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The organisation produces their product in their home market and then sells them to customers overseas.
The organisations sells their product to a third party who then sells it on within the foreign market. Another of form on market entry in an overseas market which involves the exchange of ideas is contracting.
The ultimate decision to sell abroad is the decision to establish a manufacturing plant in the host country.
To share the risk of market entry into a foreign market, two organisations may come together to form a company to operate in the host country. Translating marketing materials and brand names involves a lot more than just a literal word for word translation.
When Chevrolet introduced its car the Chevy Nova into the Spanish market the sales didn’t do so well. The list goes on with examples of marketing translation mistakes that highlight the need and importance of getting translations checked by native and professional translators. If you want to stand out from the crowd when taking your product abroad, you should invest in the services of a professional native language marketing translator. To get a quote or to enquire about something else, please complete the form below and we will get back to you.
Basic marketing concepts tell us that we will sell more of a product if we aim to meet the needs of our target market. The arguments for standardisation state that the process of adapting the product to local markets does little more than add to the overall cost of producing the product and weakens the brand on the global scale.
As you can see both strategies; using a standard product and an customised product can work just as well. As with international product decisions an organisation can either adapt or standardise their promotional strategy and message.
Before designing promotional activity for a foreign market it would be expedient to complete a PEST analysis so that you have a complete understanding of the factors operating in the foreign market you would like to enter. The internet has created further challenges as customers can view global prices and purchase items from around the world. The Place element of the marketing mix is about distributing a product or service to the customer, at the right place and at the right time. Prior to designing an international marketing mix a business should carry out a PEST analysis for every country they would like to operate in.

Very Brief Review of Economics • Exchange rates – Floating (supply and demand)– Fixed • Trade balances and their impact on exchange rates • Measuring country wealth – Gross domestic product– Nominal vs. Approaches to Product Introduction ? Adaptation ?Standardization ? Customization ? Localization Not suitable for the Middle East! The most appropriate method will depend on the business, its products, the outcome of its Marketing Environment analysis and its Marketing Plan. Here the Licensor will grant an organisation in the foreign market a license to produce the product, use the brand name etc in return that they will receive a royalty payment. The manufacturer of the product will contract out the production of the product to another organisation to produce the product on their behalf.
The government of the host country may give the organisation some form of tax advantage because they wish to attract inward investment to help create employment for their economy. The two companies may share knowledge and expertise to assist them in the development of company, of course profits will have to be shared between the two firms. The following few examples highlight how things can go horribly wrong when a company or brand name is translated badly or introduced into a target country with little or no research beforehand. When marketing the product in Germany, they failed to realise that mist is slang for manure in German.
Just because a brand name is successful in one country doesn’t mean that it will automatically transfer to another country and language. This article talks you through each element of the marketing mix and the arguments for and against adapting it suit each foreign market. In international markets this will involve taking into consideration a number of different factors including consumer's cultural backgrounds, religion, buying habits and levels of personal disposable income.
In today’s global world, where consumers travel more, watch satellite television, communicate and shop internationally over the internet, the world is a smaller than it used to be. The right approach for each organisation will depend on their product, strength of the brand and the foreign market that the marketing is aimed at. Advertising messages in countries may have to be adapted because of language, political climate, cultural attitudes and religious practices. This has increased the level of competition and with it pricing pressures, as global competitors may have lower operating costs.
Distribution in national markets such as the United Kingdom will probably involve goods being moved in a chain from the manufacturer to wholesalers and onto retailers for consumers to buy from. This will help them determine what elements of the marketing mix can be standardised and which elements will need adjustments to suit local needs.

If you interesting in "INTERNATIONAL MARKETING" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template.
Purchase Parity Adjusted GDPs—Examples (2009) Country Nominal GDP PPA Luxemburg $74,430 $57,640 Norway 86,440 56,050 United States 47,240 46,730 Japan 37,870 33,280 Argentina 7,570 14,120 Czech Republic 17,310 23,610 Mexico 8,920 14,110 China 3,590 6,770 The U.S. The Franchise holder may help out by providing training and marketing the services or product.
When they realised why this make of car wasn’t selling so well in Spanish markets they eventually renamed it the Caribe. In an overseas market there will be more parties involved because the goods need to be moved around a foreign market where business practices will be different to national markets.
It may well be that a business is able to use a standard marketing mix in the majority of cases and only need to adjust it on the rare occasion.
For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file. McDonalds is a popular example of a Franchising option for expanding in international markets. Brands such as MTV, Nike, Levis are all successful global brands where they have a standardised approach to their marketing mix, all these products are targeted at similar groups globally. Every aspect of promotional detail will require research and planning one example is the use of colour; red is lucky in China and worm by brides in India, whilst white is worn by mourners in India and China and brides in the United Kingdom. For example in Japan there are approximately five different types of wholesaler involved in the distribution chain. In India where a cow is a sacred animal their burgers contain chicken or fish instead of beef.
Many organisation adapt promotion strategies to suit local markets as cultural backgrounds and practices affect what appeals to consumers.
Businesses will need to investigate distribution chains for each country they would like to operate in. They will also need to investigate who they would like to sell their products and services to businesses, retailers, wholesaler or directly to consumers. The distribution strategy for each country a business operates in could be different due to profit margins and transportation costs.

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