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The strengths of the University are too little known among opinion leaders, potential employers, and alumni. Prepare and implement a strategic communications plan that includes a distinctive, focused set of messages to clarify and project Pace’s brand and successes and guide all outreach, communications, and marketing efforts.
Increase the involvement of alumni in efforts to enhance Pace’s visibility and reputation both by featuring alumni and their accomplishments in institutional marketing and by leveraging the formal and informal communication resources of Pace alumni, as individuals and as employers. Capitalize on evolving communications technologies to keep students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, and the general public better informed and thereby build a strong sense of community and identity. Take advantage of Pace’s well-situated New York City and Westchester County venues to bring members of the public to Pace for cultural events offered by the University and outside organizations.
Identify the economic, social, and cultural impact that Pace has on its surrounding communities and promote this to the public in Pace’s geographic region, local and state government representatives, and philanthropic supporters.
President Dottavio discusses recent building renovations which focus on improved student learning opportunities and developing students holistically. President Dottavio discusses the additional special projects for which the university seeks legislative support and funding this spring. President Dottavio discusses the Strategic Planning Goal focused on Academic Innovation as the university seeks to improve student learning and retention to graduation. President Dottavio discusses the Strategic Planning Goal of Student Transformation and the approach toward guiding student development as individual citizens. President Dottavio discusses the Strategic Planning Goal of Distinctive Engagement and how the university attempts to partner with its communities.
President Dottavio discusses the Strategic Planning Goal of Exemplary Service, including the university’s emphasis on the environment and sustainability. The emphasis of our work over the past decade has been on making rapid progress, particularly in areas such as research, the student experience and earned income. Although the University has been transformed, growing in both size and quality, this has not diminished our appetite to develop further.
Our focus now is on planning for the future, building our networks across business, education and other sectors and collaborating with other leading universities in the UK and beyond.
This strategy strikes a balance between looking ahead whilst not forgetting that the world often changes requiring adaptability. This in turn means more emphasis on having excellent facilities, high quality teaching, strong employability and world-class research.

The world will continue changing in ways we cannot always foresee, but we are confident that we are remarkably well-placed in our core strengths and in our ability to adapt. Two committees tasked with fleshing out key initiatives in Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan are now staffed and ready to begin work. Members of the immersion experience and cross-college teaching committees are set, announced John Geer, vice provost for academic and strategic affairs.
The Immersion Vanderbilt Initiative calls for all university undergraduates to immerse themselves in creative independent projects that give them the opportunity to engage, question and forge change.
Also staffed is the committee for the Cross-College Teaching Initiative, which will assist faculty as they strive to conceive and structure innovative courses that exploit the natural synergies among Vanderbilt’s 10 colleges.
Vanderbilt’s Academic Strategic Plan aspires to shape the future of higher education and to foster the creation of knowledge that together improve the human condition.  The cross-college teaching and immersion experience are initiatives that will allow Vanderbilt to achieve its ambitions. The University needs a carefully planned and sustained campaign to project its strengths beyond the pool of prospective students in order to increase annual giving, increase the likelihood of foundation grants, improve the employment opportunities of its graduates, and generally raise its reputation. Dominic Dottavio discusses the university’s Strategic Plan and the need for it to continually evolve as the university grows and issues change.
It builds on the recent achievements of Exeter staff, students and alumni, and gives us forward direction. We have been successful in this task with the result that Exeter is now widely regarded as a leading British university.
Exeter is a dynamic and engaging place to study and work: there is a real energy on our campuses. The seismic changes brought about by the spending cuts to higher education under the UK coalition government are just such a change in circumstances: but one that gives us confidence rather than fear for the future. Travel and technologies are bringing peoples and cultures together, and economic growth brings new giants to the international stage. We attract highly motivated students, who thrive academically and who get engaged - with societies, with volunteering, with the Guild and increasingly by helping to shape their own learning and future employment prospects.
As research funds are concentrated in fewer institutions, it will be vital to focus on developing the highest quality internationally rated research.
If these remain the ingredients for success then I am sure Exeter has a great future as a world-class university. The parameters of Immersion Vanderbilt are to be kept broad and flexible, so students have the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor to forge a project that has the capacity to shape them for the rest of their lives.

The committee will offer support, including incentives, to professors who wish to team teach with colleagues in other schools. But it is not a strategy in the old-fashioned sense of lots of worthy objectives, dutifully ground out. Our objective now is to be consistently ranked amongst the top 10 in the UK and the top 100 in the world. We believe Exeter is distinctive for delivery, constantly developing new and better ways of doing things, able to focus on what is important and to take decisions quickly and decisively. They do at least set a solid landscape for our activities, if a rather different one to what we are used to. The rise of China and India, in particular, is remarkable, and their governments are investing heavily in higher education. Through close engagement with the Students’ Guild, we will involve students in strategic spending decisions. The result should be innovative courses that break through traditional school boundaries, such as Law and Education, Demography and Health, or Music and Business. Universities which take around 15% of their income from block grants can no longer be considered public sector organisations. We will aim to further nurture and develop this work as we move forward so that Exeter stands out even further from the crowd for the strength of the student experience.
Rather, this document sets a course so we can make our own weather and not be constantly buffeted to change direction.
Rather than depending upon meeting the requirements of funding bodies, our first priority must be meeting the expectations of students as graduate contributions become our single biggest source of income. Enriching our world-leading research is at the heart of this strategy, pooling the best of our knowledge and resources beyond geographical borders. We are now exploring how we could extend our presence overseas, but the essence of our strategy is bringing the best and brightest staff and students to our Exeter and Cornwall campuses.

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