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With more businesses realizing the power of digital channels to nurture relationships, rally fans and build customer affinity, opportunity abounds for savvy professionals. To answer that question, we posted thoughts from a variety of marketing and web professionals on social media strategy before tactics. It’s an ongoing debate, but the consensus among the marketing and PR crowd is clear:  strategy before tactics is the logical approach for businesses to take when engaging in social media. Yet, in social media marketing and PR, it’s common for communications professionals to dive immediately into tactics without strategy “randomly dialing numbers” as Sarah notes above.
How often have you been in a meeting and heard things like “we need to be on Facebook, let’s get on Twitter, or why don’t we start blogging?”  In the social web, it’s analogous to inviting people to a theme party and not telling them what the theme is (or even knowing yourself).  If you approach social media in this way, expect your returns to be as predictable as the costumes your guests at the party will wear. You really need to know why you want to use social media and which tools are best suited to meeting that objective.
Strategy needs to drive tactics, as companies first need to know where they’re going before they figure out how to get there.

Guy has a point:  a solid strategy does not decrease the value of experimenting, tinkering and trying new tactics out.
However, to capitalize on all of that, your process needs to tie all your activities together — the information sharing, the intelligence gathering, the communications, content creation, and anything else that happens in between. We are experts in working with businesses, individuals and organizations – and building disciplined and successful communications programs.
A good start is to know where, on social media, your customers hang out and what you can give them by joining their activities. A lot of roads can get a brand from point A to B, but a good strategy will help selection of the optimal route, as well as how to respond if setbacks are encountered along the way. We respect your privacy.PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Without a strategy and goals, you won’t know how you’re going to measure results and won’t be able to answer the “so what” question.

It may be a great way to share useful content in places where your customers spend time to generate interest for further actions. Don’t focus on some kind of high-level strategy because no one really knows how to use social media yet.
And it can provide powerful business intelligence back, straight from the people who buy your products and services.
Focus on tactics: Get more followers, make them happy, promote your stuff to them every once in a while.

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