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Successful marketing is a key factor for any profitable business and eCommerce is no exception.
Driving traffic is all about getting people to a site using SEO, SEM and inbound marketing. The key to high conversion rates is a user experience that is catered to your target audience. If a customer trusted you enough to give you their money once, how do you keep them coming back? These four areas of interactive marketing help eCommerce sites create brand loyalty and increase revenue, leading to a more profitable business.
About UsHeadquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Briteskies is a full service IT solution company for website design, development, eCommerce projects and ERP integration. SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, has launched a new brand campaign promoting the joy of flying. Moving away from the idea of travel as being purely transactional, the campaign focuses on how the regional carrier creates enjoyable journeys. Titled ‘A Joy to Fly’, the campaign aims to emphasise on the benefits that SilkAir flights offer.
SilkAir is also holding an online contest where fans can either visit the website or scan the QR code located on ads to win tickets on SilkAir’s new Boeing planes.
Having established its personable and warm in-flight service in its previous campaign ‘Feel at Home in the Air’, SilkAir aims to further differentiate itself and cement its positioning as a full-service carrier. Prior to that it launched the “Explorers” campaign which focused largely on travellers seeking holidays in low profile Asian destinations such as Lombok in Indonesia or Danang in Vietnam. Additionally, a wireless inflight entertainment system that is currently on trial for the airline will be rolled out from the second quarter 2014, said SilkAir in a statement to the press. The Malaysian Media Awards 2013 has called for entries for its ninth annual awards in recognition of media campaigns that have del.. The milk formula company launched a new mobile phone app that takes parents and children out of the city.
Here's how the Royal Australian Navy used pyrotechnics and light projections on the Sydney Opera House for an eye-popping experien.. The cyclical nature of the ad business is on display after FCB re-enters the Hong Kong market just two years after closing its doo..
What is Customer Lifecycle Marketing?Learn about Customer Lifecycle Marketing and how it can create engaged relationships for your brand.
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Marketing is a huge part of any business, and most marketing plans have always used outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is going to involve search engine optimization and for a business who does not know how to do this on their own, they could pay a few thousand per month to a professional to complete this process for them.
Both types of marketing can be a costly investment and one which most successful businesses is going to have to make in order to stay on top and beat out competitors. SEO Director, Sunny Popali, who manages many inbound marketing campaigns for businesses, states that there are several things that a business will need to do in order to ensure their inbound marketing campaign works for them.

In order to make outbound marketing work, a person must know the current market and what type of media is working best. Though both techniques are widely used, outbound marketing has a huge downfall that many SEO experts have pointed out. On the other side of the marketing spectrum, inbound marketing can prove to be difficult for many businesses to navigate. With all that is known about inbound and outbound marketing, many companies are torn between what type of marketing they should use.
The best option for a person looking to use the most effective marketing technique is to take properties of each and combine them. We would love to hear your feedback and find out which marketing strategy (inbound or outbound) marketing strategy your company is utilizing and which seems to be working better for you. Interactive marketing, or marketing for online platforms, focuses on four components that help improve the user experience, conversion rate, amount of visits, and ultimately revenue of an eCommerce site, all of which help businesses succeed. While site views in general are important, it is beneficial to consider the origin of each visit as well. By providing an elegant user experience, whether through incentives to buy or implementing an efficient purchasing process, customers must feel that they can trust a site and relate to the experience, which is the core of interactive marketing.
Whether it’s suggesting complementary items, cross selling, up selling, merchandising, or keeping track of customer trends, increasing the AOV comes down to outlining and executing a strategy. Similarly to AOV, customer lifetime value is increased through strategy and creatively building on already established brand loyalty.
We are proud to be a Premier IBM Business Partner, a Magento Silver Solution Partner, and an Oracle Gold Partner. The ads were created in conjunction with SilkAir’s 25th anniversary and the delivery of the airline’s first Boeing 737-800 plane.
The  campaign, created by JWT, positioned itself as a service-oriented carrier for both business passengers and those on vacation. With the aim of celebrating the joy of flying, our new campaign is a reflection of the commitment and effort that goes into ensuring that every single detail – from the check-in process to entertainment and meals on-board – makes it a joy for customers to fly with SilkAir,” SilkAir’s vice president, commercial, Ryan Pua said. Outbound marketing refers to actually taking the time and effort to reach potential customers. The mostly highly used types of advertising that encompass this marketing campaign are with local publications that can cost a few hundred dollars per month to run.
In addition, many companies are using pay per click ads which could also cost a few hundred each week. Yet, they should always look at those old standby media types that have been used in marketing ventures since the start of time.
Research has shown that many people feel as though the outbound techniques are not working as well as they once did. Learning the new SEO methods can be rather hard to do, specifically because they are constantly changing.
Most businesses would rather use the marketing technique that is considered to be the best, yet when it comes to inbound or outbound marketing, that is something in which is hard to define. If you feel the best approach would be to utilize email marketing along with updating the website your company owns to include more SEO keywords, then this is the approach you should take.

Reward programs, email campaigns, members-only sales, and impactful (but not annoying) communication are all effective ways of building on customer loyalty.
Our talented team consists of certified developers in WebSphere Commerce, Magento, JD Edwards, and IBM i Application Specialists. The campaign runs in markets such as China, India, Indonesia and Singapore and is said to be on going with no time frame slated. The campaign presents a visual display of benefits such as baggage allowance, inflight meals, reliable flight schedule, the KrisFlyer frequent flyer programme and through check-in service.
A few examples of this type of marketing would be to send emails, make phone calls, advertise in newspapers and on the web.
The bottom line is that with outbound and inbound marketing, there are costs with outbound and inbound marketing. As most marketing experts will point out, half of the marketing techniques will work, yet it is impossible to guarantee which half is actually working the best. Getting too technical with your marketing campaign can lead to a whole age group being left out of the marketing strategy which can grossly affect sales. The reason for this is that more and more consumers are not reading those emails they are sent, or they are permanently moving the sender to the junk file of their email inbox. The good news is, there are professionals who deal with this sort of marketing and are available to hire for your project. In the end, you will find that through using a combination of these techniques, you can create a marketing campaign that is going to render results and ultimately increase your business. It also highlights SilkAir’s extensive network of destinations around the region, as well as the connectivity between Singapore Airlines and SilkAir that customers can enjoy.
Recently, many companies are looking at what they can do with the customer base they already have in order to increase their earning potential. The price only continues to rise for other forms of media such as television and magazines. It can make it difficult to really reach potential clients when no one takes the time to read what you have to offer. In order to fully understand each type of marketing technique, a person needs to examine the ins and outs of each type.
Although the cost of sending email is nominal, you must take into consideration your time when doing a cost analysis. Each click a company gets on their pay per click ad or the more visitors that frequent a website is proof of effective inbound marketing techniques.
The inbound marketing techniques are just new to the market and are being highly discussed for that reason. Conversely, the problem with outbound marketing is that you cannot pinpoint just how many newspaper readers actually looked at your advertisement, even if you know the number of subscribers to the paper.
For example, through using keywords that are common and reference your business, you can increase the chances of having people stumble upon your website, without really doing the leg work involved with outbound marketing.

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