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Since its construction in 1970, the Angelena II had been powered by two 350-horsepower diesel engines that, as of September 2011, no longer met California emissions requirements. Purchased by the Port in 1988, the 73-foot Angelena II is used to highlight the capabilities of the Port facilities with customers, constituents, public leaders, foreign dignitaries, media and stakeholders. The Angelena II plays an important role in educating elected officials and federal and state government personnel about the role of ports and the need to provide funding for projects such as dredging, security, transportation infrastructure and terminal expansion. The Port of Los Angeles is America’s premier port and has a strong commitment to developing innovative strategic and sustainable operations that benefit the economy as well as the quality of life for the region and the nation it serves.
Posted on February 6, 2012 with tags Americas, Angeles, Develops, innovative, Los, News, operations, port, strategic, sustainable, USA. An integrated approach to managing coastal erosion will be developed by New Plymouth District Council.
A new code of practice for surface water management for development sites has been published. Then, why did they have to point out not once, but twice about innovation in their full page ad on the back page of Section A in the Wall Street Journal? What is the most innovative new product or service your company has created in the last 5 years? Do you feel that Microsoft and Nokia can out innovate Googlea€™s Android platform and Applea€™s iPhone platform? Commitment to Innovation helps retain your top performers, attract new talent, and develop future business leaders. What is driving the new “go to market strategy” and what are the expectations from the corporate view?
What marketing vehicles have been explored to assure success…direct mail, solicitation, co-marketed with other products, etc.? Are there plans to test market this strategy using a controlled study with market segment variables, such as income, geodemographics, age, penetration by competition, pricing, etc.? To what extent has market sizing studies been performed and corresponding budgets developed? Status-Quo: here the leaders are wired for keeping things as is and not rocking the boat too much.
In our experience, leaders cannot afford to only use one mindset; they must use all the three above really well.
Help your organization with Leadership development programs a€“ critical ingredient for innovation and growth. Any above average charismatic leader in a short span makes an impact and convinces the top line management to believe in his convictions.
In case the leader quits the organization, the entire team crumbles and suffers from a confidence crisis. Thus every leadership development training program should make leaders out of ordinary employees based on their loyalty, potential and dedication. Leadership development programs from The DeSai Group, are targeted towards building pipeline of leaders from within by developing existing employees.
The DeSai Group engages with clients to build leaders that can drive performance but also innovation. The DeSai Group’s leadership programs are highly constructed with balance of science and art.
Innovative Funding Partners’ team of experts has decades of experience ranging from serving as principal investigators or project managers on grants to serving on grant review boards to consulting on all aspects of grant development.
Whether a not-for-profit is experienced with federal, state, or foundation funding or not, there is great opportunity to expand revenue, increase innovation, enhance training, and support community outreach through a variety of federal, state, and foundation opportunities.

