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The Physical and Chemical Changes worksheets are from the MatchCard Science Chemistry Unit Study for grades 3 - 8. The MatchCard lists different changes which students identify as a chemical change or a physical change.
You can introduce the concept of physical and chemical changes with this simple kitchen activity: frying an egg.
An important point to emphasize is that the melted butter is made up of the same chemicals it was made up for before.
We can further illustrate the difference between physical and chemical changes as we make some toast to go with the fried egg.

Have them put two pieces of toast in a toaster and toast it to the desired level of crispness. As the toast comes out, ask them which piece of bread has undergone a physical change and which piece of toast has undergone a chemical change.
It is easy for the students to detect that the broken bread is merely a physical change while the toasted bread has had a chemical change on its surface. After learning the definitions and common examples of chemical and physical changes, the students can go on a detective hunt to see if they can identify other examples. They can make a list or poster and continue to add examples as they find them through the completion of the unit study.

Download the FREE MatchCard Science Instructor's Guide and see how MatchCards can make building their science knowledge base fun.
Kids learn about the atoms and molecules that make up our planet and the different chemical reactions that occur every day.
Comprehensive objectives, hands-on projects, suggested science fair experiments, and the fun game-like MatchCards keep them interested in learning science.

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