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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often considered the more technical part of Web marketing.
One of the basic truths in SEO is that even if you do all the things that are necessary to do, this does not automatically guarantee you top ratings but if you neglect basic rules, this certainly will not go unnoticed.
Although the basic principle of operation of all search engines is the same, the minor differences between them lead to major changes in results relevancy. Internet Marketing We provide integrated online marketing strategies that help companies grow. As industries shift away from traditional mass media and place a greater focus on more targeted and measurable means for gaining new customers, companies must redefine their business goals and apply online strategies designed to achieve them.That is where we come in! Organic search engine optimization is one of the most important long term investments you can make for the future of your brand. Social media is one of the fastest growing online strategies for companies to enhance marketing, PR, and customer interaction. We specialize in list acquisition, email design, promotions, tracking and reporting services.
Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.
We closely follow the Google guidelines, which are disseminated each quarter, but have many other ways of obtaining proprietary information regarding the search engine behavior as well.
All SEO campaigns are continually monitored, analyzed, and adjusted to achieve the best results possible. Reporting will be based on the analytics of the websites involved, along with information provided by the search engines themselves, such as Google Webmaster Tools.
For a brand to begin social media, they must first understand their business goals, then design a strategy that will support them. Provide value to the audience to build relevance and become a trusted source of information. One of the best ways to take your social media marketing efforts to the next level and create a truly “viral” result is by having custom technology nobody else has!
Contact us today for a FREE consultation on how to improve your visibility and interaction on the social web. Our pricing structure for social media is based upon the estimated hours involved in planning and management. With so many different methods of online advertising available today, it can be difficult to figure out what types will benefit you.
We actively seek to understand the big picture for your company – whether it is making the greatest back-end profit, increasing exposure and capturing customers or just driving leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of bringing a website to the top of major online search engines. While many larger corporations hire in-house SEO teams, this is often not a cost effective solution for small to mid sized businesses.
You should begin to see increased rankings without the first three to five weeks of a six month campaign. Since we’re often asked, we make our best guess as to how much profit a campaign may generate based upon a number of factors. The number of top placements are a total of all commonly held Internet Optimization Companies. My friends think I sell stuff on eBay and goto garage sales to sell collective dolls or something. I’ve seen a lot of these types of diagrams over the last few weeks and find them hilarious. May I just say what a relief to uncover somebody who actually understands what they're talking about online. I enjoy looking through and I conceive this website got some genuinely utilitarian stuff on it!
I am an internet marketer, and I’ve officially called myself that for about 6 months now. Actually I spend a lot of my day sitting in my chair typing, making videos, responding to comments, communicating with freelancers, watching training videos (yes, I’m still learning), reading blogs, tweeting, sharing, and updating old sites. Plus, I realize there are some problems with my current system, and I’m trying to fix them.
So you can see that I am always doing something, all day long, but it’s pretty relaxed. I get about 4 – 5 hours of work done on an average day, despite feeling busy ALL THE TIME.
Honestly, I’m not too worried about the schedule because I can wake up at any time I want, and have enough time to drink my coffee slowly. I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job. Leveraging the power of Business means integrating a full array of business development & marketing strategies to fully optimize your business operations and enterprise value. We can help you every step of the way, starting with a complete assessment of where you are now! Integrating business development systems & marketing strategies for small and medium sized businesses. Our services and strategies are helping small and mid sized companies in Canada and the US. M4 Group services include a full range of integrated, business development & marketing strategies to help companies grow and increase revenues. Working with many businesses over the years, we’ve discovered that many companies struggle to respond to changing technological advances.
Creating a level playing field means harnessing the power of the Internet in a more integrated way, each approach empowering the next. At M4 Group, we begin by gaining a sound understanding of your industry, goals and target audience. We take time with you to plan each project with training, consulting and reporting as required. In today's economic environment, the essential foundation to any great on-line marketing campaign begins with a high-functioning website. Designing and developing a website takes a skilled, creative team with the expertise to translate your vision into a transformational, interactive consumer platform. When today’s consumers are ready to buy, they are more likely to purchase from a business that they can search for on line from wherever they are.
Mobile websites and mobile marketing (using proprietary texting software) are two strategies that can easily handle these consumer preferences. A mobile website ensures local consumers can find you and take immediate action from their mobile devices. Search engine optimization is the most important long-term investment for any business website.
