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With AXIS’ Project Management behind the wheel, you know exactly where you‘re going — and have time to enjoy the view. First, we consider everything required for your project — operations, technical, business — and then we work with you to plan for discovery. This is when we join forces with your IT professionals and deploy your application within our secure production environment. At AXIS our program execution is truly integrated with our IT services to provide you with optimum flexibility, scalability, measurability and efficiency. Whether your needs are daily fulfillment or a one-time large scale distribution, AXIS has a solution to fit for distribution of POS materials, sampling, products, rebate offers, etc., according to your needs. AXIS has been providing superior direct mail marketing services to our customers since the company’s start. AXIS collates all document types and materials using both manual and automatic machine collation. AXIS can accommodate your varied needs and help you maximize the value of your printed materials by adding relevant, personalized content while eliminating storage and obsolescence costs.
Whether your focus is on retail cross-promotion, support for a new product launch or fulfillment of an online offer, AXIS has a sampling solution to effectively market your product or service and drive conversions.
Our data management, printing, lettershop, and distribution experience guarantee that, whether your project volume is 100 or 10,000 pieces, AXIS is positioned to execute your direct mail project on time and on budget.
As a data-driven organization, AXIS understands the importance of measurement, tracking and reporting in any marketing campaign. AXIS offers flexible, custom reports to meet the needs of our customers’ requirements on specific program performance metrics.
AXIS uses the latest in hardware, software and technology to deliver optimized, accurate in-house data entry processes. Our team designs and develops scalable, custom solutions based on each project’s requirements in order to capture critical pieces of information with effective quality control. Our unbiased selection process and expert analysis ensures that you will receive a budget-conscious system that meets functionality requirements and encourages end-user uptake. Whether you’re new to CRM or converting, we’ll work closely with you to identify your unique requirements and design a tailored CRM solution. Whether you’re creating a mail file, a sales lead generation list, merging prospect files with customer information or developing a marketing database, the ability to accurately identify and link records that exhibit sufficient similarity is key to a successful marketing program – B2B and B2C.
AXIS applies business and technical services to support major corporations in the profiling, cleansing, matching and consolidation of disparate customer and prospect data sources.
At the core of our web, database and custom applications is our Data Management and Hygiene department. This demonstrates a real-life customer example of an 8.5% reduction in direct mail disbursement costs by way of utilizing AXIS’ data cleansing and matching services. To consolidate various customer information data sources into a holistic view is not a trivial exercise; experience counts.
Cleansing and matching is our primary focus and a core competency—there is no learning curve when AXIS is engaged. AXIS ensures that the database design puts you in control of all query, analysis and reporting. AXIS will work with your IT team to make sure your program, whether it be a customer-centric database, branded website, or web-enabled application - is successfully deployed and hosted on our secure in-house server network. AXIS offers a full array of hosted systems administration services to manage our customers’ systems on an ongoing basis. AXIS follows the privacy recommendations as set-out by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), the Federal privacy laws (the Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and any applicable Provincial Statutes enacted as of January 1, 2004. AXIS is a proud partner of Tableau Software, a business intelligence and analytics tool that stands out from its peers in pioneering the user-friendly interface that allows non-experts to access and create dashboards without formal training. Tableau’s philosophy revolves around the visual thinker, and Desktop’s capabilities reflect that belief. Tableau Software provides a new approach to business intelligence that can produce analysis and insights from data at a high rate of speed. As an integrated marketing and technology leader, the websites and databases AXIS creates are designed to support marketing strategies such as direct mail initiatives, electronic IVR setup, external query and reporting applications, contest management, fulfillment and contact management.
The websites we develop include branded websites, micro-sites and websites containing multiple web portals. When AXIS develops a website, we assign company resources to make sure program elements are delivered in a timely manner, on budget and according to specifications.
