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Your bids are competitive, your ads are laser targeted, and you've tested and tweaked your landing page to get the highest possible conversion rate. You feel like Leonardo DiCaprio stand-spooning Kate Winslet on the Titanic, breathing in that fresh scent of saltwater greenbacks while your sales and leads keep pouring in. Realizing that your 1997 GeoCities hosted landing page hasn't seen an improvement since, well, 1997.
While you’re staying profitable (for now), your competitors are figuring out ways to improve, enhance, and build trust and relationships with clients that could have been yours. FACT: Your biggest conversion rate gains won't come from the new ad you create, they'll come from the landing page you test.
The goal of this post is to give you proven ideas to test and try on your own site to increase your landing page conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition. Not only is the headline one of the first things a person sees when on your site, but did you know that on average, only 2 out of 10 people continue to read what’s after the headline? The goal of your headline should be for your visitor to feel compelled enough to read whatever’s next. And whether you’re writing headlines for PPC landing pages or trying to SEO your blog post, make sure you’re compelling, honest, and leave the reader wanting more.
Here’s another little trick: The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is a free tool that lets you test different variations of your headline, and then gives you a percentage score telling you whether your headline is more intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual and what emotional marketing value it has. Much like your headline, your value proposition is something that is unique to your business, like your USP, and it’s very similar to what you’d want to communicate in your headline.
If you know the pain points and fears your potential customer is facing, this should help you write a headline and value proposition specifically tailored to them. Positive endorsements give your visitors assurance that you’re legit – if they’re done right. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing there is, and client testimonials, reviews, and endorsements are your closest thing to social proof.
You want to use testimonials that describe how your client has benefited from something you’ve helped with.
Many studies have been conducted about landing page forms, and it’s a general consensus that the more information you ask for, the lower your conversion rate will be. See, even if the visitor doesn’t actually start to fill out the form, they’ll still see it and may decide whether or not they want to start filling it out based on the number of fields. While this was more of a radical redesign, we are still testing all the elements of the page to continually improve the conversion rates.
Here’s another example from one of our clients, Second Wave Recycling, an online cell phone donation charity. But what if your form has a ton of required information and you’re not able to reduce the amount of fields? The progress bar is a simple solution to break up your form into multiple steps so people aren’t overwhelmed with a form that’s as long as the dead sea scrolls. The Cash4UsedCars landing page I showed you earlier is a great example of an isolated landing page that only has one purpose and no other links, besides some hidden away in the footer.
No header links and nothing else you can click on that might distract you from filling out the form. This method of isolating the visitor is a great combatant of something called the Zeigarnik Effect. So with only one task on the site, it’s easier for visitors to focus on that and complete the conversion.
Orange is the opposite of blue, red the opposite of green, and purple the opposite of yellow.
Red, on the other hand, creates a sense of urgency and could work just as well, or even better than an orange button. SHAPE: Sometimes, buttons with sharp corners don’t convert as well as ones with rounded corners. Sharp corners also tend to act as arrows, directing attention away from the button and not toward what’s inside, the call to action. Consider, instead of a regular rectangle, square, oval, or round shape, using a combination of shapes. Sometimes the call to action (CTA) on your button is more important than what the button looks like, and it’s also easier to test. By adding relevancy and value to the button’s CTA and also changing the form title, the landing page conversion rate increased by 31.54%. Right there on the other side of the phone is a salesman waiting like a cat about to attack. So how do you calm a visitor who knows that by calling, you have their phone number, and by emailing, you have their email address?
But most importantly, it’s an easy way for your prospective clients to get answers without having to pick up the phone, and it’s a lot faster than email. We don’t require your name, email, phone number, or social security before the chat starts. I can’t even begin to tell you how many of our new clients have started their relationship with us via Olark.
Explicit directional cues are like arrows that are obviously trying to move your attention to the form or the button the site wants you to click on. And to prove how powerful directional cues can be, take a look at these eye tracking examples and see the difference based on directional cues or lack thereof.
You know those white board animated videos you see on websites that are around 1 to 3 minutes long?
