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The HTML5 version of YouTube’s video player has been seeing steady improvements lately and is rapidly approaching feature parity with the Flash version, according to a post by Google Operating System.
YouTube has offered users the option to opt into an HTML5 beta for over a year now, which allows you to dispense with Flash when watching videos on the website. Furthermore, right-clicking on the HTML5 player now gives you the option to copy the video URL, copy it with the current time bookmarked or copy the embed code, among other options. Unfortunately, YouTube still forces you to watch videos using its Flash-based player when it has ads in it, so you’ll often end up doing so despite being a member of the HTML5 beta, forcing you to resort to other, browser-based methods to get access to the HTML5 version of the video. However, the fact that YouTube is silently working on improving its HTML5 player signals good things for the technology, which scored a significant victory over Flash when Adobe announced that it was canning the mobile Flash plugin earlier this month.
With the large mobile and tablet market free of the already diminished influence of Flash, and with sites like YouTube and Vimeo going the Flash-free route, it’s a good bet that HTML5 will overtake the resource-heavy plugin on the desktop eventually, despite its current dominance. Google is a big supporter of HTML5, but for YouTube it's sticking with the Adobe Flash Player as the default, at least for the time being. Users are now entered into the HTML5 trial over at YouTube even if they haven't explicitly opted to be a part of it. However, it seems that for those who haven't been automatically introduced, the old explanation is still presented.
In the months since YouTube introduced the initial HTML5 support, browsers have been getting better at handling this type of content. Um den HTML5-Player zu aktivieren, muss das Feature bei YouTube explizit aktiviert werden (s.
Some websites provide tab players, but in most cases you will have to register a paid, premium account before using the service. The idea of the HTML5 Tab Player jQuery plugin came to me when I was looking for guitar tabs for specific songs on the internet, and suddenly I realized that all of them were plain text. As a result, the HTML5 Tab Player formats the plain text tablature, hightlighting the notes numbers and creating a toolbar panel just before the tab, which allows the user to play, pause, stop and configure the player. On the ther hand, sometimes the user may want to see the whole tablature, no matter how large it is. When the page is ready, the tab is immediately formatted and the user can access the tab player controls. The Bar Duration setting defines how long should it take to play each of the tablature bars.
Inside the plugin initialization, we keep the notesarray for the 12 semitones, which are the same 7 white keys plus the 5 keys on the piano.

The sounds were obtained from the package uploaded by member Kyster to the website, under the Creative Commons license. Finally, each audio tag is appended to the body of the page, where it remains invisible and in stand-by mode.
The octaveNoteIndex property indicates the position of each string inside the octaves array. The control panel features the buttons necessary to control the player process: play, pause, stop, along with buttons that control the height (minimize, full size and window).
The formatPre function performs an important task in our application: it replaces the note numbers inside the tab with span tags that highlight the notes. The play_multi_sound function searches for finished channels and use them to play one specific sound.
The play function is divided in some internal functions, that parse, organize, calculate which sounds correspond to each note value, and - obviously - tell the audio files to be played accordingly. The checkStep function finds out how many characters exist in a single bar, and then calculates the interval time allocated for each step in the process. The music player comes in three variations for you to choose from so it can fit perfectly in your site. The HTML5 player now supports closed captioning and annotations for videos which have them and there’s native fullscreen support for users of Firefox’s nightly builds and Chrome’s dev channel. The folks at Google Operating System say that they have even seen the HTML5 player pop up when watching videos on the website with the HTML5 beta disabled, which may suggest that Google is getting ready to take the feature out of beta soon. When not writing, he enjoys spending his time bungling about on Twitter or Google+, and answering email.
Still, it's continuing to invest in its HTML5 player, which it has been testing since the beginning of the year, and is now testing it in the wild in some cases.
If you are using a supported browser, you can choose to use the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player for most videos.
The YouTube HTML5 player works in Firefox 4, Google Chrome, Opera 10.6 and above, Safari 4 and above, the latest Internet Explorer 9 beta and in IE 6, IE 7 or IE 8 using the Chrome Frame plugin. Aber bereits seit Anfang 2010 bietet YouTube die MA¶glichkeit, Videos auch mit dem HTML5-Player abzuspielen.
Ich dachte bisher, dass die Videos nun automatisch mit dem HTML5-Player dargestellt werden, sofern ein entsprechender Browser verwendet wird.Das stimmt aber nicht. Seitdem blogge ich hier A?ber Software, Internet, Windows und andere Themen, die mich interessieren.

Durch die Nutzung unserer Webseite erklA¤ren Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies setzen.
And if you searched for tabs on the internet, most of the times you must have found the same kind of plain text tablature. Programming is the one that pays the bills, but lately I've been dedicating more of my precious weekend hours to play acoustic guitar.
Next I remembered that most programming blogs and programmer-dedicated websides such as Code Project use formatting components that parse and convert plain text code snippets submitted by contributors into more user-readable, well formatted HTML content.
The small blue circles around the numbers in the image below represent the notes being played.
The setupTabPlayer method is applied to each and every pre tag containing the tabplayer as the value for the language attribute.
These notes are repeated four times in the octaves, as to represent the four octaves used in the plugin. The audio tag is provided with an id and source file, and is configured for preloading (this ensures that we don't have delays while playing for the first time).
Notice that, because a single web page can hold any number of tab players, we must ensure that each one has its own set of control variables (tuning, volume, playing status, etc.) so as to not interfere with each other players. Also, other music-related components may be built on top of the plug-in (in fact, I wish to publish a tablature composer that I'm thinking of very soon). Your comments will help us improve and perfect the mixtures we're working on," the YouTube page reads. HTML5 Tab Player is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily embed guitar tabs in your web pages, without relying on Flash plug-ins.
That is, the formatting takes into consideration the semantics of the programming language being presented, and then all the keywords of that language are highlighted or coloured accordingly, without need of human intervention. All notes were recorded from nylon strings played in acoustic guitar, providing a deep and natural sound to our tab player. Ich wA?rde mich freuen, wenn ihr meinen Feed abonniert oder mir auf Twitter, Facebook, Google+ und Google+ (privat) folgt.

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