Once we document your website requirements, AXIS typically relies on your agency to create the look and feel of the website and provide us with the creative wrapper. Once AXIS receives the creative elements, the program moves to our team of website and application development specialists. AXIS leverages our advanced web development skills to provide custom applications that link to our customers’ consumer-centric databases. We begin with a process of discovery to ensure all of our customer’s user requirements are captured during business and technical planning sessions. Our multi-faceted approach to social media also helps to ensure your brand makes waves online. At AXIS, our team works with you or your creative agency to execute seamless campaigns that integrate your needs with our complete service offering. Whether it's driving traffic to your site to create new customers, or marketing to your current customer base to garner a bigger share of their wallet, AXIS creates the right solutions to drive more interaction — and generate revenue. Leveraging our experience with direct mail, coupon and loyalty programs, AXIS can help you migrate your marketing into the digital now. Personal Prompt™ is a proprietary communications engine developed by AXIS that provides intelligent, effective 2-way consumer communications. AXIS has proven experience and success meeting the outsourcing objectives of our mid- to large- tier customers across multiple industries.
We have developed a proprietary email engine that includes variable targeted messaging logic. The AXIS email engine has been successfully deployed in numerous applications, including consumer loyalty campaigns for a top-tier CPG brand where, in one campaign, email triggers were based on consumer purchase behaviour, and in the other, email triggers were based on time lapsed between multiple treatment and reward types in a consumer beauty rewards program. AXIS is a proud partner of Act-On, a marketing automation tool that tracks customers even before you know their name. Only 3 % of B2B companies are currently using marketing automation, and Act-On is a great way to get ahead of the competition.
With the version of SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management for SAP solutions, you can maximize the value of your organization's investment in SAP solutions. Our strategic intent is to help people find better ways to do great work — by constantly leading in document technologies, products and services that improve our customers' work processes and business results.

Zoho CRM is their flagship service and has won many awards such as the 2012 CRM Magazine Market Leader Award. With over 10 million users worldwide, Zoho's 25+ products aid your sales and marketing, support and collaboration, finance and recruitment needs - letting you focus only on your business. Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. If we maintain a Master File on behalf of a Client for the specific purpose of renting or trading names we do so only on direct instruction from the Client or a list manager who the Client has designated as their representative. Where we process Client data, we may retain Client data on our system for up to three weeks and include this data in our regular backup procedures. Where we host Client databases, we provide daily back up of the data, processing back up files each evening at close of business. We encourage all our Clients to respect the code of ethics drafted by the CMA with particular emphasis on requests from people who indicate that they do not want to receive unsolicited mail. Maintain, in-house, a list of people who have asked you that their names not be traded or rented to other organizations.
Clients should not want to mail to people who will not respond and who may contact you or the CMA. AXIS adheres to the 10 Privacy Principals inherent in the both Federal and Provincial privacy legislation which takes effect as of January 1, 2004.
Accountability – Every business is responsible for personal information under its control and is required to designate a "Privacy Officer" who is accountable for compliance with Federal and Provincial Privacy Legislation. Identifying Purpose – Each time a request is made for "Personal Information" the purpose(s) for which the information will be used must be clearly identified. Limiting Collection – Personal information collected under the prevailing Privacy Legislation will only be used for the original purpose(s) identified at the time it was collected. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention – Personal information collected will never be used or disclosed for anything other than that for which the customer consented.
Accuracy – AXIS strives to ensure that personal information managed on behalf of its Clients is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible. Safeguards – AXIS provides industry standard data safeguards for all personal information entrusted to our management. Openness – Through our Privacy Officer, information specific to our policies and practices concerning the management of customer information is accessible. Individual Access – With Client consent, Client customers can contact the AXIS Privacy Officer directly about existence, use and disclosure of their Personal Information stored on-site.
Challenging Compliance – Should a Clients customer have concerns about their Personal Information managed by AXIS as detailed in the above Principals, they can present their concerns regarding their Personal Information to the AXIS Privacy Officer and expect to have their concerns dealt with in an expedient manner including access the personal information, have it amended if required or have the personal information deleted from future marketing programs.
