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Our experienced consultants help clients design and implement well-integrated marketing and interactive strategies aligned with corporate objectives. We help clients develop customer-centric offerings and shorten selling cycles by designing web strategies that supports their selling process.
The Partnership for Food Safety Education worked with contributing partner Kroger to create a week- by- week Food Safety Education Month outreach plan.  We thank every participating Kroger Co. Kroger’s 220 Southwest stores were excited to participate in National Food Safety Education Month Activities!

Fight BAC!® messages were integrated with selling strategies around products like hand soap and hand sanitizer. Kroger corporate provided all Southwest Kroger store merchandising teams with materials and tips in daily merchandising updates. Store managers coached their store teams on Fight BAC!® food safety practices so they were prepared to answer customer questions.
Customers were happy to learn something extra about food safety when they came in to do their shopping.

In addition, we consult with companies on how best to use the power of the Internet to support, enhance, and supplement their more traditional marketing strategies.

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