Our proprietary SEO strategies combined with advanced SEO analytics and reporting software ensures we can provide high-quality, enterprise level SEO services for small to medium sized businesses.
We get great results by extending your business reach deep into the digital world of Internet commerce! In our cache of internet tools, social media SEO is becoming one of our fastest growing, on-line marketing initiatives.
A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to even use search engine optimization (SEO) and social media in the same sentence.
Recent algorithmic changes by both Google and Bing to validate the quality of the social media content found on websites means social media is growing in importance.
If you're looking for an even faster delivery of targeted traffic and conversions to your website, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising will yield results more quickly than an organic search engine optimization can. As internet marketer it’s evident that I’m a fan of affiliate marketing and therefore I decided to enlist some advantages of affiliate marketing. Marketing in general has much more to offer than what is still being taught in most colleges and universities. People who already earned their stripes in the home based business industry know that it can offer you a great lifestyle. People buy anything online because it’s easy, fast and often they can find great deals online. The main difference between multi level marketing and affiliate marketing is the fact that there’s no monthly autoship commitment. This question is difficult to answer because even within the affiliate marketing industry you have a lot of different business models.

Your own preferences, skills and will to succeed will also be a huge factor in whether or not you want to do a certain type of business. This is true because SEO does help in the promotion of sites and at the same time it requires some technical knowledge – at least familiarity with basic HTML.
Also, if you set realistic goals – i.e to get into the top 30 results in Google for a particular keyword, rather than be the number one for 10 keywords in 5 search engines, you will feel happier and more satisfied with your results.
Of course, you can be included in paid search results for given keywords but basically the idea behind the SEO techniques is to get top placement because your site is relevant to a particular search term, not because you pay. Sometimes it is enough to do some generic SEO in order to get high in search engines – for instance, if you are a leader for rare keywords, then you do not have a lot to do in order to get decent placement. While this might be obvious for everybody, the differences between how humans and search engines view web pages aren’t. This task is performed by e piece of software, called a crawler or a spider (or Googlebot, as is the case with Google).
As already mentioned, crawlers are not humans and they do not see images, Flash movies, JavaScript, frames, password-protected pages and directories, so if you have tons of these on your site, you’d better run the Spider Simulator below to see if these goodies are viewable by the spider. Each of these algorithms has different relative weights for common factors like keyword density, links, or metatags. We think of ourselves as a business development consulting firm that uses interactive marketing as a tool to increase revenue and profits. Most companies still do not utilize the power of the social web to stay in touch with current and potential clients.
We synchronize our clients email campaigns with their CRM database in order to track results and ROI. Affiliate marketing overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to some degree, because affiliates often use regular advertising methods. Our team regularly attends major search marketing workshops and stays in constant communication with other industry experts to collaborate and keep up-to-date with the newest and most effective SEO techniques. We prepare detailed monthly reports that include a campaign summary analysis, highlights, top rankings, and analytics information.
This data is combined in tandem with our knowledge and experience within the industry to provide direct and pertinent reporting, as well as identify recommendations. Blastoff PR takes into account the differences in culture and business practices from region to region to maximize performance. Social media creates a fusion between marketing, PR, advertising, and true customer interaction.
That value can come in the form of blogs, videos, articles, resources, tips, or any kind of interesting content. With affiliate marketing, IMI can extend the reach of your existing PPC, SEO and SMO campaigns beyond where major brands can reach. Through this analysis, IMI will work with you to create a desired commission level that fits with your own sales metrics to create a profitable campaign. With quick program turnaround, performance incentives, broad reach into the market and a vested interest in maximizing your ROI, IMI works harder than any firm to bring you the return you need at an attractive price.
Regardless of your product or service, you can be certain that your competition is already maintaining an active presence on the internet. When a business website has been optimized, online users searching for that particular service or product are more likely to find that website instead of a competitor.
The simple truth is that many of your potential customers are no longer using the local yellow pages to find a business.
Our team of dedicated professionals will create and launch a custom marketing campaign geared to drive traffic to YOUR website and customers to YOUR business!