The foundation of our expertise is a science of engagement that directs each project and makes sure yours is a success. We know results are a product of clear thinking and we  collaborate to create a Statement of Work (SOW) that will provide a detailed definition of the project scope and the work to be performed. Together, we tune software components and process logic to ensure optimum performance.  We also consider  future uses and scalability needs. While we are working with you in development and deployment, your business and technical customer staff are trained and mentored on the software tools and database applications. Our best-in-class data management software enhances data integrity with address correction, verification, and systematic record de-duplication to ensure high success rates. When the shipment is ready, we use our integrated shipping tools for deployment within Canada, the US and around the world.
Our personal approach and comprehensive lettershop and collation solutions will maximize your investment for any size of direct mailing campaign. A properly-collated package makes a professional first impression on the addressee about your company’s product or service. Because printing is only executed as needed, inventory and material cost efficiencies are gained.
Not only can we assume responsibility for all essential contest management services, we can ensure regulatory compliance, handle all types of entries, and help maximize ROI by capturing all relevant consumer information.
Measurement helps you to monitor your progress towards your goals, tracking allows you to assess your progress in order to continually improve, and reporting provides a mechanism to communicate with program stakeholders.
AXIS also has experience in working with existing data analytics products, such as Tableau Software to build reports.
Our data entry team are trained on your specific requirements and are experienced in manual data entry, which is often combined with online, automated data capture.
AXIS clients receive tenured resources, a proven framework and methodology and the gold standard in business intelligence software: SAP Business Objects DSXI™. This team focuses exclusively on converting, parsing, standardizing, verifying, correcting and matching consumer and business information to create a complete view of the consumer.
Whether we isolate issues of over or under-matching, balance word and pattern table entries to maximize corrections while minimizing cascading anomalies, or handle addressing challenges for SERP (Canada Post Corporation), the result is a consumer-centric database that performs and is sustainable.
Through our data discovery exercise, baseline match exercise, and business requirements analysis we identify your data structures, and include your privacy policies as well as marketing campaign needs.
We deliver a detailed database schema that captures necessary data structures and table relationships (ERD) to ensure your data management requirements are met. We build in a full examination, design and automation of procedures required to conduct daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly updates of defined source system files. Our experts will help fine tune software and process logic to guarantee optimum performance and to anticipate future use and scaling requirements.
We have taken numerous measures to ensure the security and protection of our customers’ data.
Our internal network team is dedicated to ensuring our customers’ system and data is always protected. Recently, AXIS has passed rigorous information and physical security audits including those conducted by AMEX, Schering Plough and TELUS Communications. Tableau Desktop allows users to click on data and drag and drop it where you want it so that you can analyze exactly what you want. As a user’s thoughts and ideas change, it is easy to click through visuals to follow potential patterns. This quicker approach saves time, and allows users to combine data from multiple sources and input it as it comes in. We specialize in the development of dynamic pages which capture data in real-time and connect to an underlying database. Capturing dynamic data allows us to provide real time reports how you want them — on an automated or on-demand basis - for all database-related activities. All website development is directed by a holistic strategy we provide to our customers incorporating internet, extranet and intranet.

Our internal website designers will work with your creative rather than design the website.
Payments need to be processed, transactions need to flow properly, you need to know what data is necessary, what data to capture. We make e-commerce easy by doing all the work for you, and we can even take care of all of your fulfillment needs.
The scheduling of key milestones, including screen shots, database linkages to the application and UAT test plans, includes you in all major decisions. AXIS works with you to create a strategy that will take advantage of unique digital opportunities. We offer considerable expertise in managing calls which require specialized or personalized handling. Act-on is also built to play nicely with the systems you want to integrate with from CRM, CMS, form builds, etc. A leader in data quality software, SAP BusinessObjects offers you a solution that seamlessly integrates data quality directly into SAP applications -and helps your users ensure that only accurate information enters your systems.
