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How does an organization make sense out of all the different IT assets and components it has, in terms of assessing their effectiveness? One of the best methods for assessing if a system is useful is by asking the people that use the system each day. By examining the business processes that use the system, an assessment can be made whether the processes have improved since implementation and use of the system. This assessment involves determining if a system has the appropriate controls in place to support the process or program that the system supports. Management can calculate the cost of the system and the benefit gained through use of the system.

The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? User surveys can ask users how the system is performing and to solicit suggestions for system improvement.
This can be accomplished by measuring items such as cycle time and defects and comparing these measures against baseline metrics for the process (before the system was implemented). On a project The Kerr Company found that some elements of a system did not have safeguards in place to ensure the adequate control of important documents that could be abused by individuals for financial gain. On a project, The Kerr Company assessed existing reports in a system and determined that three (3) key reports (that had been used for months by management to make decisions) were in fact incorrect.

The Kerr Company made recommendations on how the system’s internal controls could be enhanced to ensure the appropriate control of these documents.
I want you to help me by giving me some information about the document containing information about the Department Of Defence Information Technology Enterprise Strategy And Roadmap. The Kerr Company identified the reports that were incorrect and illustrated why the data was inconsistent with what should have been the same data on other reports.

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