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The role of documents within an organization is continuously evolving and the management technology can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention the different politics of corporate culture involved in the process of document management. Before creating a document management strategy suitable for your business, you should know there is no standard strategy, because you have to take into consideration various factors, depending on your company’s profile. Manageable and comprehensive – the strategy you elaborate should ensure the fact that nothing important is overlooked and at the same time manageable, meaning it shouldn’t be a difficult process that most likely will never get done.
Following company goals – establish clear goals for the future of your company and you’ll be able to determine which path your document management strategy should follow: can you afford additional costs? Apply demonstrated measurements – make sure all the measurements you take following the document management strategy are improvements of your workflow, efficiency, costs and productivity of the company. Don’t forget about corporate culture  – internal politics, support from management or from the members board are factors that can easily get in the way of any document management strategy, no matter how good it is. Easy implementation – no one has time and money to spend experimenting with different strategies, so the one you choose should be easy to implement and to integrate with the IT solutions you already have in your company.
Now that you know the characteristic of a good document management strategy, the next step is to carefully asses your company in order to obtain the information you need further: where does you company stand now and where do you want it to go in the future. First, you must truly understand your business needs, but also the constraints and the pressures that your company must manage and satisfy. Today’s businesses know that information is vital, it’s what gives you a real return of your investments in people, technology and facilities. VENDOM Document Control System is the perfect software for any document management strategy because it tracks and stores electronic documents and images of paper documents, while covering the complete document life – cycle.
The Flevy PowerPoint Toolkit contains over 50+ slides worth of diagrams, shapes, charts, tables, and icons for you to use in your business presentations. Learn the methodologies, frameworks, and tricks used by Management Consultants to create executive presentations in the business world. Operational Excellence Consulting offers a collection of 450+ fully editable consulting diagrams, templates and graphics to enhance your PowerPoint presentations and increase productivity on Flevy. In the latest version, it supports 2 additional diagram types: Matrix Charts and Value Chain Diagrams. Out of all the 12 diagrams supported, this is our favourite — in our opinion, the most innovative of the Flevy Tools diagrams.
In a recent update to Flevy, the documents marketplace has allowed select contributors to offer complimentary documents. This presentation presents a flavour of some of the more necessary change components and associated tools & techniques that will require consideration during any change initiative. This 32-page presentation that explains the Lean management philosophy, based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). Here is another massive compilation of PowerPoint diagrams and templates, mostly for us in business presentations. This 191-slide deck contains everything (well almost) you would ever want to know about Change Management. This document is a 77-slide PowerPoint presentation that provides a Project Management Overview based on the PRINCE2 methodology that has been recognised world-wide as the leading Best Practice framework for successful project execution. Helps project management practitioners as well as project management companies to understand the value of social media and how to integrate it onto projects. A successful business requires both a well developed strategy and the ability to execute on that strategy.

Flevy has just released a free primer on the topic Strategy Development and Strategy Execution.
Operational Excellence is a set of business principles, tools, and frameworks aimed to achieving sustainable improvement of key performance metrics. The document will explain various frameworks related to business strategy execution and includes PowerPoint templates to be used for your own presentations and analysis.
Therefore, establishing a document management strategy is both difficult and necessary at the same time. This means you should have a clear view of your company’s performance, the expectations and requirements that the company has to live with each day.
Both long-term objectives and short-term objectives, as the strategy behind the achievement of these objectives are very important. Everyone wants to make profit out of their business, but we all know it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s project-oriented, easy to integrate and to use, it offers high security levels and it’s one of the best solutions for multi companies and users by enabling collaboration.
This 20-slide presentation provides an introduction to strategy, separating out the concepts of Corporate Strategy vs. It explains the four building blocks: Strategy Deployment, Performance Management, Process Excellence, and High Performance Work Teams. He has published over 10 frameworks to Flevy, including a Comprehensive Guide to Change Management. The document is easily customisable, content can be removed (or simply skipped over during presentation), and additional slides can be added to provide more subject depth. This document is full of examples based on research, training about different social media platforms and tools and very practical advice that can be applied immediately to compile your own customized strategy for how to use social media on your projects.
Much of this management philosophy is based on continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean Management (or Lean Enterprise), Six Sigma, Kaizen, Hoshin Kanri, 5S Workplace Productivity, and PDCA. Give your presentations the look and feel of a final product made by McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Booz Allen, Deloitte, or any of the top consulting firms.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. A good document management strategy helps you find the proper alignment between information technology and document strategies.
Sponsorship, Stakeholder Management and Engagement, Communication, Process Change, Organisational Change, Training, Adoption and Business Readiness, Business Benefits & Continuous Improvement), A Change Story and Success and Failure. This 32-page deck also includes an accompanying Social Media Strategy template (Word document). The focus of Operational Excellence goes beyond the traditional event-based model of improvement toward a long-term change in organizational culture. They understand the strategy, but can’t translate that vision into the day-to-day changes to operations and actual implementation.
On the contrary, it is definitely, or it should definitely be, a non-zero-sum game, where the gains of one stakeholder should also mean gains for all others.
Subscribers receive access to an exclusive library of curated business documents—business framework primers, presentation templates, Lean Six Sigma tools, and more—among other benefits. Hence, gains for the corporate class should also imply gains to individuals and to the ecosystem as a whole.Sustainable success is success in the long run. There is a real gap between the advancement of technology and the efficiency of corporate documents. To maintain the long run, we need all stakeholders—not only those who are involved but those that are involved with good health and in high spirits.

