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Today, Western Digital is introducing the latest addition to their WDTV lineup, the new WD TV Live Streaming Media Player. The new premium service making an appearance in the WD TV Live (as well as the Hub) is Spotify. Priced at $99.99, this unit seems to cover all the media streaming aspects missed by the Roku 2 XS.
How will it organize my library on MY network, and how easy is it for other people to get on and access my files.
Also, I repurposed a Bluray drive from another system, and am using a GT 430 for lossless audio and video playback of Bluray discs. With better codec compatibility and a more stable platform compared to other vendors, the WDTV lineup caught the imagination of the consumers.
Its roots (in terms of both hardware and firmware) seem to lie in the WDTV Live Hub which received praise from us last year.

As the PR reproduced below shows, the unit offers the full Spotify experience including account management and the social features (such as sending songs to your friend's inbox). It probably doesn't have the fan following of the Roku or the developer support that Roku provides.
Over the last few years (coinciding with the rise of Netflix), US consumers have tended to prefer over the top streaming solutions. The industrial design has been updated, and the main hardware addition seems to be the integrated wireless network capability.
Also, Western Digital PR claims that the new WD TV Live (as well as the WDTV Live Hub) supports 1080p video along with Dolby Digital Plus audio for selected Netflix titles.
In addition to YouTube, the new media player (as well as the WDTV Live Hub) gains access to DailyMotion, a service quite popular in Europe.
Recognizing this trend, Western Digital has been strengthening their media streamers portfolio with the appropriate features.

The last few firmware releases for the WDTV Live Hub have also brought some simple games like Sudoku and Texas Hold'Em.
However, for the general consumer, Western Digital seems to have lined up a winner at a sweet price point (they could have chosen a better name, considering that the WD TV Live was the name given to the second generation player in the WDTV family).
I have two young children at home who would love to destroy discs if given the opportunity.

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