Our online attention spans have been steadily declining because of the speed of information we’re able to retrieve. Explainer videos are easy to consume and understand because they’re visual and can arouse more emotions than reading. Even though creating an explainer video isn’t easy, it’s well worth the effort if done right. An alternative to explainer videos would be image sliders that have proven to sometimes work better than explainer videos. Visual Website Optimizer created a case study in which the image slider had a 35% higher conversion rate lift than the explainer video. Either way, an image slider or explainer video (or both!) is a great test if you have the resources. Make it clickable so that it’s not just an image, taking people to the third-party verification of your site. You might think it’s necessary to provide a visitor with all the benefits and everything you can offer on your landing page.
Sometimes removing unnecessary paragraphs can improve the experience for the visitor and make it easier to understand, thereby increasing conversion rates. When people like something because “it’s different,” they tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends. Here’s a fun Mad Libs style twist on the regular lead generation form that actually increased conversions by 40%. It's all about the isolation :) Squeeze page or landing page, I know Google does allow certain types since landing pages for PPC destination URLs are extremely popular. Tweaking headline and body copy, adjusting line spacing, repositioning buttons, playing with fonts and colors – all of these conventional landing page optimization recommendations will bring only small, short-term results at best. We recently analyzed thousands of advertiser accounts to determine just what it is that sets the top converting landing pages apart from the average.
The small-fry, basic optimizations mentioned above (line spacing, button placement, font colors, etc.) are simply table stakes for landing page design. You might even see massive changes — double digit increases in your current conversion rate.

The top 10% of landing pages are converting at a rate 3 to 5 times higher than the average, but what about variation in different industries? However, the top 10% of landing pages in each industry perform 3-5 times better than the average, a trend we found held true across the board. If you want to break into the top 25%, you need to test four unique landing pages, on average, with different offers, messaging and flow to find that one winner. In many cases, focusing your time and attention on having just one truly spectacular offer is enough to propel yourself into the top 10% of landing pages. A common trait across all top performing landing pages was this: they have incredibly unique offers that help them stand out in their respective industries.
It’s easy to fall into the trap of offering the same thing everyone else is offering. The top converting landing pages feature creative offers that are more compelling, more interesting, and ultimately convert better.
We asked landing page visitors what would really help them out, by adding just one more form field on our landing page. This worked so well that they were actually overwhelmed by the response — but it created a different problem. Another landing page tweak solved that issue, as they then asked users to register the software only after using it for a week. Your ultimate goal needs to be not only higher conversion, but better leads — and ultimately, more sales. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Larry Kim is founder and CTO of WordStream, provider of the AdWords Grader and 20 Minute PPC Work Week. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the art and science of persuading your site visitors to take actions that benefit you, by making a purchase, offering a donation, or subscribing to a newsletter.
The idea behind CRO is to minimize your "bailout rate" and maximize your "conversion rate" by making your website more persuasive and easier to navigate.
CRO is the fastest and easiest way to increase leads and sales generated from your web site without spending more money on increasing traffic.
The importance of high conversion rates becomes clear when you look at the poor performance of the average e-commerce website. Have the Conversion Rate Optimization experts at Web Site Optimization transform your web site into powerful marketing machine that pulls MAXIMUM response and profits for your company.
Your newly updated web site will provide you with an immediate boost in results and provide you with a long term increase in leads and sales generated by your web site. In fact, Conversion Rate Optimization combined with a pay per click program is your best option if you seek fast results or while you are waiting for your search engine optimization (SEO) program to kick in.
Conversion Rate Evaluation - To increase your conversions (leads, opt-ins, sales), we will identify your target marketa€™s demographics, psychographics, and value-hierarchy (benefits wanted). Web Content Planning - We will conduct market research, competitive research, and create a content redesign plan to beat the competition.
Persuasive Copywriting - We will write compelling, targeted benefit-oriented copy (headlines, content, and offers) for your web site to build credibility and persuade your qualified visitors to ACT! Landing Page Writing a€“ We will write new landing pages for your services that persuade your visitors to contact you and buy.
