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We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. Move over wasabi, cream cheese, green tea, cocoa banana and apple flavored Kit Kats, we’ve got a new comer and it’s probablyA delicious! Surely not everyone will be on board with the new taste, but if corn flavored Kit Kats can make it, why can’t butter! The photo also depicts a Samsung Galaxy S3 being broken in half, sort of like telling Google they should be careful!

It would literally take you a whole day to try every Kit Kat Japan has, if you can even find them all. In efforts of expanding the Kit Kat Chocolatory, a new shopA is opening up soon in Sapporo, and it comes with a new butter flavored Kit Kat! With that said, we are given yet another flavored Kit Kat, coming from a brand new Kit Kat Chocolatory! In fact KitKat did a little parody themselves by advertising the company’s product in the same fashion that Apple typically advertises their new products, complete with an English gentleman and all.

We have to admit that this whole back-and-forth between companies through clever advertisements is a lot more entertaining for everyone compared to them suing the heck out of each other, but what do you guys think? Does Google truly have something to fear now that Nokia’s cellphone business will be part of Microsoft’s empire?Filed in Cellphones.

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