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Ninety-one percent of email users have unsubscribed from a company email that they had previously opted into. When using a blog to improve search ranking, there are two particularly important factors at play: how your visitors respond to your content and how Google’s algorithms interact with it.
Sometimes this term refers to content that recurs as a normal consequence of certain technical circumstances.
The issue of how, why, and to what degree Google penalizes sites that duplicate content is somewhat complex. Maintaining a healthy flow of unique content is a matter of who is responsible for creating it. The Dental Marketing Solutions team is here to help you build a truly reputable and valuable online presence for your practice. Eighty percent of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. Sixty percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site. Ninety percent of consumers find custom content useful, and 78 percent believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them. More than 90 percent of CMOs think custom content has a positive effect on audience attitudes, strengthening the bond with consumers.
Seventy-eight percent of chief marketing officers think custom media represents the future of marketing. According to 37 percent of marketing managers, the most important channel for engaging customers is content-led websites.
Seventy percent of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.
Sixty-eight percent are likely to spend time reading content from a brand they are interested in. Sixty percent are more likely to be on the lookout for products when looking at content marketing. Thirty-seven percent of marketers say blogs are the most valuable content type for marketing.
After 36 months, content marketing has generated 31 leads per $1,000 spent, more than three times as many as than the nine leads for paid search.
Because of this, a common issue is knowing what Google does and does not penalize in terms of site and content practices. A common example is printer-friendly versions of blog posts, which are essentially duplicate pages.
Technically, Google’s algorithms themselves may not directly punish you for repetitive information unless it is packed with keywords and “spammy” language. Some of our clients write their own content, while others depend on our professional writing team. Stop to take down notes furiously in every meeting and stop in mid-conversation to refer to the notebook before continuing with whatever you have to say.
It means more and more marketers are allocating their budgets toward content, and there is no sign of its slowing down.

Statistics show that content marketing costs 62 percent less per lead than outbound marketing.
These instances have a number of workarounds that Google recommends in order to make sure search users end up at the pages you want them to.
However, if your marketing team is providing you with duplicate content, your site will almost certainly suffer in organic search results by nature of the fact that your site isn’t contributing unique information to the web! In either case, it all comes down to one question: is the duplication of the same old content really the best way to spend your marketing budget? On the other hand, many forms of content duplication are more deliberate and sometimes manipulative. If you want your site to be rewarded by Google with a favourable search ranking, you’ll need to develop a truly individual and valuable voice.
Relying on the right marketing team will make all the difference in improving originality and search visibility. Hence, you must always walk as if you are in a hurry to get somewhere important as if you not getting there in time will cause a lot of people despair, since all of them are just waiting for you to begin whatever it is they are planning to do.Walk in a hurry when you enter a meeting room, walk out of a meeting in a hurry, walk to lunch in a hurry. Walking too fast may lead to people misunderstand that you need to visit the restroom, so get the speed right.3. Peep in and mention to the people in the room that you need to have the room in sometime for an important client meeting. This will show people that not only do you have important meetings but you also take the pains to prepare for them despite your busy work schedule.
This works especially well in a boring meeting that is dragging on and on where most people have dozed off. If you ask a question, then people will be impressed and immediately make the assumption that you have been listening all along.
Message in a bottleAll your messaging to people must be around the fact that you have a busy life. If you use a chat messenger at work example: Yahoo or Gmail, then make sure that the status is always maintained as busy. Please don’t keep updating Facebook status or respond to comments on Facebook immediately either. Go try them out!Note: The writer of this article has not used any of the techniques mentioned above as he has been too busy recently to try any new techniques.
They provide their clients with a complete site solution from beginning to end, from site planning and information architecture to web design, web hosting, and SEO. They don’t want to track down specialists for each component of their website project. If you can offer both site-building and content-writing expertise, you too can appeal to the one-stop shoppers.Benefits of Providing Web Content Writing ServicesIn addition to landing more clients, adding professional content-writing services brings many other benefits.
If you can maintain client relationships by updating or adding new content on their site, they are more likely to call you when their site needs a redesign.Adding Content-writing Services to Your Web Design CompanySo how do you incorporate content-writing into your web design company? Obviously, you need to vet the content-writing company thoroughly and make sure they are capable and reliable.The greatest advantage of referrals is that they create new revenue streams. With just a phone call or email, you can set clients up with your recommended company and receive a referral fee.

You will still help each other by generating more business.Hire Freelance Web Content WritersAnother approach is to post an ad on job boards like Authentic Jobs, Smashing Jobs, etc.
In this scenario, you manage the writers directly.The biggest advantage of this approach is its low cost. Your content-writing services will be limited by the ability and availability of your freelance content writer.
Not all freelancers are versatile, or experts in usability, SEO, or conversion tactics.You also run the risk of the freelancer not delivering.
If the freelancer fails to deliver on time or delivers poor quality web content, then you are responsible and your professional reputation will be at stake. If a writer has a particular area of industry expertise or subject knowledge, the content-writing company can assign him or her to clients who will benefit from this expertise.Many professional content-writing companies also have the advantage of additional copy review. Also, it may be difficult to get adequate attention if your project is small and the web content-writing company has bigger projects on the go.Employ In-house Web Content WritersYour most integrated solution is to employ a part-time or full-time content strategist. As an employer, you have direct control over your employee’s project priorities and performance.
You will have to manage payroll deductions, vacation pay, medical plans, insurance and performance appraisals.Finally, it can be very challenging to find talented, reliable content writers. However, we have rarely had success with any outsourced content providers for STRATEGIC copy.
We usually get in-house writers for that.robert p May 16 2011I think copywriters are a dime a dozen and unfortunately don’t understand the complex parts of communicating nline. We often get called in to write content (due to the clients’ lack of delivery) at the 3- to 6-month month mark (or later). I feel for designers because you take care of a lengthy list of deliverables, and then have to sit on a semi-completed project for months.
Everyone has their perception of how things should be done, not to mention office politics. However, if you can’t afford a professional copywriter, consider getting an editor to comb over all your content.
We get writers applying for positions pretty well weekly, and over the years I’ve found that even seasoned journalists who excel in their field often can’t write good web content. There are probably as many hobbyists in copywriting willing to work for a buck or two an hour (or for free) as there are in design. Fortunately, Google’s recent algorithm update, Panda, is clearing away a lot of the spammy, rehashed content churned out by amateurs daily for $4 an article, or less. As Google’s getting smarter, the demand for good content is increasing, which is great news because people will not have to wade through as much trash on the Web.The same goes for your comment on copywriters not understanding the complex parts of communicating online. Our copywriters have helped clients in many industries — from junk removal to medial diagnostics — define goals, objectives, audiences, calls to action, etc. We recently helped a telecom enterprise streamline 400-plus pages of conflicting info on three sites down to a slick 80-page website, and boosted a promotion company’s conversions by almost 400% with a single landing page rewrite.

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