Adaptive Multivariate Testing - Using a patent-pending self-learning method our software tests different content variations (headlines, page copy, offers, layout, and style) to find which combination gives you the best conversion rates and thus sales. 100% Guarantee a€“ We guarantee our copywriting and conversion rate strategies will increase your sales. Increase conversions with adaptive multivariate testing to squeeze more leads out of your exiating traffic. Improve your site's look, usability and accessibility for a more credible and successful website. Really good landing pages are designed to be simple: nothing more than a web page designed to get your web visitors to perform an action.
And with so many great products on the market these days, creating a landing page should be easier than ever. There are a number of reasons why you want your Google AdWords text ad and landing page headline to match. Just because you can throw up a landing page quickly in 20 minutes doesn’t mean you should. So the moment he or she sees a misspelled word or poor sentence structure – they are going to start backing away. Supply Endorsements – When you partner with big brands who have an online presence, you adopt their recognition and reputation. Supply 3rd Party Certification – No e-commerce site should be without a certificate of security from organizations like VeriSign and the Better Business Bureau.
Share Press Mentions – Has a high-profile blog or magazine positively reviewed your product?
See, after you’ve gotten the visitor’s attention with your seductive headline, created interest with compelling copy and provoked desire with social proof, testimonials and endorsements—you need to push them to perform an action. Tell them what you want them to do in the clearest, most concise and compelling language possible. Speaking of call-to-actions, it doesn’t matter how visible your call-to-action button is if you fail to make it compelling. Keep Design Consistent – More than likely you will repeat the call to action further down the page. Create a Sense of Moving Forward – With both your design and copy, the reader should feel like he is making progress.
Limit Character Count Between 90 to 150 – A great call-to-action is compelling in about five to seven words. Preferably you should use screenshots of how your product is used… (context of use) basically anything to help the visitor feel like they are holding or using the product. This image illustrates how hard it can be to pick out the purpose of a page when it’s overcrowded. People do scroll, so it’s okay to keep lower priority information and activities below the fold.
Eric Siu is the CEO at digital marketing agency Single Grain and interviews entrepreneurs (including Unbounce CEO Rick Perreault!) weekly at Growth Everywhere. Your job is to get creative and test them out, as every type of headline will yield different results.
Not only is this testimonial more convincing, but it can be used as a reference if your potential customer is still not convinced about doing business with you.
The easy, quick, and wrong way to do this is to write the testimonials yourself, or go on Fiverr and hire someone to do it.
A high number of required fields will either scare them away, or they’ll abandon it half way through. So it’s vital to make sure it’s performing at peak condition, like Michael Phelps was during the 2008 Olympics (and not how he performed afterwards). Use this color wheel to find your complementary and contrasting color for your button test. It’s widely accepted that orange is a great “click color” because it creates the feeling of buying or selling, it’s energetic.
But you’ll find one that makes the majority happy, and that’s the one that’s best for your landing page conversion rates.

They’re like that woman-drinking-a-green-juice-out-of-a-mason-jar-because-all-the-other-glasses-were-dirty type of look. And if done right, these little animated masterpieces could increase your conversion rates by 30% (or more). And if you’ve ever thought about it before, make sure you do your research and inquire about pricing, because some providers aren’t the cheapest.
Social sites like Pinterest and Instagram are not popular because people loved pinboards before they were digital or photography before there were filters.
Making your button bigger or having more testimonials does not guarantee an increase in conversion rate; it could actually make it worse! Look at your approach in terms of how you talk and communicate, and mystery shop your competition and your own employees. The landing page is the first step in the funnel and we all now how important & effective the sales funnels can be  when used correctly ! It's unfortunate that so many people believe their ads are the issue, when in fact, it's their landing page.
I've been a web developer for 14 years and I don't recall ever seeing a better, more-organized guide for landing page optimization.
Everything you've listed is so valuable, but I particularly liked the encouragement to use sliders (and the surprising effect they have on conversion). Infact, Im a testimony to adding testimonials as it really boost the morale of visitors and tend to make sign up! I spent all my time learning web design, only to find out that the most important thing in making money online is marketing, sales copy, and conversion. I especially found the rounded corners on buttons thing interesting - another reason why I find buttons with sharp corners unappealing is because I associate them with the ancient Windows 98-style operating system!
