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The purpose of the Internet Marketing Diploma program is to provide students with the knowledge and a complete skill set for becoming an online marketing professional.
This 36 week program entails 32 weeks of internet marketing course instruction and a 4-week practicum. In this course, students are introduced to the basic and core concepts, theories, and principles of internet marketing. This course covers concepts and principles of brand reputation, image, and the importance of clear and concise marketing messaging. This course covers methods, processes, key tactics and tools used when conducting accurate and efficient online marketing research. This course is designed to enhance the student's understanding of web site architecture by covering key components in internet marketing such as understanding web languages, organizing web data, structuring navigation, and understanding the uses and functions of everyday web technologies.
This course is geared towards students who are interested in developing skills in understanding and working with HTML, CSS, and other web programming languages through a variety of web and media tools. This course teaches students how to produce various forms of web media through industry standard tools and best practice techniques and methods. This course teaches students how to develop social media marketing strategies and campaigns that can be used to build customer engagement, brand awareness, and conversion results. This course explains the variety of Content Management Systems available to a web developer in today's online landscape.
This course provides a student with the foundational skills and knowledge required to properly gather, interpret, and organize data for the purpose of making focused and targeted online marketing decisions. This course provides a thorough understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques of Search Engine Optimization. This course will provide students with the foundation, concepts, techniques, and best practices in Pay per Click marketing across a variety of networks and channels. Students in this course will understand the concepts, principles, and processes of successful and efficient project management. The course is a hands-on test of a number of concepts presented throughout the previous courses and focuses on implementing and administering internet marketing works via an assigned project. A major component of this project will involve the development, management and marketing of a real-world campaign, where Brighton College will allocate actual spending budgets to teams, allowing for freedom and flexibility in spending decisions to meet project goals.
The program was intensive and provided me with the opportunity to learn a lot in short period of time. Your goal as an affiliate is to send visitors to a website and if someone buys something, you get a commission.  It really is as simple as that! This tool will tell you exactly which products are selling like crazy, and which ones to steer clear from. So now that you have your email list set up and growing there are some other things you can do that will boost your profits and add value for your subscribers.
By offer relevant products to your mailing list it’s a great way of using your expertise and finding (other peoples) products that will help the people on your list to have a better standard of living or better health. I would recommend providing related products that add to what you do, eg if you are a Holistic Massage Therapist, you could tell your list about ways of improving their nutrition, or if your specialty is working with new moms you might find an e-book providing information on exercise and weightloss for new moms.
If the people on your list are already interested in what you’re telling them; they’re already reading your blog posts and emails, they respect your knowledge and opinions, then when you recommend a high quality product that you have done some research on, they’re much more likely to buy it!
So for example, if you have a list of a hundred people and ten people buy an e-book for ?20 that you’re making 50% commission on, then you’ve make an extra ?100 just for recommending a product that someone else made! So there you have an idea to use to offer your mailing list members some really great value.
That’s important to be aware of if you intent to have an email capture form on your website and I highly recommend that you do. I also recommend writing an email series to you email list that is a progressive ‘getting to know you’ or progressively telling your potential customers: know who you are, what you offer, what makes you special. I recommend you write, between probably 8 and 12 emails for your subscribers to get to know you well. The least often you should send an email is once a month, but in truth to build a relationship the least is once a week to be honest.
I would say two or three times a week would be ideal, so if you’re sending 12 emails that’s potentially 6 weeks engagement. A great way to get people on to your list is by offering a free report about your service, and who knows more about you’re service or specialty that you do, right? This entry was posted in Blogging, Build Clients, Build Clinic, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing and tagged Building email list, growing clients on February 2, 2013 by admin.
If you don’t already have a web address for your site (aka a domain name or URL) then you are actually at an advantage in many ways! I would recommend that you set up a blog, since Google loves the fresh, new content of blogs. Building backlinks this way is an important strategy in developing steady, regular traffic to your site that is already interested in what you are providing.  There are a number of ways to find these blogs, forums and Answer sites.
Another way is for us to provide you with a list of up to 50 links at a time (for blogs and forums) or as many new and open questions as are available for a small monthly fee (see pricing page for details) for you to do your own posting of responses and links.
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Are you one of the number of health practitioners and holistic therapist that doesn’t have a website yet? This entry was posted in Blogging, Build Clients, Build Clinic, Internet Marketing, Website construction on December 22, 2012 by admin. I just wanted to give you a quick overview of email marketing, what it’s for, how to use it and the benefits.
Well we spend a lot of time trying to meet new people, new clients… So we have websites or write a blog, maybe we even spend money on adwords, but what happens when people make their way to our website? So what we can do is put an email sign-up form on the front page of our website, offering something like a free newsletter or a free report, some little bits of information, maybe an eBook about whatever it is that we do. I’ve used quite a few of the main email marketing systems, the worst were nearly impossible to use, the text would change, the font and size would change willy-nilly, completely on its own… It’s totally infuriating, and not what you want to spend your time doing! Get response have How-To’s teaching you how to set things up, and we can also help you with how to get the most out of your email marketing.
