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Clearly defining and documenting requirements in SRS (software requirement specification document) which consist of all the product requirements to be developed. Demonstration of work accomplished to Business analyst for future modification as per requirement. There are various SDLC models that are defined and designed to follow in software development process. The objective of this article is to introduce the user to Secure Software Development Life Cycle (will now on be referenced to as S-SDLC). This article is written keeping in mind Project Managers, Program Managers, Developers, Architects and every individual interested in improving the security of product(s) developed by their organization(s). Software Development Life Cycle (or SDLC) is the process which is followed to develop a software product. A Software Requirement Specification or SRS is a document which records expected behavior of the system or software which needs to be developed. Software design is the blueprint of the system, which once completed can be provided to developers for code development.
During this phase, the blueprint of the software is turned to reality by developing the source code of the entire application. Once the application development is completed, it is tested for various issues like functionality, performance, and so on.
Once the application is ready to go live, it is deployed on a production server in this phase. Current trend is to identify issues by performing a security assessment of applications after they are developed and then fix these issues.
This cycle of Testing – Patching – Re-testing runs into multiple iterations and can be avoided to a great extent by addressing issues earlier in the Life Cycle. There are people out there whose only intention is to break into computer systems and networks to damage them, whether it is for fun or profit. The criminals or novice hackers can break into an organizations network through various routes and one such route is the application host. These organized gang of cyber criminals can siphon off money directly, they do so, however if it is not possible straight away, they even go to extent of threatening and extortion. It should be noted that the following sections will very briefly touch upon activities covered in each phase of SDLC. Programs like S-SDLC can have multiple Stake Holders – some of them can be in Senior Management while some of them can even be at root level (e.g.

To implement S-SDLC, we may also have to update some of the existing policies and procedures and in certain cases we might also have to create new policies and procedures – if they are missing. It is necessary to understand the current stature of the S-SDLC Program, re-evaluate and calibrate it on a need to need basis; however this is not possible unless we can measure our success. Measuring our program’s success helps us in comparing the current posture of our program with a benchmarked posture and thus evaluates our future course of action.
Some of the sections are explained very briefly in this article; however they are for the sake of completeness of the article.
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It is a process that describes how to develop, design and maintain the software project ensuring that all the functional & user requirement, goals and objective are met. This phase includes communication between project stakeholders, end users and project team, as requirements (both Functional & non functional) are being gathered from clients. Then we’ll look into why S-SDLC is needed in the first place and then a brief overview of S-SDLC.
This article is written as a starter document for people who want to integrate security into their existing software development process. The Following are some of the major steps which are common throughout the SDLC process, regardless of the organization.
Time taken to complete the development depends on the size of the application and number of programmers involved. If it is developed for a client, the deployment happens in a client premise or datacenter where there client wants to get the application installed. Patching software in this way can help, but it is a costlier approach to address the issues. This next section covers a very important aspect – the need for programs like S-SDLC.
There were days when organizations were just interested in developing an application and selling it to the client and forget about rest of the complexities. These could be novice hackers who are looking for a shortcut to fame by doing so and bragging about it on the internet.
If applications are hosted by organization are vulnerable, it can lead to serious consequences.

Every organization is afraid of bad press as it can have direct impact on the stock price and sometimes extortion techniques by threatening to go public can have an impact on organizations and they may even end up coughing up money to save themselves from issues that may crop up if these cyber criminals go public with private information. There can be various things that can be done, but one thing which undeniably happens is that it costs organization money. While employing a team of ethical hackers helps, having processes like S-SDLC can help organizations in addressing the above discussed issues in a much more cost-efficient manner as identifying security issues earlier in the development life cycle reduces the cost. The above sections have touched up on what it is and why it is required, however they do not explain what things are covered in each phase.
We have been training Information Security and IT Professionals since 1998 with a diverse lineup of relevant training courses. This methodology improves the quality of the software project and over all process of software development. Most organizations have a process in place for developing software; this process may, at times, be customized based on the organizations requirement and framework followed by organization. Incorporating S-SDLC into an organization’s framework has many benefits to ensure a secure product.
However, this does not eliminate the risk for non-financial organizations, as pretty much every avenue to generate money is targeted.
In the past 16 years, over 50,000 individuals have trusted InfoSec Institute for their professional development needs! While this article will give a brief explanation about SDLC, for the sake of completeness, it does not explain SDLC in detail and all of its aspects. They don’t make noise but when their job is done, it reflects into a huge loss for the organization in question – not to mention a huge profit for such criminals.
Also, it should be noted that each organization calibrates SDLC and S-SDLC according to their needs; hence there is no silver bullet solution here.
Stake holders will differ from organization to organization based on the software development approach that it follows.

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