Worse, the optimizations promoted across industry blogs, courses and at conferences as game changers are really just best practices every marketer should have implemented already. These landing page conversion truths will change the way you optimize, enabling you outperform competitors by 3 to 5 times.
They may result in small, single-digit increases in conversion, but won’t get you to the top of the pile. However, we found that in most cases, these changes were only temporary and were usually the result of a too-small sample size or other factors.
On average, each small business account has just three landing pages, with one taking 85% or more of their impressions and clicks. If you’re a dentist, for example, your offer might be a discount on an initial visit. For example, we had to take a critical look at our own software free trial offer when we realized our conversion rates just weren’t where we wanted them to be. That insight told us our prospects wanted more information they could use to help them improve their PPC strategy, so we offered a free AdWords Grader report card instead.
Get creative with your offers and test several completely different ones to find your winners. Instead of asking people to sign up for a free trial, they made the software download open and instead asked people to register the software after installing. CRO uses a wide variety of techniques, including persuasive copywriting, credibility-based web design, and multivariate testing of alternatives, to convert prospects into buyers. By planning, designing, and optimizing your website to persuade, you can ensure that it will act as a more efficient sales tool.
Yet most companies focus on increasing traffic and rankings first, leaving conversion rate optimization to be done last. Our adaptive multi-variable split testing takes any guesswork out of conversion rate optimization since the numbers speak for themselves!
If your text ad copy says, “Discover 4 Ways to Improve Your Career as a Web Developer” and your landing page headline says, “The Truth about Professional Training Courses,” you are going to startle the reader when he clicks through. Meaning, you can improve the quality of your landing page, raise your quality score and lower your CPC when you match text ad copy with landing page headline. Just like a blog post, a landing page should present your visitors with useful, unique and ultra-specific information.
You see social proof in action when you see subscriber counts, Twitter followers or number of product users.
These changes amounted to an increased voter base, wider and more aggressive volunteerism and, more importantly, $60 million in donations.
Once you have a winner, you can test that one against another one to get even better results. So you could test different headlines, call-to-action designs, images, videos and so on at the same time, helping you find the best combination.
I’ve had some success with using the same header as my primary site and zero navigation except for the log in on my landing page. I’ve spotted a couple of companies with testimonials from the same person because of their picture.
We also made the copy easier to read, added some directional cues, and changed the color of the buttons. Both Unbounce and SiteTuners use it on their sites – and they’re conversion rate optimization companies, so they should know! Even if you have a 42% lead gen conversion rate on your landing page, your real conversion rate could be much lower when it comes to actually sealing the deal. But for free marketing, i've tested various formats and have found that a simple little squeeze page gets me the most leads. I almost thought it was too long, but happy to hear that the comprehensiveness got people excited.
I can see how sliders (and even chats) can be very effective, particularly for certain audiences. In our research, we found that about a quarter of all accounts are converting at less than 1%. We want to believe our optimizations have paid off, so we discount the daily statistical flux that occurs across all of our campaigns. Digging deeper, you can see that about 80% of traffic goes to just the top 10% of landing pages. Meaning: why even spend your time optimizing those two landing  pages that are soaking up only 15% of the clicks?
In fact, according to a recent survey by Backbone IT Group only 11% of companies surveyed use some form of conversion rate optimization while 75% use SEO. But you can’t force them to perform that action, whether it be buying, downloading or subscribing, if you hide the call-to-action from them.
Many of your pitfall points uncover the conversion problems of a page that need to all point toward the same goal. My current theme on my primary site allows me to build custom landing pages and remove the side bars. They provide quiet interaction or information gathering and are best for people in group office settings or other areas where they can't (or prefer not to) turn on speakers to consume a video with sound, e.g. They do, however, put a good deal of effort into testing landing page variations to find the winners. Each frame of a long, scrolling landing page should suggest just one, clear goal and action.
In fact, when I'm doing research or study, it's frustrating when all the options require audio, because sometimes it is just more convenient to read and view images.I look forward to employing your recommendations in my conversion testing!

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