Clearly however, this is a projection for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon when considering purchase. Actually I DID start on eBay, but some people I run into they still assume I sell stuff on eBay. I worked two jobs (my teaching job and internet marketing) for about 2 years before I finally quit and went full time. I have a serious problem with mixing distractions like YouTube, general chat on Wealthy Affiliate, and checking my accounts to see how much money I made during the day. I also had a 2 week holiday while I was in China (visiting the US), so when all was said and done, I had 2 months of paid vacation.
I just bought an all grain home brewing kit, will buy a motorcycle next month, want to go Skydiving, and am planning on learning how to sail this year. I’m still a member and am able to help anyone get started via the messaging system within the community.
With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals. Business owners today are looking for more effective ways to leverage their opportunities and profitability. Their websites are often fragmented and under-performing assets, a “stand-alone,” silo marketing approach rather than a fusion or integration of traditional media to on-line resources.
Every business development & marketing strategy we recommend is based on an in-depth discovery and market research of your local market niche.
We utilize as many elements as your campaigns requires to be successful, and that are best suited for your business and that offer the most engaging experience for your type of consumer. Our web and SEO developers work together to create sites with aesthetic appeal and SEO-friendly code structure.
With mobile, the search and the discovery of your business is always in one place--right in the palm of their hand. Unlike most traditional advertising, this mobile texting platform tracks and measures traffic and conversion results and targets consumer preferences for future marketing campaigns. SEO is the most cost-effective way to drive visitors to your website by building up your website’s organic search engine ranking.
Social media sites like Facebook were considered a social not a business venue with limited application or value to business operations. Search engines are now looking at the "authority" of the account holder and placing more importance on any links posted on sites like Twitter and Facebook. M4Group has the technology and experience to manage a wide range of PPC campaign styles to drive quality traffic and encourage quick conversions, while decreasing the cost per acquisition.
This blog is of course mostly about education, so this post will help you to understand how affiliate marketing works. The days that you need to get a high position as a marketing manager in a big corporation are already long behind us. If you’re just getting started, you still have a long way to go, but  committed and positive people always succeed. In affiliate marketing you are promoting a product or service for another marketer or company. If you need hosting for websites then that will cost you some money, but apart from that affiliate marketing only costs you time. I personally like helping and training others and fly all around the world to teach people, but in affiliate marketing it’s not the main key to make money.
I have to admit, it was the picture that drew me in to begin with but after that I found some very useful information about affiliate marketing.
SEO is sometimes also called SEO copyrighting because most of the techniques that are used to promote sites in search engines deal with text. But in most cases, if you really want to be at the top, you need to pay special attention to SEO and devote significant amounts of time and effort to it. Essentially, the process of indexing is identifying the words and expressions that best describe the page and assigning the page to particular keywords. Since it is likely that more than one pages (practically it is millions of pages) contains the search string, the search engine starts calculating the relevancy of each of the pages in its index to the search string. That is why different search engines give different search results pages for the same search string. There were times, when SEO experts joked that the algorithms of Bing are intentionally made just the opposite of those of Google. Our management team has decades of combined experience in online marketing as well as graduate level education and experience in business and finance.
Our dedicated team of social media experts can offer training and consulting or manage your entire social media account. Using proprietary technology we’re able to deliver your message to visitors after they have left your site as they surf the Web. Those methods include organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, and in some sense display advertising.

Unlike many SEO firms who use outdated strategies and techniques, IMI is aware of what search engines value the most today.
We apply search engine marketing best practices to ensure the best possible return on investment. Extensive research in done prior to launching any campaign so that our team has an intimate understanding of your business, your industry, and your competition.
We also have packages for flat fee models and performance models depending on the scope of the project and other services provided. The packages are designed to encourage the client to make the commitment to improve the brand’s exposure on the social web. Listening also comes in handy when you build a solid social media foundation and your customers start not only paying attention, but interacting with you.
When your audience realizes that you are willing to communicate with them directly, the process will build trust.
The fundamentals behind social media are nothing new, we simple have the technology for better, faster, and more transparent customer interaction. Affiliates, using many different methods of promotion, will drive traffic to your web site that converts into sales and leads.
Once you are ready to start, IMI can develop custom affiliate creative for banners, widgets, text links and more to arm affiliates with the tools they need to succeed.
A functional website has the potential to expose your business to a marketing base of millions of unique individuals each and every day. Our company is made up of dozens of web developers, programmers, designers, and content writers.
