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In this 11-part course landing page expert Oli Gardner and 10 renowned conversion rate optimization experts (including Rand Fishkin, Peep Laja, Michael Aagaard, Copyblogger, Hubspot and more), will walk you through how to create high-converting landing pages. A landing page can be any page that someone lands on after clicking on an online marketing call-to-action. This creates the need for two types of landing page – a lead generation page and a click-through page. Once you have a lead’s permission, you then try to convert them into a customer by combining the two most powerful 1-to-1 communication tools a marketer has – email and landing pages.
Click-through pages (sometimes called jump pages) are designed as a conduit between a marketing ad and it’s final destination. Commonly used for ecommerce, click-through pages provide enough information to inform the buyer, making them ready to purchase, before pushing them further down the funnel – probably to a shopping cart or checkout. Landing pages live separately from your website and are designed to only receive campaign traffic.
If we look at an example of a WebTrends landing page, which is focused entirely on a single campaign objective, you’ll notice that it has only one call-to-action. It’s immediately clear what you are supposed to do on this page, complete the form to download the data sheet. Landing pages should have all navigation and extra links removed so there is only a single action for your visitors to take. With 50 links on your homepage, your attention ratio is 2% – compared to 100% with a single CTA. Webinar registration for live online sessions, often with Q&A with experts and special guest presenters.
Or any of the lead capture uses listed above, if you want to use an introductory page before sending them on to the landing page with your lead gen form. Most visitors are impatient and will leave your page within a few seconds of arrival if you don’t reinforce their intent with a matching headline and purpose (quickly and clearly). By ensuring a strong message match, you are letting the visitor know that they made a “good click”. A weak message match will result in a higher bounce rate and thus a drop in conversion rate.
Not only is the copy perfectly matched here, but there is also a very strong “design match”, where the visual treatment of the landing page has been incorporated into the banner, helping to further reinforce the connection between banner and landing page. Conversion scent, or information scent, is another way of describing the connection between your source ad and your landing page. Maintaining the information scent from ad to landing page is a critical factor for conversions. The more contextually related your page headlines are to the calls-to-action people clicked on, the more likely those prospects are to make the connection that your landing page is for them. To round out the first day of the course, we’ve got a video for you so you can observe just how bad message match can be. Developing a decent landing page does take a little thought and ability, but ita€™s not as though it requires absolute genius to build one that is effective and entices prospects to move through.
We created the landing page below for a customer that had been struggling with the development of this landing page for quite some time.
One other thing to note on this case study is that we resolved the problem of representing multiple products on one landing page by folding in one of the products into the other as an option (last bullet) since the two were directly related to one another. Supplements are a popular target for landing pages, because they’re easy to make a call to action work. When you’re talking about a small handful of products, or even just one product that a landing page is intended to sell, the important thing is to do it as quickly as possible. You can’t make it too feature-heavy, for the abovementioned reason of trying to make the sale as quickly as possible, but also because you could be getting a lot of mobile traffic as well. Even having one testimonial on your header can make a difference with your visitor engagement rates. Video testimonials, and video content as a whole, is also something you can put on your landing page if you want to add a more media rich presentation, but if you do so, it’s recommended that you create a mobile version of that landing page as well, to make the mobile experience as quick as possible for that demographic.
If you have an offer, getting traffic to your Landing page is going to be a necessity to getting eyes in front of what your looking to sell or promote. Solo Ad Marketing : (Email Marketing) With solo ad marketing you are going to want to construct an email that is intriguing. The object of email marketing is to get people to open your email, click your links and then enter their email into your opt in email page to be added to your email forum.
With text ads the location is going to be important to the relevancy of the text you provide for the ad. The same things that apply to your text ads, you’re going to want to apply to banner ads. A good, persuasive landing page grabs the attention of visitors and compels them to complete a conversion. The look, feel, and overall structure of your page design will have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your landing page and how well it drives conversions.
