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Oberto included the Lightwell B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator in their upgrade project.
As a result they dramatically reduced time spent on business process development, improved visibility and streamlined the set-up and management of trading partners.
In addition, the B2B Framework enabled greater efficiency in the management of all B2B documents. TheMP511 pleases the eye with its stunning visual medley: a housing that mixes a glossy midnight black sheen and richly textured leather. TheMP511 delivers great viewing with excellent specifications and a bevy of advanced technologies to ensure the best possible picture quality.
TheMP511's lamp provides a clear, vivid image even in environments such as the typical classroom where it's impractical to block out extraneous light.
The high 2000:1 contrast ratio means fine details and subtle color differences are rendered vividly even in darkly lit scenes. Texas Instruments advanced on-chip BrilliantColora„? technology boosts mid-tone colors, increasing overall brightness and producing a more vibrant picture.
3D color management lets users fine-tune the hue, saturation, and gain of primary colors to achieve the exact picture quality desired. Wall color correction provides automatic optimization for different surfaces, such as a classroom blackboard, that might be used to display content instead of a regular projector screen. TheMP511 takes the hassle out of maintenance and security, while including features that ensure reliable long-term operation. With an access door on the top of the housing, theMP511 makes it easy to replace the lamp. Changing the lamp, simple as it is, will be a rare task on theMP511, thanks to a long-lasting lamp that provides 4,000 hours of usea€”typically meaning many months pass before replacement is needed. To secure theMP511, the keypad can be easily removed, making it impossible to operate the projector. An automatic power-down function when the projector is not in use extends the life of the lamp. An on-screen timer helps users run presentations more smoothly, while keeping the audiencea€™s attention focused on the show and not their watches. To let you know when the projector has warmed up and is ready for use, or when it has cooled down after use, a handy alert tone is available, so you dona€™t have to inspect indicators visually.
This feature automatically detects when a video source is connected, for plug-and-play simplicity that will get you up and running with a presentation without hassles.
Locking down the keypad puts an end to the embarrassment and disruption of accidentally pressing a control button and activating the associated function during a presentation.
For greater user convenience and to simplify the use of a motorized screen with theMP511, a 12V trigger is integrated so you can operate the screen directly from the projector.

For the rare occasions when a user wants help with a feature, there is an on-screen FAQ that will answer most questionsa€”avoiding the need to dig out and search through a printed manual.
11 application modes A wide range of application modes provides instant access to optimized presets for specific usage scenarios. There was a period of time in the 90s when it was lucrative to sell technology to big companies. That’s all gone now, there’s little to replace it, and such times have been rare in the long run of IT industry history. Success can be demonstrated, and perceived risk can be defused, locally and quickly: the buyer can do a small implementation and show the benefits.
Understanding whether an opportunity will scale or is bounded to one or two sectors is obviously a key investment insight. Business partners often use e-mail to batch and send multiple B2B MIME attachments in a single message, but B2B gateways cannot consume these types of messages.
These AS protocols define a set of processing rules and message headers that are used over standard messaging protocols to support B2B transactions. Message Disposition Notifications (MDNs) are message responses generated by a receiving partner to notify the sending partner of message receipt and processing status.
Partner routing is based on the B2B gateway parsing of Partner Business IDs (sender and receiver) from the EDI payload. The DataPower XB60 can support this scenario by using a multi-protocol gateway to detach the e-mail MIME attachments and forward them to the B2B gateway as single EDI messages over HTTP. The multi-protocol gateway component can handle MIME attachment processing, and together with the B2B gateway, can support B2B e-mail messages with attachments. The standard protocol for sending e-mail messages is called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).An administrators can add a Front-Side Protocol Handler (FSPH) to a gateway to enable it to receive messages from different protocols or ports. The new e-mail FSPH is called a POP Poller FSPH, and the name of the new AS1 FSPH is AS1 Poller FSPH. Figure 4.Define a Processing Policy named convert-mp and a new Processing Rule assigned to the policy for converting the e-mail header of multiple parts to the DataPower format. Figure 14.A Results action that posts individual B2B documents part-by-part to the B2B gateway. Apply the following basic settings to the multi-protocol gateway and complete the gateway configurations.
Figure 24.Sample log output with loglevel in debug modeThe appliance log shows how the messages are processed by the gateways. The first time you sign in to developerWorks, a profile is created for you, so you need to choose a display name.
Keep up with the best and latest technical info to help you tackle your development challenges.

Tackling an EDI with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator (formerly Sterling Integrator or SI, and Gentran Integration Suite or GIS) project can be an intimidating task and should not be something you trust with just any vendor. Implementing EDI with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator requires a deep and wide level of experience with various EDI data structures, languages and mappings. Businesses looking to simplify their order and fulfillment operations or companies considering our hosted EDI solution will see huge benefits by integrating EDI with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. Let Focused E-Commerce help your business realize the important operational and fulfillment gains that EDI with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator can bring.
Focused E-Commerce is also experienced with many other ERP solutions such as Oracle Applications, SAP and Infor’s Visual Manufacturing. Part of the corporate mission statement at Focused E-Commerce is to lower your implementation costs by 65% and provide an ROI of 18 months or less on any project. Johnson Chiang is a Staff Software Engineer on the WebSphere DataPower Appliance development team. Adding to the sleek sophistication is the brushed metal keypad and its stylish geometric layout.
Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons. Focused E-Commerce provides EDI with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and EDI with IBM Sterling services to Fortune 100 and Fortune Global 5 companies. EDI with IBM Sterling Commerce products provides a flexible, scalable solution that brings your business partners together to create a concise operations flow. Rest assured that their consulting team is made up of seasoned veterans with years of field experience. They take pride in having consultants that are very knowledgeable not only in EDI with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator but the foundation of EDI integration in a global business environment. When you have theMP511 in the classroom, great viewing can be found not only on whata€™s on-screen but when you behold the projector itself. We understand the challenges of EDI integration, but also understand the astounding benefits it can bring to your operational and financial bottom line. Focused E-Commerce is the preferred vendor for many types of managed EDI and hosted services. They have a vast array of knowledge and experience using EDI with IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and EDI with IBM Sterling products in many hosted projects. You can modify this solution as needed for different attachment types, protocols, port numbers, B2B processing policies, and internal application destination routing.

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