Customers use Zoho Applications to run their business processes, manage their information and be more productive while at the office or on the go, without having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware or software. Shopify focuses on making commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products. This is a safeguard against incidents such as, a courier loosing the data we have shipped to a Client or data corruption on the transfer medium due to circumstances beyond our control.
This file comprises people who have contacted CMA with the request that they not receive unsolicited mail.
Offer your customers the opportunity to opt out of future communications within each executed program. AXIS recommends the use of a clear Disclosure Statement and method for acceptance or rejection of the purpose(s) in close proximity to the location where the customers' personal information is collected.
Note: AXIS will not recommend a Client use a customer's personal information for marketing initiatives not permitted under the terms of the original consent process. Note: AXIS deploys a robust external firewall to ensure our systems are adequately protected from unauthorized access.
An individual will be able to access the personal information, have it amended if required or have the personal information deleted from future marketing programs. We engage with key stakeholders in the project to create a technical design document that includes all process flows. Typically, our team expands at this point (depending on timelines and budget as established in the SOW) to provide additional production and quality assurance resources to develop the database application. You receive comprehensive documentation detailing the technical solution, and the architecture for the database application (including technical specifications.) Time for you to get behind the wheel and drive — the highway to success is yours! Reports can be delivered offline on demand as needed, as part of a scheduled subscription, or in real-time via an online reporting portal. Then we form your internal AXIS IT team to lay out a best-practices approach for customer data capture, structure and management. We design a secure and intelligent SQL database that employs our methodology to deliver on time, on budget, and meet all your needs. Unless we have an explicit instruction to do so, we do not rent, trade or otherwise provide Client data files ("electronic" or "printed" format) to any other client nor to any third party individual, company or organization.
This makes connecting to data much simpler for users, who can create dashboards in just a few moments. There is no complicated struggle to create complex wizards or build dashboards from the ground up: it’s done automatically. Upon approval of the process flow, the Project Manager will establish a full set of Business Rules which will govern the development of the website and its underlying database.
If your outsourcing goal is to retain customers, increase revenue, reduce service costs or develop new markets, we have solutions that can help you at each phase of your customer engagement cycle. You can then build powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests and behaviours on your website.
An ESP will send an email and tell you how many people opened and clicked through the link.
In addition, by offering implementation from a single point of configuration, the software reduces total cost of ownership. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce costs with the right answers, right now. You can then build powerful automation rules to send them dynamic content or targeted emails based on their interests.
Merchants use the Shopify platform to manage every aspect of their business — from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go. Unless we have an explicit instruction to do so by the Client, we do not rent, trade or otherwise provide Client data file(s) in "electronic" or "printed" copy to any of our other clients nor to any third party - individual, company or organization. If a Client wishes us to maintain such a file for "List Rental" or "Trade" purposes it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that each of the contacts on the list has consented to be on the list for the purpose(s) intended as detailed in the Federal Act, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act covering the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. The CMA also maintains a "No Telemarketing" file and we also advise that telemarketers use it as a kill file. AXIS believes that exclusion of people who do not want to receive mail is both a matter of respect for privacy (and the law as of January 1, 2004) and good business practice. Let us take care of the headaches so you can do what you do best — fulfilling and growing your market. Maybe your perfect solution involves integrating social media mechanics into an existing campaign. On the other hand, marketing automation will send emails then track where contacts traveled through the website, score this behavior and automatically send follow-up emails based on activity. It also provides you with global data processing abilities and the flexibility to tailor customer-specific business rules.
Act-On is also built to play nicely with the systems you want to integrate with from CRM, CMS, form builds, etc. Let us know your requirements and we’ll perform the analysis for you, providing you with an expert recommendation. Just as important, marketing automation can notify salespeople of a leads behavior and interests, so they have the knowledge to turn the lead into a sale.

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