Be sure to maintain a clean page with obvious, natural navigation and no distractions (such as pop ups). Take into account what key info needs to be shown above the fold within the visitors’ direct line of vision, and what can be put below the fold.

A good landing page should have a strong offer and be able to explain why the offer is valuable in clear and concise terms. Some landing pages choose to push their value proposition to the main headline and use the sub-heading to discuss the actual software or offer.
Good landing pages make abundant use of trust signals, which can indicate to visitors that their offer and brand are trustworthy. Even unofficial (and, honestly, meaningless) buttons like those purchased from stock graphic sites add an element of trust and build confidence in your offer. These days it’s essential that your landing page can easily be navigated on mobile devices, as nearly 30% of all web activity comes from mobile. When a user visits your site, naturally as an online marketer you want to collect as much data as you can from them. If you have a great offer and have been promoting it well, you’ll likely be getting traffic from a number of different sources. Effective landing pages make sure to match the words used in their page copy with the keywords and text used in their PPC ads.
The AdWords Landing Page Grader is a free tool that checks your PPC landing pages for best practices, conversion rate optimization and more.
Our software and services help businesses and agencies take the guesswork out of pay-per-click advertising so you get more from your marketing budget. The course includes step-by-step instructional videos so you can follow along, creating your own landing pages as you go. In essence it floats alone, only accessible from the link you’re providing in your marketing content (the call-to-action in an email for example). Videos or product images paired with a description and product benefits help to persuade the visitor to click the call-to-action. As we’ll see, this separation allows them to be focused on a single objective and makes analytics, reporting & testing a simpler task. It speaks to your overall brand and corporate values and is typically loaded with links and navigation to other areas of your site. Each link on your page that doesn’t represent your conversion goal is a distraction that will dilute your message and reduce your conversion rate. Message match is the ability of your landing page to reinforce the messaging presented on the link that was clicked to reach the page. The scent begins when the ad is seen, and is maintained or ended when the visitor sees your landing page (depending on how strong your message match is). A great way to ensure your message match is strong is to write your ad CTA on a piece of paper and your landing page headline on another piece of paper underneath. The steps to take in order to end up with something that you might be proud to call your best landing page design are fairly generic and can be followed like a formula. The biggest issue for this customer was that they wanted to represent two different products on one landing page.
It is expressed in crisp terms that dona€™t require a lot of thought to understand, and reflect the essence of the call to action that drove the prospect to the landing page.
Your prospect should arrive at the page, confirm the offer, get instructions what to do, and then do it.
They don’t usually need a wide selection of products or a lot of hoops to go through.
Having several can enhance that further, but don’t go overboard on the testimonial section of your landing page. Customers want to know that the product they are taking is what they actually want and are looking for.
If your supplement was either directly mentioned in an article or report that gave it positive press, or if your supplement is of the same type as a new breakthrough or trend, include that information so that you can ride the wave of positive press for your sales. Not only could you be eating up far too much visual real estate by the time of doing this,  your visitors may not be interested in the exact formula that you use to achieve a result with a supplement.
This type of marketing can be done through individuals who offer solo ads from their personal email list, or companies list management. Dependent on the type of service you use, you can have the hoover function of a text ad showing a preview of a webpage before someone clicks the link or you can send them straight to the offer with no hoover option. You will need to create a campaign relevant to where you ad is being shown, as well as text relevant to that ad. Making sure everything is relevant to what you are offering is how you will begin to build trust with your potential subscribers and future customers.
Your offer may be stellar and your PPC ads might be optimized pieces of perfection, but without a good landing page, your business is bound to suffer. The primary goal of your landing page should be to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to convert, so it is important that all elements of your page work towards the conversion objective, whether it being filling out a form, making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading an ebook. Certain button colors such as red or green are said to increase landing page conversions, but above all make sure that there is a strong contrast between your button color and your background.