It is not possible to have long-run success just for one of the classes if that success is to the detriment of one or all of the other classes.
You can do that only through proper storage, archiving and publishing, everything made through a secure and reliable software.
An imbalance can occur if solely generated by human intervention, either as individuals, corporations or governments. Corporations are made and run by individuals, but their overall behavior is different from the sum of those individuals. Corporations have their own culture, which tends to be absorbed by the individuals that work there. This is the reason why it is so difficult to change the behavior of large corporations and the reason for international recognition for those individuals who have successfully changed it, with clear gains for doing so.There are stakeholders that have to do with corporations, such as employees, customers and shareholders, but maybe more or less obvious, the environment is a stakeholder of us all. Now, this is where the plot thickens: When we talk about corporate responsibility, to whom is the corporation responsible to?
Obviously, the corporation must be responsible to all the stakeholders, but what is the priority and the weight of each of the stakeholders?With the exception of some honorable corporations and even considering the existence of a trend towards a balanced distribution of corporate responsibility, the fact is that a majority of corporations will place the responsibility to their shareholders (gains at any cost) above all others, as recent scandals in the automotive industry clearly demonstrate.
This is very worrying because, at the end of the day, corporations are behind individual lives and surely behind government policies.
Corporations may not want to mess with their stock value, but the fact of life is if they follow only profit (zero-sum game) at the cost of everything else, such as employees, customers and the environment, they will collapse in no time.
So, corporations need very practical and down-to earth CEOs that are not afraid in defining the appropriate priorities and respective weights when considering their own stakeholders.
What is fascinating is that we do have such CEOs in the world, managing giant, successful corporations, but for some reason, their message is not being understood as fast as one would imagine.Corporations must be the cradle for “responsibility” in the broader meaning of the word—the meaning that involves all mankind and all of the planet.
Corporations must be the cradle so that their employees, their customers and their shareholders are proud of it.
In the proper context, “responsibility” will mean a win-win situation, and therefore, a non-zero-sum game will be on the table.We arrive now to the technicalities of corporate responsibility. One could mention concepts such as empowerment, personal care, family care, mobility, fostering creativity, fun at work, etc.
Basic knowledge keeps telling us that it is cheaper to maintain existing customers rather than acquiring new ones. Yet, keeping them is not what it used to be some years back, because, as with employees, it is not only about money but mostly about attitude and care. In regard to what concerns the shareholders, it will be necessary that they look beyond the quarter results, if the quarter is still going to be used as the time metric. If the impact is such that it will eliminate life on Earth, then there will be no sustainable success, will there? The next generation will perish reading in the history books just how “successful” their predecessors were.Corporate responsibility in not only a foundation to sustainable success. He holds two postgraduate degrees in document management from the University Lusofona (Lisbon) and a PhD from Universidad de Alcala de Henares (Madrid) in 2013, with a thesis studying the economic benefits of electronic document management (EDM).
He is an ARMA collaborator for publications and professionally acts as an advisor on critical information flows mostly for private corporations.

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