I hope this has been hopeful to you, please leave your comments below, ask any question and I’ll see how I can help. This entry was posted in Build Clients, Build Clinic, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing and tagged clinic marketing, email marketing on December 14, 2012 by admin. Make no mistake about it, the world of internet marketing and SEO can be very overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re a business owner unfamiliar with the various internet marketing strategies used to grow businesses. Because online marketing and SEO can be so confusing, I’ve created a small business internet marketing strategies video training course. This video training course is designed to help you understand how to leverage various internet marketing strategies as a small business owner. This course is created in simple plain English making it easy to understand for ANY business owner. This is also a great course for those business owners looking for a refresher course or to get a slight edge over your competition. Since some months now we tinker with the idea to establish a perfect running internet marketing. Students will exit the program with current and comprehensive education around online marketing tools, techniques, strategies, concepts, and best practices employed by leading organizations. During their coursework, students will attend class 20 hours a week entailing lecture and discussion. Analysis of advertising, marketing language and how to build and maintain a brand will be core aspects of this marketing communications course. This course will examine the importance of data gathering, reporting, and research design as well as understanding valuable research techniques. This online marketing course will touch on the relationships between web technologies and data. Students will also receive a working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver and understand how to create and edit web functionality with current web programming languages. Students will learn to demonstrate a working knowledge of basic Adobe Photoshop image editing and web media producing skills as well as video editing and production skills using Adobe Premiere. Popular social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube will be examined thoroughly. It focuses on the capture of user email data as well as development of an effective email template understanding the importance of key email marketing metrics and analytics. Understanding the importance and role of Content Management Systems from a web site architecture, web programming, and online marketing perspective will be an integral focus.
Analyzing marketing campaigns, website performance, conversion strategies, and search engine optimization effectiveness will be key areas of emphasis. This course covers all areas of Search Engine Optimization including technical SEO, on page and off page SEO, as well as writing optimized content for the web. An emphasis will be placed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing Pay per Click marketing with other channels such as YouTube and Facebook being included.
Students will better understand working in a web team environment that involves multiple tasks, across multiple team members, within the same project, and how to best handle this working experience. Teamwork skills will be enhanced through group project completion, giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to a real business environment.
The purpose of this time is to apply the theory and skills learned throughout the program and observe professionals in practical situations. The classes were small and there was a lot of engagement and interaction with the teachers. You can set them to go out as frequently as you like, but send the first one quickly so people remember that they signed up for your emails. Some people send every day, I wouldn’t recommend it because peoples inboxes are over-flowing and you have to give them time to absorb the last email before the next one hits their inbox. If, for example, you’re a holistic massage therapist, then you could maybe write a report called ‘Everything you need to know about Holistic Massage Therapy’ and offer that as a free report when people sign up to your mailing list. I would recommend that you look up the keywords that people are using to search in your market and include these in your web address.

So the next thing to do is to write a bunch of blog posts, you can either post up regularly, choose a frequency and stick to your schedule, or if you feel inspired then write up a whole bunch and post them over time.  The best thing to do is to write blog posts based on the keywords that I will send you once you sign up to the free website and keyword analysis on the right of the page. 1 way is to set Google alerts to come to your inbox when these posts and questions are new. Alternatively we can do the posting for you at a reasonable cost, and you don’t have to worry about anything!  Remember, that whichever technique you choose, you need to stick with it! I would recommend you host it yourself so you have full control over it, just grab a cheap hosting package (which we also provide) from an internet hosting provider. Getresponse has various price levels and starts out really quite reasonably priced with a lot of headroom. You can create an email opt-in form that goes straight onto your website or blog and you can link to it from facebook, twitter or any of your other social media sites really easily, bringing in people who are already connected to you and interested in what you’re doing. At the end of the program the students will graduate with Brighton College Diploma and will become Google Adwords certified upon successful complete all required courses and Google Adwords outside exam.
The relationships between social media tools, their user experience, value proposition, and analytics will be key components of this online marketing course.
In this internet marketing course, students will also understand opt in standards as well as internet spam rules and regulations. This course will also introduce students to industry standard tools used to analyze all areas of a website.
Students will develop a proper understanding of how search engines index, rank, and produce search results and the factors on a website that influence those items. Keyword optimization, keyword research, landing page optimization, and conversion testing will all be prominent topics in this online marketing course. The students will also acquire situational-specific skills and identify areas that may need to be developed further. The best thing is you will only have to write it once and then you can set it so as a series it goes out to every new subscriber to your list.
Backlinks used to be really highly valued by Google until people started to buy backlinks from what they call ‘link farms’ – websites that exist solely to provide links back to other sites – so now Google disregards a lot of these inbound links that all come from the same place.
The downside of this method is that they come in drips and drabs, taking time to build up a decent number and also keeping track or making time to do the posting. By not having a website you’re missing out on having information and advertising working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Put simply; knowledgeable people regularly writing about what they’re interested in, which Google ranks more highly than a static website. I would recommend that you get your own URL (the same as what you would normally get for a website) and then the rest of it is Free and Simple to set-up. The practicum consists of 4 weeks of work experience, whereby each student will be at various small and mid-sized internet marketing businesses within the lower mainland. By the end of the course students will be able to create a proper proposal for Internet Marketing projects. Students receive feedback and evaluation of their performance and gain valuable contacts in this diverse field. Having the keywords that ranked in Google included in you URL can actually get you to the top of Google more quickly and more easily. What Google values now is relevant links from sites that are related in content to your own or to a specific page or post on your site.
You’re missing out on connecting with loads of people that are searching for your products and services right now.
Maybe some of them call and book an appointment, but probably 95 or 99 percent of people would just continue on their way.
The successful completion of 15 internet marketing courses (including 4 weeks of practicum time) is required for program graduation. The best thing to do is to find blogs and forum post that talk about similar subjects, post a comment and a web link back to your own page.
So the best thing to do is take a step and set up one of the simplest websites available… a blog! You can have a great looking website very quickly; you can choose from different themes and styles, they’re all done for you. A Brighton College Internet Marketing Diploma will be granted to students who successfully complete the program. You can also do it with Yahoo Answer and Wiki Answers by answering relevant questions to your field, then people visiting these sites will find your answer and follow the link back to your site, bringing you traffic that way!
You can modify the look as you please to your own taste but all the core elements are in place already, so it’s really quick and easy!

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