A good landing page provides all the necessary information needed to encourage visitors to convert, but nothing extra.
Most visitors naturally know that they can scroll down for more information, so don’t be afraid to add more thorough descriptions down where they will be discreetly hidden.
The landing page headline and subheadings provide a key opportunity to promote the value of your offer.

Don’t forget, you have about 8 seconds to convince users your offer is worth pursuing, so it’s absolutely essential that your offer and value proposition are clear and convincing. Trust signals can take a number of different forms – testimonials are a classic form of trust signal, capitalizing on word-of-mouth to reassure visitors with endorsements from past clients or customers. Trust badges often refer to the logos of well-known brands you’ve worked with in the past, certain endorsements and recognitions you’ve received, groups and coalitions you are a member of, etc. Most users won’t mind providing their name and email address, but asking for phone numbers or date of birth can cause your drop off rate to skyrocket to 50%.
Repeating the same language and key phrases reassures visitors that they’re on the right path and shows consistency. If a user clicks a PPC ad about sleeping bags, don’t drop them in the camping section – you want to bring them to their exact desired destination. Dedicated landing pages are standalone pages that are designed for a specific marketing campaign. You can play around with your landing page to see whether you get more conversions on it with different form fields. If someone is looking for a particular supplement, and they can get that supplement right away from your landing page, they will. If someone walks into a real life, brick and mortar health supplement store, they’re usually there to buy a particular product, not to browse. If you’re selling a workout supplement targeted specifically at men, it needs to have the proper aesthetic in terms of color, image choices, and more. It could also be in a side bar at the top so that you aren’t cutting in on any important details that a visitor might want to know, but make no mistake. For example, raspberry ketones have been popular in the past, and reported on in dozens of health magazines.
Creating compelling text is what you will need to do in order to get individuals to click your link.
There are many different button attributes you should test to ensure a good landing page – test color, placement, and size to discover the most effective landing page layout.
Too much info can overwhelm visitors, so keep it simple and provide only the essential information that will guide visitors down the funnel.
A good landing page design maintains a clean and attractive visual impression while still allowing visitors the information they might desire in a non-intrusive way, and taking advantage of the below the fold space is one great way to do this.
Most effective landing pages confirm the offer with the headline and use the sub-heading for further explanation of the offer or to share the value proposition. This can also be done with “Like” counters, which push a more subtle form of endorsement through “Likes” and +1s from various social media sites. Your landing page should look and feel great on mobile devices – easy to navigate, fast loading, and ultra clickable. A user that arrives at your landing page from a Facebook or Twitter post is quite different than a user that arrives at your landing page from a PPC ad or a link from your monthly newsletter. Testing and tracking results are essential for seeing what your landing page is doing right, and what it is doing wrong. You should be responding with a resounding a€?RIGHTa€?, by the way, because the landing page proposition needs to be crystal clear.
Weight loss supplements tend to be more popular with women, which is why you find most will have vacation-related imagery, softer tones like orange or purple, and other design choices. Your call to action is going to be where you are going to be generating the most sales conversions.
The info you do put front and center should be easily scannable – good landing page copy uses bullet points to explain details when possible. Another way to add more information without overwhelming visitors with text is through video landing pages. If you want to learn more about making your landing page mobile ready, check out our guide to creating mobile-friendly websites. The more fields you ask a visitor to enter, the less chance you have of them filling out the form and completing the desired conversion. When a prospect reaches a landing page, all you want them to do is to fill out the form, so all the content on the page should be steering them in that direction, not asking them to make a decision.
You want to make the sale as soon as possible, because if you don’t, someone else will.
Whether it’s an e-mail address field for more information on your supplement, or a “pre-qualify” survey that achieves roughly the same effect, it is just as much a part of your sales focus as anything else.
Use that to your advantage by putting it up front for visitors to see, to build trust right off the bat. Consider highlighting the key points of your offer with text and using an optional, clickable video to explain the details.

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