The important question to consider is not if your not-for-profit should submit grants—it unequivocally should—but if you should do it alone?  Training for your staff will greatly improve the grant development process and increase constructive collaboration. In response to the grant application process being increasingly challenging and time consuming, many successful not-for-profits bring in experts to provide technical assistance with some or all aspects of the process from concept to submission.  However, what they often fail to consider is enhanced training for their own staff to better prepare them for grant development.
Georgetown University: CEO training on grant development best practices and evidence-based outcomes. MedStar Health (MedStar Health Research Institute): Multiday training on research writing, grant development, to effective collaboration, including intensive one-on-one grant coaching. ProMedica Health: Grant readiness assessment and all day training on creating a culture of innovation and extramural funding.
Texas Hospital Association: Grant readiness assessment followed by comprehensive, multiday training and grant development coaching for key staff.
Mission Health System: All day retreat on research innovation and funding strategies for nursing and community health staff. Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health: Comprehensive grant readiness assessment, training, evaluation, and grant writing. Morgan State University: All day training for the school of public health on community prevention program best practices, outcome based programming, and grant development. Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta County Prevention Coalition: Multiday training on developing strategic priorities as well as designing, implementing, and evaluation successful community prevention programs. Coast Guard to install a hybrid propulsion system on its 42-year-old harbor tour boat, the Angelena II. While the Port is spending approximately $200,000 for the cost to replace the existing diesel engines (required by the Coast Guard, for back-up power), the Port applied for and received an approximately $500,000 U.S. The Port provides several hundred tours annually on the Angelena II, which takes a maximum of 40 guests for 60- to 90-minute tours that highlight the value of the Port.
This education has assisted the Port in receiving millions of dollars in funding for the development and security of Port infrastructure. As the leading seaport in North America in terms of shipping container volume and cargo value, the Port supports more than 830,000 regional jobs and $35 billion in annual wages and tax revenues. Distribute the list with answers to your colleagues in your area and outsides your area and in other business units. Depending on number of participants, set up working group (round) tables by assigning equal number of participants per table.
In the last Beyond Gravity #1 we looked at innovation examples related to design, a book, a Harvard Conference I went to, and much more.
They are customer driven to find solutions to the unmet needs of the market or enhance current portfolio of products to make them better – constantly.
Leaders have demonstrated the required balance between growth and optimization, but are driven by speed to market. Leaders are taught to promote diversity, challenge status-quos, practice three-dimensional thinking, and identify emerging patterns for themselves and their subordinates that will propel innovation in the company. Only then, you can expect teams and individuals to embrace innovation as way of life in your company. In our experience working with Fortune clients since 1983, born leaders are mostly charismatic but they have a tendency to topple organizational values, principles and sometime ethics. The team assigned to the leader soon follows the diktats of the concerned leader and get used to her or his way of conduct. The situation becomes so worse that newer measures are often treated in comparison to the last leader. Leadership programs should focus within the parameters laid by the organization so that never the will of the leader challenges the authority of the organization.

While not all funds are directed specifically towards not-for-profits, there is increased emphasis on health care, health, and social determinants of quality of life. Upon completion later this spring, the Angelena II will be the first harbor craft of its kind retrofitted with a hybrid propulsion system that will reduce emissions and fuel usage by more than 95 percent. Department of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant to upgrade the vessel power system to cleaner technology.
Kalpana Kochar, Chief Economist of World Bank, recently said South Asia alone needs a million new jobs per month to keep up with economic growth (The Hindu, September 24, 2011). Assign a question to each table and have them generate ideas using various idea generation Innovation Tools.
Worth having a copy if you are serious about facilitating workshops on creativity and team synergy.
While 600 cities will continue to account for the same share of global GDP in 2025, this group of 600 will have a very different membership. Failures, misappropriations and disapprovals in such circumstances affect the nerve of the organization heavily because of over reliance on the leader.
Such systematic leadership creates a deep respect for the organization and not the leader only. We believe that best leaders are those who are pushed beyond their current capacity, it is only then the person can tap into the undiscovered capability and the reservoir of potential within. The psychological effect of a leader will be minimized and a leader would lead simply because he is not better than others but by the fact that he has tested leadership skill acknowledged by colleagues and employees.
Installation and repair work is being done by city workers, including electricians, carpenters and others. In the short run they can be unprecedented but for a sustained long term growth such charismatic leaders can be detrimental. These types of leaders should be taught to stretch their thinking beyond their comfort zone and assure never to endanger the will of the organization at large. Organizations must demand leaders to go beyond just the left-brain metrics of performance to whole-brain approach for strategic growth and value creation. Once completed, have each table pick Top 3 ideas and post them on a Top Ideas list at the front of the room.
The flip side of such methods of leadership is clear devaluation of potential of the large work force. In fact all successful organizations of today in any format of business create organizational leadership over personal leadership. Rather the leadership development workshops would stabilize the vision of the organization through proto organizations in the form of leaders. It is imperative to build leaders that can out-perform but also out-compete in the turbulent markets. In such a climate, companies experience very high flight-risk; employees are more likely to depart for better opportunities.
Such leadership tendencies are hierarchical and in most cases create a rift of ideology between large sets of people. That is, true leaders walk the talk everyday.They should be the ideal role models for leadership for everyone.

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