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Come anticipato, multiple viene utilizzato per specificare che un elemento debba consentire valori multipli (in questo caso piu file in fase di upload); tale attributo potra essere valorizzato come nel form proposto, utilizzando semplicemente la stringa multiple, tramite il formato alternativo (e verboso) multiple="multiple" o lasciato vuoto se non richiesto. Per una lista completa dei tipi MIME supportati e possibile consultare l’apposito elenco messo a disposizione dal W3C Working Group.
Plupload unique features makes it highly usable upload handler for Content Management Systems or similar solutions. You can also stay updated by following us on Twitter and Facebook or by subscribing to our FriendFeed. InsertHTML has written a tutorial: Creating a Complete HTML5 Drag and Drop File Uploader with jQuery. As you’d imagine, this doesn’t work in the latest stable release of internet explorer.
Choosing the correct file upload script for a particular website depends solely on the website usage. The basic plus UI version of this script allows features which everyone is looking forward for like multiple file selection. Javascript plugin tool to give your users a smooth experience when uploading files to your website.
Today we will be developing a small web application called Upload Center, that will allow people to upload photos from their computers by dragging and dropping them onto the browser window, possible with the new HTML5 APIs exposed by modern browsers. Use any form type uploading options as this script can be integrated on HTML5 website with ease.
A fully customizable script to do the file uploading process easy. Uploadify™ is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily add multiple file upload functionality to your website.
The AwsmUploader lets you easily upload files by drag-n-drop (built-in) or by feeding it with files from own sources (such as regular file-inputs). The pure  uploader script which pushes the boundaries of normal image uploaders and also other file type scripts.
Quform is a powerful responsive ajax contact form that you can easily embed into any web page in a matter of minutes. A completely different script for completely different use as this not your everyday needy script.
Storing files in a database has many disadvantages, your database will become large and more difficult to back up, etc.
That said, there are tons of badly designed systems out there, and many people use one of these components and then store the file in the database after it is received.
But i think they have some added features and it depends on personal choice if to go for free or premium.

I hope once you have had a chance to evaluate our script that you can add ours onto this list. It has the unique feature of supporting multiple upload methods including: HTML5 Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus and normal forms.
It is currently separated into a Core API  and a jQuery upload queue widget this enables you to either use it out of the box or write your own custom implementation. This compression will definitely increase the speed of your images and the time of loading.
They tell us how to create a file uploader using HTML5 drag and drop, along with the file reader API and some PHP.
HTML5 websites are gaining much interest among web developers these days so creating new functional websites is important to have an edge over the competition. Dribbble and deviantart are such sites which let you upload your design elements to their websites where others can easily download it. Some scripts to be precise will let you drag and drop files from desktop to the website drop section of the script you have included.
Fine Uploader aims to make file-uploading on the web possible in every browser and mobile device. It was inspired by uploadify but its functionality and concept is different. jQuery fileuploader uses html5 api which support ajax upload and drag and drop, and fallback to iframe upload for legacy browsers. Many professional databases work by simply storing a reference to the file in the database along with any metadata such as the text from the file that you may want to search.
Usually these are people who are database specialists but don’t know anything else about systems design so they go with what they know.
Other features include: upload progress, image resizing, multiple file uploads,  and chunked uploads. One can also add in audios, videos, various fonts, web graphics, drag and drop, animations to make your pages more colorful and informative. A similar online HTML5 video maker tool has been launched to increase the use of video for different websites. Uploading files to website manually via Ftp is not simple, that is why jQuery Ajax implementation in HTML became important. The upload will start instantly when you drop the files on to the addon widget in some scripts. Uses are varied like say, to upload new images to the gallery, upload form data for guest posting or resume etc. The feedback about uploading files are given through it’s well designed user interface.

A upload plugin to rule them all and this is the plugin you are looking for, if you are into filehosting service.
I cannot think of a good legitimate reason to store original files in a database, from performance and maintainability perspectives it is a very bad idea to do this. It is simply a renewed and much better version of the XHML1 or HTML4 and is also compatible to those versions. This is done by holding down the SPACE bar and then dragging it horizontally with the cursor.
Ajax will load all the scripts asynchronously in the background to make client side interaction without any page reloads. Just add the script code  into the HTML page and you will see a beautiful a addon letting users to select files for upload. Others will let you choose specific files to upload and click submit button to start upload  as many love this. The form data is saved to the database so a database is a must for this jQuery Ajax script.
You can investigate by visiting the webpage, then click X-ray book mark and then your desired element. The upload status with progress bar are shown nicely when a file or multiple files are being uploaded to the server. Building premium websites require premium scripts so dont hesitate to the buy the script which will be completely unique. Automation plays well on various mobile or smart phones because it is based totally on HTML5 with no flash used. If you are unaware of where ajax is being used then examples are Facebook, Google, youtube etc. We have included free html5 jquery file upload scripts as well so don’t worry if you are simply interested in adding a upload form for your own website. Check the example screenshots on how the whole uploading works as i have checked it myself. The font testing tool is really good when you want to see web pages with a new font keeping.

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