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Last month, Nokia released YouTube Upload app for its Lumia windows phones and for some reason, the company has decided to change it to Upload To YouTube.
This windows phone app is also compatible with Nokia Video Trimmer app that allows you cut and edit video clips taken with your phone’s camera. Nokia on julkaissut Windows Phonen sovelluskaupassa uuden videolataukset YouTubeen mahdollistavan YouTube Upload -sovelluksen Windows Phone 8 -kayttojarjestelmallisille Lumia-alypuhelimilleen. YouTube Upload on hyvin yksinkertainen sovellus: sen idea on vain mahdollistaa helppo videoiden jako Googlen supersuosittuun YouTube-videopalveluun.
Toinen uusi Nokian videosovellus on jo aiemmin esiin nostamamme Nokia Video Trimmer, jolla voi helposti lyhenttaa videoitaan – vaikkapa sitten YouTubessa jaettavaksi. Haluan sahkopostiini ilmoituksen uusista kommenteista.Voit myos tilata ilmoitukset kommentoimatta itse.
SamMobile: Samsungilta ensi vuonna viisi lippulaivapuhelinta – taittuva puhelin viimein markkinoille?
Toimitamme uutiskirjeessamme paivittain yhteenvedon tuoreimmista mobiilimaailman uutisista ja tapahtumista. Nokia has published to the store their YouTube Video Upload app that enables users to simply and easily post their video creations to their accounts. The app loads just fine on the Nokia Lumia 1020, which means this app may be exclusive to that device initially.

The app is quite barebones and we’re sure Nokia will fine tune it over the coming weeks, but for now, it works as advertised, giving those with the Lumia 1020 a simple solution to a vexing problem. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to hide user accounts from the sign-in screen on Windows 10 to make the list of users shorter or to make an account secret.
Tonight we played Octodad: Dadliest Catch with one of the developers, Philip Tibitoski of Young Horses! Trong khi chung ta d?u dang ch? d?i di?n tho?i WP8 du?c c?p nh?t GDR2 ( tr? dong 920 va cac bac up Rom tru?c ), Nokia da di tru?c va th?c hi?n 1 ?ng d?ng giup ta t?i video len YouTube, ?ng d?ng nay du?c s? d?ng ngay v?i may chua co GDR2. Video co th? t?i len nhanh chong v?i wifi ho?c 3G, nhung luu y la n?u b?n d? ?ng d?ng ch?y n?n thi no s? khong upload du?c, do do b?n ph?i ch? no up xong m?i du?c lam vi?c khac. Di?n dan WinphoneViet la noi chia s? thong tin c?a c?ng d?ng ngu?i dung thi?t b? Windows va Windows Phone t?i Vi?t Nam. While no official word has been said about the name change, it could have done to avoid the use of name “YouTube”, which is a part of Google. Dzieki aplikacji mozemy w szybki i latwy sposob udostepniac nasze filmy w serwisie YouTube.Ta aplikacja wspomaga szybkie i proste udostepnianie filmow znajomym i dziala ze wszystkimi filmami nagranymi za pomoca telefonow Nokia Lumia z systemem Windows Phone 8. Ilmeisesti sovellus vaatii kuitenkin viimeistaan elokuun aikana julkaistavaksi odotetun Lumia Amber -paivityksen, joten viela useimmat kayttajat eivat sovellusta paase asentamaan. Google itsehan ei YouTubea Windows Phonelle tue, mika on vaikeuttanut Windows Phone -kayttajien elamaa.

Though being Nokia, we’re sure that they will deliver for their other Lumia line as they’re pretty good like that. If so, Amzer’s double layer hybrid case makes a great addition to your phone, as it has two layers of added protection to keep you safe.
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Don gi?n ch? c?n ch?n cac video ma b?n co tren may va chia s?, ho?c t?i len sau khi da quay va du?c ch?nh s?a v?i Video Trimmer. Wystarczy wybrac film w aplikacji Zdjecia i udostepnic go lub przeslac po nagraniu i przycieciu za pomoca narzedzia Nokia Video, korzystajac z opcji udostepniania.sklep Windows PhoneFilm mozemy udostepnic zarowno za pomoca sieci Wi-Fi jak i przy pomocy komorkowego polaczenia danych. YouTube Uploadilla onnistuu puhelimella kuvattujen videoiden jako myos suoraan Valokuvat-sovelluksesta. Sledz nowosci na naszej stronie za pomoca kanalu RSS oraz portali spolecznosciowych Facebook, Google+, Twitter oraz YouTube.Polityka CookieWykorzystujemy pliki cookie do spersonalizowania tresci i reklam, aby oferowac funkcje spolecznosciowe i analizowac ruch w naszej witrynie.
Informacje o tym, jak korzystasz z naszej witryny, udostepniamy partnerom spolecznosciowym, reklamowym i analitycznym.

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