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Once you've written your post title and used it in the first sentence as instructed do not use any words from your post title in the rest of the content. It never ceases to amaze me how she manages to create these fantastic, super simple systems that can make money for newbies AND those with experience. Erica has captured all the details you need to know to get this method rolling from start to finish.
Once again this is a fantastic step by step course and has taken the idea of 'Gift Sites' to a whole new level. Besides if I recall correctly, this is her first WSO with regards to using Blogger as your platform. That said, Erica, now that you are advocating Blogspot, could you address some of the fears often brought up at WF regarding it.
Just purchased, Haven't gone through your PDF yet, so if it's covered inside, my apologies. Erica Stone never ceases to amaze me with her insight, ingenuity and generation of down-to-earth, honest, clean, simple-to-follow products. But I also do one-on-one coaching and I've seen the struggles people face in learning WordPress. So, I think Blogger is a great alternative but it has some problems: The default templates often look unprofessional.
For some, Blogger is the ideal choice because it's free, you can include affiliate links, and you can always transfer the work later. Hoping this will bring great freedom for me Samyboy, you'll love it - very easy posts and easy site set up. The only thing I did was check for available names today and as I mentioned clicked to create the blog. I guess I will work on my other two sites I set up the other day on this account and wait it out for 24-48 hours that was suggested. As it turns out, I think I can incorporate this method into one of these blogs effectively. A lot of times you will read posts on the warrior forum where people have purchased WSO after WSO but are not seeing any results. Thanks This will help and there are instructions inside that will tell you how to prepare your site to use it in applying to Amazon.
Secondly- you have talked about hobby and profession, but can you tell if we were to choose something different may be gifts for girlfriend or gifts for wife etc will this strategy work then?
Bought your book Erica, read it too and looks wonderful But i have a few doubts- people who are looking for gifts generally want to look at various options available like top 10 gifts for golfers or 10 best gifts for musicians, so do you think if we write about just one product- people are bound to click on that and go to amazon? At the end of the book it talks about scaling up by improving the user experience and adding more post types so adding list posts, using labels for categories, and adding a navigation menu would accomplish those things.
Edited to add: I meant to mention that while list posts are great you will get traffic to those individual posts for very long-tail searches and when the post title format is followed it means that the searches the posts get should be really well targeted to present the kind of item the person was searching to find.

Often, as an affiliate, we're digging up items on Amazon that people would love to find straight on Amazon but the products aren't easy to find unless you know a few search tricks. Erica has a reputation for creating great, useful, affordable products that overdeliver (and I've come to hate that word - but it is true here).
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We provide perfect discussion forum on your website that will engage your website visitors in conversation, allow them to post topics, responses, involve them in online discussions.
Sales page landing page design templates for your online internet marketing and affiliate marketing.
Browse landing page designs for business, marketing, and product selling, to capture leads and increase sales from our 1200+ converting landing page designs of all top most categories. Get a clean, creative and converting custom landing page design for your business marketing campaign to promote your business effectively. InterClick Offers the ability to serve a variety of ad types and formats, from flagship interstitials, to pop-unders, and rich media overlays. Build an attractive revenue stream and enhance site content while maintaining brand identity.
RevenuePILOT offers verticals, Search Boxes, Banners, Text-Link Directories, Full-page Portals, Java-Includes, Dynamic Banners, Text-links, Pop-ups, Panels, XML feed and HTML feed. Click here to advertise for the most successful e-commerce sites on the net and earn commissions! It's just perfect for the forthcoming Holiday Season and as she says can be set up and implemented in less than an hour, so there is no excuse for not making those Holiday Sales. Count the number of people who ordered this without knowing much about it - except it is by Erica. Your customers get impressed by seeing your product and services which is displayed beautifully and creatively. Here we have web site designers who have minimum 3 years of Industry experience and who are aware of the trendy designing. Our high quality professional custom landing page design will convert your business successfully.

Plus Winhundred's Staff works tirelessly to ensure that you have the most up-to-date materials and the latest technology available to ensure ongoing success with their campaigns. Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor allows your visitors to enjoy your website and bring earnings to you at the same time. Edit the code with your sites name where it says YourSitesName and the game will advertise your site!
I was able to set up two on Saturday and another two today (Monday) using different computers and different Internet providers." So, I'm guessing that two is the limit per day??? Was just wondering Erica, how many of these Blogger blogs is a safe number that can be added to a single gmail account?
Also, a good design compels your website visitors to explore your website further and much deeper. Plus rewarding free gifts to affiliates that are able to achieve earnings of over $500 USD. I remember reading somewhere that there was a number (maybe 10-15) blogs on one account before Google started looking at your account. The only way to keep your customers engaged and increase your sale is good content, easy-to-use features and exciting offers.
The best thing about our designing team is they are always ready to provide with endless ideas and possibilities. If you require any creative assistance, they are here to assist you with proper suggestion.
This course shows you an amazing NEW way you can create Amazon affiliate income streams simple and quick (and if you aren't an Amazon affiliate, Erica show's you alternatives so you can still make excellent profits).
You target a specific niche (golf lovers, football fans, teachers, quilters or any of a THOUSAND other “passion driven” niches) YOUR CHOICE!
Now for those who know Erica Stone, you already know she always over delivers BIG TIME on value.
She also lays out her methods in simple easy to follow baby steps (complete with very clear screen shots) that even a complete newbie can follow. You can upscale it anytime You will be proud to tell your family and friends about your online business! I say this because the speed with which you can create pages is so fast and the “way” Erica has you choose your niches generates overwhelming odds in your favor that your KW phrases will be very good to super excellent!

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