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There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format. A three layer architecture usually puts something between the presentation and data store layers such as a business logic layer or service layer.
Putting multiple machines in a tier will help with the robustness of the system by providing redundancy.
Tiers are nothing but the separation of concerns and in general the presentation layer (the forms or pages that is visible to the user) is separated from the data tier (the class or file interact with the database). In a three-tier architecture, the data and applications are split onto seperate servers, with the server-side distributed between a database server and an application server. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged architecture n-tier-architecture or ask your own question.
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3Tier has a Middle stage to communicate client to server, Where as in 2Tier client directly get communication to server.

3Tier is linear means in that request flow is Client>>>Middle Layer(SErver application) >>>Databse server and Response is reverse.
This separation is done in order to improve the maintainability, scalability, re-usability, flexibility and performance as well.
The application resides on the server rather than the client, probably because the server will have more processing power and disk space than the PC.
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Reason being that each server will be dedicated to processing either data or application requests, hence a more manageable system and less contention for resources will occur. Integration with your AR system is a breeze! Whatever service you use, Landing Page Monkey works with Everything!

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