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Obviously, the top three classes of tags should all be considered for ranking for various types of search queries  (navigational search queries, generic search, category search, etc). Most YouTube pros suggest including as many relevant tags as you can (of course, that doesn’t mean you need hundreds of them but dropping the dozen of most essential ones is very important for your rankings). Again, while you are free to play with the above tools to generate lots of keyword ideas, the main point of this step is to identify your most important core terms to build upon.
Before tagging your videos, be sure to read this old but great guide on optimizing your YouTube tags.
Also, the quick research you are invited to run in this article for each of the videos you upload will give you lots of data to find a great title for your video as well. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of new SEO videos we upload!
Having a look on the tags used by the competitors is must as by doing this we come to know what our competitors are doing with their videos. For those of you who have already discovered the power of having you’re own Youtube channel you may know that one of the keys to success is getting a lot of subscribers.
Now that you’ve chosen your button style and entered your channel name your embed code will appear in the field provided below the options. With your Youtube subscribe button on your website it will help get more video views and the more you can keep your audience engaged, the more likely they’ll be to do business with you. Here’s how to add a funky little logo or branding watermark to all your past and future YouTube videos in one go. Google recommends that you use a transparent background rather than a solid one and include just one color in the image.
To clarify, this is your logo in one colour, without a background, saved as a PNG or GIF and no a maximum size of 1 MB. STEP 4: Click the pencil icon on the right side of your Channel just below your banner and select Channel settings.

STEP 6: To feature your channel branding across all of your videos, click on Add a watermark. On desktop, this channel promotion will allow viewers to directly subscribe to your channel if they hover over the watermark. You can get information about the performance of your Featured content and Branding watermark in the Annotations report in YouTube Analytics.
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For a few years now you can add clickable links (calls-to-action, additional info, contact details, etc) right inside your Youtube video to direct viewers to your site, project, product page, etc. Let’s clear some confusion and create a clear, easy guide on linking (adding clickable links) from inside your Youtube video. Annotation may require some additional design effort if you plan to include your call-to-action at the end of the video. BIG NOTE: When adding external links to the videos, make sure to put the full direct URL in and test it afterwards. Get monthly updates on industry news, great reads from around the web, ninja news and special deals! When users type keywords related to your tags your video will appear in their search results. Familiarity or some existing knowledge is needed to make this connection (this may be about names, locations, venues, etc). Remember, while tags are important, the video title is what attracts clicks in many cases (and, per my experience, it influences rankings as well). Specially we should check the tags by the top 10 videos so we can have an idea what tags are those successful videos are using and how should we put our tags.

More and more people are turning to Youtube each day to find information about products and services online.
When you get a Youtube subscriber they’ll be notified each time you post a new video. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see several different options for your Youtube subscribe button. Making good use of transparency ensures that the image will be less distracting, especially on small screens (e.g.
You will be able to include a channel branding element that will appear in all your uploaded videos across devices.
If you haven’t made Youtube part of your web traffic strategy you need to get busy setting up a Youtube channel today. This really helps drive your video views and makes your videos show up more prominently across Youtube. This will help get your move video views and ultimately keep your business on the top of your prospects mind.
Notice in the options you can even show your Youtube avatar right next to the subscribe button. All you have to do to add a Youtube subscribe button to your WebStarts website is follow the simple steps below.

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