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From the File menu, select Export… In the window that appears, switch to the QuickTime tab. Apple's Keynote icon for OS X noted below uses the very same International Class and verbiage as noted above. Patently Apple presents a basic summary of new trademark filings with their associated graphics for journalistic news purposes as each such trademark is revealed by the U.S. To make your own theme create a presentation from a theme that most closely matches the design you want. When building a presentation you can use one four options for viewing slides in Keynote; Navigator, Slide Only, Light Table, and Outline. To move to Outline view, click the View button in the Toolbar, a pop-up menu appears, from it choose Outline.
Once you’ve settled on a basic outline you can apply a new Theme to your presentation and attend to the look and feel of your work. After recommending that using master slides is the way to go, you’ll need to be aware of two concepts to fully utilise them. In the open presentation click the View button in the Toolbar and select Edit Master Slides. If you add a photo to a slide and find that it sits on top of a logo placed on the Master, you won’t be able to move the photo behind the logo using layer options unless you do the following. Like shapes, connection lines can be formatted to change their colour and weight, you can even add arrow heads and animations. You can develop a Keynote presentation exclusively on OS X, iOS, or on the iCloud web browser  version. Ahead of the visit to wherever, you might want to create a draft presentation containing image place holders and save it to iCloud Drive.
Keynote’s rehearsal tools help you to work out the overall timing for your presentation. Slideshows can be delivered on dual displays; one being a presenter display and the other the slides for the audience.
When you want to play a presentation from a Mac, but don’t want to stand over the computer to click through the slides, you can use the Keynote app for iOS as a remote control. On Keynote for your iOS device tap the iPhone-shaped icon at the upper left of the screen to open the remote options.
In the past five years I’ve come to know its many strengths (and few weaknesses) and have become something of a champion or evangelist for it. In doing so, you are instantly able to share your presentations with anyone using any computer running any platform, even if they don’t have Keynote.
If you have PowerPoint presentation, you can also open it in Keynote, although sometimes it may have some minor artifacts accrued during the import process. Keynote will now go frame-by-frame through your presentation and save it as a QuickTime movie.
You can change the resolution in Keynote by going to the Document inspector, and selecting a custom slide size from the Slide Size menu.
All you have to do is make five different Keynotes, export them to QuickTime, and distribute them to ArraySync clients. If you build your presentation using those master slides from the Improv theme, then later you need to swap the theme to Artisan, or better still your custom theme, by simply clicking the Change Theme button in the Document Inspector automatically swaps your presentation to the appropriate master slides in the new Theme.

Then modify the fonts, colours, backgrounds on all the Master Slides in your presentation; you can even add a company logo to every slide master too.
Navigator is the default view and works well for most situations, but for sketching out ideas, and sequencing your thoughts try Outline view. At the top level this means pressing return creates new slides, and Tab and Shift-Tab can be used to alter the hierarchy of any bullets.
This means you’ll need to replace their contents with your own words or pictures when working on standard slides. When an object is selected the inspector displays three tabs, Build In, Animation, and Build Out. The order in which you apply the animations becomes the order in which they play, this order can be changed, except on bullets.
Keynote comes loaded with all the shape objects you’ll need to create bubbles, squares, triangles, and so on. As stated in the introduction the Mac OS X version is the most capable and feature rich version of the application.
Open the presentation on your iOS Device and go to the image placeholders and tap the plus symbol in the bottom right of the placeholder, this opens a new screen with links to your Photos library, but at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a text button, Take Photo or Video.
It displays as a hatched amber line as a slide or media loads and then green when Keynote is ready to advance. To do this you’ll need Keynote installed and open on your Mac and an iOS device such as an iPhone.
In Light Table view skipped slides appear greyed out, unless the Hide skipped slides box is selected; found in the bottom left of the document window.
Once it’s finished, launch ArraySync, and drag it in just like any other QuickTime movie. A good idea might be 1920 x 1080, also known as HD1080, or 1280 x 720, also known as HD720.
Apple's shift to a digital-styled pen for their new Pages icon is a curious choice of design. This category covers a few Industrial Design reports each year while others could be found in our granted patent archives. Even the most basic themes Black, and White, are a collection of Master Slides for title and subtitles, title and bullets which should be applied to slides as you build your collection. When the design is complete choose File > Save Theme and followed the onscreen instructions to save your design as a theme. Bullets and Slides can be sequenced by dragging either their bullet or slide icon up or down the Outline pane. In the Format inspector, labelled Master Slide Layout select the Allow objects on slides to layer with master.
For example, to make hard hitting points you might choose Grid, for a showing a series of fine art images Dissolve would work well. In the Animate Inspector select the Build In tab and select the desired animation; Typewriter is one you might consider. So far much of this process is pretty intuitive, but resist the temptation to use the line options found when clicking the Shape icon to connect the elements of your chart.
None of OS X features are lost when a presentation is saved to iCloud Drive, but the ability to edit via the browser or iOS versions will have a few limitations.

Also slides containing large media files, such as video, may take a couple of seconds to load.
Note that the timer options can be set to show time remaining, an ideal option when working to a fixed schedule. Furthermore both devices have to be on the same WiFi network, this could be computer-to-computer. It is better to skip slides, and perhaps speed up a few transitions, rather than start to delete parts of your work.
You can get creative and make presentations that alternate between showing the same content and then different content. Readers are cautioned that the full text of any trademark application should be read in its entirety for further details. It’s no accident that Themes have to be applied, because using Master Slides is the best way to enjoy a pain free life using Keynote.
With all the thumbnails selected you can use the Animate inspector to change the type and timings of the selected slides. If a slide is presented to an audience with all the bullet points revealed as the slide opens, the presenter has no way to prevent the audience reading the entire slide; reading on. A floating window appears, dragging a build element up or down the window changes the build order. With that said, if you were building a report presentation on topics that required a site visit, for example, production line improvements in a factory, or a school report on a castle, you may want to add photos taken on your iPhone.
Accepting this let’s you take photos from directly inside Keynote adding them automatically to the placeholders in Keynote. If you’ve not aware of this, come the big day, you might be unnerved when you click or tap to play a video and nothing happens in the instant you expected, so you click again and advance to the next slide. You can also drag and scale presenter elements such as Current Slide and Next Slide to suit your needs. This suggestion can be expanded to trying to work with only one Keynote presentation per topic. I usually go with that option, and change the format to AAC, best quality, 256 kbps bit rate. Use faster options to be more hard hitting and go much slower for contemplative presentations on fine art, or meditation.
The Build Order window can also be used to set builds to run automatically either with a preceding build or after it. To learn more about setting up a WiFi connection you can review Help on your Mac and on your iOS device. For example, a marketing presentation might be designed to run for 10 minutes, but it might also need to fit to an occasional five minute slot. To switch off skipping, control-click a skipped slide and from the shortcut menu, choose Don’t Skip Slide. Skipping slides makes an efficient workflow because come the day slides need updating with new product shots, or a new company logo, only one Keynote presentation needs to be updated rather than several.

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