is accessible through the web browser. No matter what system is used to access them, the photos can be selected and either copied or moved from Google Drive to local storage. On the Mac and the Chromebook it's technically not necessary to copy the photos to local storage, depending on what you are going to do with them. Using Google Drive has turned a task that was fomerly a pain into one that is quick and easy. Instead of releasing a standalone video app, this update expands the usability of the Instagram app. With your video recorded, filter applied, and cover frame selected, sharing the video is the same as sharing a photo. Right now it doesn't look like you can tag people in video like you can with photos, but this may be a possible update in the future.

This update puts both social networks head to head again, but Facebook was smarter by releasing identical updates for both Android and iOS simultaneously, instead of Vine releasing a very basic version for Android compared to iOS. Copyright © 2016 c·‘a†…es?a?®aZYa› a?«a?¤a?„a?¦cY?a‚‹i??aZYa› a?‹a‚‰a‚?a?‹a‚‹??»c™‚??• All Rights Reserved. Whether your photos were stocked away in CDs, DVD, or any form of storage device and copy them right on your phone (or tablet) where your Instagram app is installed. Add caption about the photo you just uploaded, tag fellow Instagram users and share it to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Both hardware and software on phones now offer sophisticated features that let even lousy photographers take decent photos.
The more photos you take, the bigger the task of getting them transferred to a bigger screen. I have regularly used a couple of methods to get the photos off the phone and onto the computer. The more I looked into it, the more I realized this would work no matter what phone or computer I was using. Using Google Drive works well for me as I sometimes take photos with the iPhone 4S and other times with the Galaxy Note 2. The free Google Drive app must be installed on the Android phone or the iPhone to get started.
I usually move them as I don't want to keep them permanently on the Google Drive, but those who want to leave them in the cloud can copy them to the local destination.
For uploading to a blog editor or editing in a photo editor they can be accessed directly from Google Drive as if they were located on the local computer. It's certainly not the only way to get the photos onto a computer, but it works very well for my needs. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. While Twitter's Vine supports 6 seconds of video recording, Video on Instagram allows up to 15 seconds.

Both iOS and Android are receiving the update at the same time today, but iOS is getting one exclusive feature: Cinema stabilization, which will stabilize video shaking. After you launch the app and your feed has refreshed, you will see the Instagram photo icon. Unlike the photo filters, the video filters are a little harder to differentiate from each other, but this will probably depend a lot on the recorded video.
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I've used the old faithful method of emailing them to myself and other times swapping the memory card from the phone to the computer. Google Drive is an option, so tapping it and then confirming (above right) starts the upload process in the background. Google Drive is built into Chrome OS, so I have access from the file manager on the Chromebook.
While 9 more seconds doesn't seem like a big difference, creative users will appreciate the extra time. It's easy to tell that Cinema stabilization was implemented on iOS because of standardized devices.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. This takes you to the photo storage on the iPhone, so select the ones you want to transfer and hit Upload. After it's uploaded into your feed, all you have to do is tap on the cover frame for the video to play.

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