We will continue to monitor and adjust your marketing campaign to make sure that your website is exposed to as many people as possible. Please remember that we will continue to monitor and adjust your campaign as needed to ensure you continue to see improved ranks throughout the process. This marketing site will direct all visitors and interested parties to your original business website.
The campaign will provide exposure, but the conversion from prospects to sales is an unknown factor, so there is no way to accurately calculate a profit projection. You can read the full story here, but today I wanted to share with you what my daily routine is. As more and more of total media ad spending migrates to the Internet, small and mid-sized business are demanding effective strategies to claim to their stake in this energized, emerging market. SEO practices applied to websites feed search engines that will drive qualified traffic to your website and ensure that you hit the ground running at launch. Those that make the grade are being rewarded with improved search engine rankings—even for regular searches.
I’ll explain the concept in very simple words, so that you can decide if it would be something for you. Unfortunately, educational systems are lagging behind and not teaching these new types of marketing.
This makes affiliate marketing one of the most honest home based business models out there. Nevertheless, the internet will still be the most lucrative industry for many years, so I expect affiliate marketing to rock even more than ever before in the future. Generally, SEO can be defined as the activity of optimizing Web pages or whole sites in order to make them more search engine-friendly, thus getting higher positions in search results. Even if you plan to do some basic SEO, it is essential that you understand how search engines work and which items are most important in SEO. Although technology advances rapidly, search engines are far from intelligent creatures that can feel the beauty of a cool design or enjoy the sounds and movement in movies. Having in mind the number of pages on the Web (over 20 billion), it is impossible for a spider to visit a site daily just to see if a new page has appeared or if an existing page has been modified.
For a human it will not be possible to process such amounts of information but generally search engines deal just fine with this task.
What is more, it is a known fact that all major search engines, like Yahoo!, Google, MSN, etc. While this might have a grain of truth, it is a matter a fact that the major search engines like different stuff and if you plan to conquer more than one of them, you need to optimize carefully. Your display ads will appear to them as they surf their favorite internet sites – everything from popular news sites, social networking sites, to various blogs and informational sites. In addition, our key team members are available for in-person strategy meetings as needed by the client. You can start by having a blog and feeding these articles to profiles on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. Further, IMI can work closely with your company to develop exclusive affiliate promotions that will drive converting traffic to your site. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, online marketing needs to be a crucial part of your advertising strategy. A few years ago, pop-ups or banner ads would have been enough to drive traffic to yours site.
META tags, content creation, and targeted key phrases are only a few of the tools we use to build your customer base and increase your revenue! Whether you are a local photographer catering to a specific neighborhood, or an entrepreneur building a global customer base, we can launch geo-targeted marketing campaign designed to put your website in front of the people who are looking for YOUR product or service! It is our business to stay up-to-date with the changing needs and demands of the online marketing industry.
I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Everyone can make money in affiliate marketing simply because it’s all about applying the right marketing strategies. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you can just lay back and watch the money coming in.
If you have some affiliate marketing experiences that you would like to share, feel free to comment below. Instead, search engines crawl the Web, looking at particular site items (mainly text) to get an idea what a site is about. Sometimes crawlers will not visit your site for a month or two, so during this time your SEO efforts will not be rewarded. Sometimes they might not get the meaning of a page right but if you help them by optimizing it, it will be easier for them to classify your pages correctly and for you – to get higher rankings. Using that information along with powerful bid management tools, we ensure that your campaign will drive greater volumes of qualified traffic. We also plan, build and deliver full social media marketing plans that the client can then implement in-house. Yet these modes of advertising have quickly become outdated as they are shown to be ignored by the majority of your potential customers. Because we work with several clients, we are able to save you money while providing the same result or better than an in-house SEO team could.
Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE! This brief explanation is not the most precise because as we will see next, search engines perform several activities in order to deliver search results – crawling, indexing, processing,calculating relevancy, and retrieving.
This is one reason (the other is your competitors) to devote permanent efforts to SEO, if you’d like to be at the top.
When an online user is looking for a product or service, they use major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.
All of our SEO packages include a listed of key phrases targeted to your business and region. Thus you might need more time till your site gets mature to be admitted to the top in Google, than in Yahoo!. This is why SEO is now the most relevant and cost effective solution for marketing your business on the Web. By paying a flat rate for bulk key phrases, you’ll likely be saving more money when creating a greater result. Our services target ALL of the major search engines on the web, such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

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