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Articulate Storyline comes with a rich media player that can be utilized to run sound in a very potential manner. One of our clients wanted to embed audios to the slide and enable learners to control individual media elements with unique player design. Using the HTML5 tag, the audio player can be integrated on to the slide in a very simple manner. Let us follow this step-by-step tutorial of how to add an HTML5 tag to add a customized audio player to your slides.
This player is HTML5-supported and therefore, its look and feel are dependent on the browser or the device you use. If you want the controls to have a different design, you are most welcome to access a plethora of information that is present free in websites. If the web object is located on the Internet or an intranet, you need security permissions to access it. Twitch has taken another step in redesigning the site’s video player to be HTML5-based. While the videos itself will based in the Flash format, the move prepares users and the site itself for the inevitable phasing out of Flash altogether.

Sublime Video is a HTML5 Video Player, users can play videos without the need of browser plugins or Flash dependencies. Honestly, Flash is less harmful for web than stupid libraries like this which aren’t crossplatform. This may sound a bit harsh but nobody should even link to stuff like this because it is bad for web. My guess is that this could be combined with something like Video For Everyone to provide a broader range of support. I just hope Apple releases an official Safari build supporting full screen sooner rather than later. As others pointed out, all FireFox has to do is add support for some codecs, which they should have done already. If this makes us a couple of tiny steps closer to the extinction of IE, then I am all for it.
The player is actually a jQuery plugin and has very nice features like the ability to skin, buffering, full screen mode and keyboard shortcuts. He was interested to enable his learners to control the audio levels even from within the slide in multiple interactive sessions.

Copy the audio tag and paste it in the html file; also, place the audio folder in same folder location (see the screen below).
Most recently, YouTube has switched to HTML5 video, losing Adobe one of its ardent customers in Google. Flash is often a CPU hog compared to the new HTML5 video and therefor changing to the new embedded HTML5 video is a more efficient way to deliver video. And therefor I would try to restrict the use of H.264 and stick to the good old open source OGG!
You can use player to play advertisement video before your main video (pre-roll), and also you can have popup advertisement at any time wou want during playback. Well, that and Firefox and their silly philosophical views on H.264 at the expense of users and developers.

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