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If your conversion rate is high but you don’t know how to increase it any further, you’ll find this useful. And we are proud that some of the web’s most sophisticated companies have adopted it; we’ve spent the past few years working with clients like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Lloyds Banking Group, GQ, and Sony—plus some outstanding, forward-looking small businesses. At this point, you also don’t know why your visitors aren’t converting, so any suggestions you make would be theoretical rather than based on evidence.
It is important to have customer empathy and to understand the thought processes your visitors are going through.
It’s impossible to critique a website without knowing from where its visitors are coming, on which landing pages they arrive, and how they navigate around the site. Take a bird’s-eye view of your business, identifying the areas that appear to hold the greatest opportunity. Seek to understand your entire conversion funnel, starting with the initial ad impression where someone first encounters your business and finishing with the thank-you page and beyond (there’s often a lot of opportunity in optimizing post-sale events such as referral programs, up-sells, and email marketing).
The best way to visualize this process is by thinking about blocked arteries and missing links. Discover blocked arteries with web analytics tools such as ClickTale, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Webtrends, Google Analytics, and KISSmetrics. It doesn’t matter how good your website or product is if you’re asking the wrong people to do the wrong thing at the wrong time—which is why you need to start with an understanding of your different visitor types and visitor intentions. Do you have distinct visitor types based on the visitors’ situations, their past experiences, or their intentions? Understanding these different visitors will give you clarity about how to organize your conversion funnel so you’re showing the right content, with the right call-to-action, to the right visitors, at the right time in their buying journey. If you owned a real-life bricks-and-mortar store, it would be easy: You’d hear their objections. You can get a wealth of information about your marketplace using tools like Google Alerts, Moz PRO, Twitter Search, and Yahoo! Each of our clients has had elements within its business that would have been highly persuasive to its prospects but that the prospects never saw. Sometimes, the challenge lies in creating a wish list of persuasive assets that your company needs to acquire.
Look for the quick wins with the biggest financial impact, so changes that are easy to implement are given a higher priority.
There are many software platforms for tracking and testing, each of which has its own benefits. Once the split testing platform is in place, run through and verify that everything is set up properly.
A winning appeal in a landing page test can provide a winning headline for your AdWords campaigns (or vice versa). If a particular offer performs well in your own marketing materials, your affiliates may benefit from using it too. The CRE Methodology™ is iterative; subsequent experimental plans will be based on the outcome of the previous experiments. As this overview has shown, The CRE Methodology™ is not about best-practice page elements; it’s a process of activities that encompass a wide range of disciplines. If you are serious about becoming great at conversion, you should download our amazingly useful free reports.
If you'd like us to dramatically improve your website, visit our "Services" page and then contact us for more information. Tom Leung, former Senior Business Product Manager at Google speaking about Conversion Rate Experts. Plus email notification of new tools, research and conversion insights as soon as we get them.
AdWords & SEO Online Marketing Consultancy by former Google employee, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Louise and Barry did a detailed analysis of our website and were able to give us some really clear instructions on how to improve our code & content for better search rankings.
Search Scientist took on the management of our PPC accounts in September 2014 and we have seen an improvement in our return on investment straight away. Louise gave a first class professional service and had a clear understanding of our business needs. Louise and Barry have been a great help during the build process of our new website, they have been very helpful and provided a lot of insight from the start of the project.
Louise and Matt are two of the most friendly and approachable people we are yet to encounter in the industry. Louise is very focused on helping us achieve these targets, and is a consummate professional who has brought much added value to our online presence over and above her expertise with Google AdWords. We currently use Louise and her company Search Scientist Ltd for our Google AdWords and shopping campaigns. We have been working with Louise for almost 6 months and in contrast to our experiences with other PPC companies she has delivered a very good return on investment.
Louise from Search Scientist was flexible, very conscious of our goals and worked with us to improve our online ROI. She really is an AdWords expert and guided us through the process, sharing precious Dos and Do Nots that were really helpful. We’ve seen an excellent return on our investment from Louise’s highly attentive management of our AdWords account.
Louise has been great to work with; her attention to detail has allowed us to make vital changes to our  website in order to make it work throughout the AdWords campaign. We hired Louise from Search Scientist to improve the SEO of our website and therefore increase traffic and hopefully sales.

Louise provided fabulously in-depth structured SEO audit reports, followed up with a valuable in-house training session, reinforcing how to apply the data for maximum return. Working with Louise was a genuine pleasure, she is diligent, professional and a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to all things ‘on-line’. Previously we’d worked with another AdWords consultant, and from that we saw a drop off in sales. Louise has provided us with not only AdWords management and SEO but marketing and PR advice as well.
Louise is a true professional offering in-depth advice and support to local businesses through Castlereagh Borough Councils business support programmes.
We used SEO training to help improve our ranking on Google search results and to provide information on Google products and services. Our training was tailored to our new websites and we found it helpful in going ahead and implementing the changes ourselves. My website had been receiving very little traffic until Search Scientist advised us that we needed to optimize our web site to direct targeted traffic to us. This was the best money we spent this year we saw an immediate improvement in sales as a direct result of the Search Engine Optimisation work Search Scientist did for us. Louise never fails to deliver a professional, friendly and extremely efficient response to any queries. Louise worked with us on developing a new online marketing campaign to raise the profile of our French villa letting website. Louise is a top notch professional and the best person I know for getting your business up and running in the online space. She is always on hand to give advice and gives us clear weekly updates as to the progress of our campaign. We are extremely pleased with the significant improvement in our Google ranking within the space of just a few months. Louise obviously spent a lot of time researching my AdWords account, website and competition.
We have been using Google AdWords for many years and seen our rank slowly drop whilst our costs increased. Our ranking has gradually increased, costs gradually decreased and profits increased during the time that Louise has worked on our account. It’s an overview of the Conversion Rate Experts Methodology (CRE Methodology™), which we use on all of our clients. We’ve mentioned it in conference talks, but this is the first time we’ve published an overview of it. To sketch your conversion funnel, map out every action that a prospect has to take to become your customer. Also prioritize your efforts on parts of your business that are easiest to make changes to. Just as an artery in your body is the highway that carries large volumes of blood, an artery in your business is a high-volume pathway that leads to sales. Start by implementing appropriate feedback mechanisms for capturing the most common objections. Study your marketplace—for example, your competitors, any expert commentators, and what your customers are saying in social media and on review sites—and then explore possibilities for improving your positioning by building upon your company’s core strengths.
The key is to identify all of these persuasion assets, and then present them to the prospect at the right time in the buying process. Take all of the ideas you’ve generated from the research and prioritize those big, bold, targeted ones that will grow your business in the shortest time. Every test we develop is documented so that we can review and prioritize ideas that are inspired by winning tests. The wireframe must be designed to be more persuasive, more believable, and more user-friendly than the existing version. All split testing software automatically calculates when one version of the page has generated significantly more conversions, from a statistics perspective, than the others.
Your increased conversion rate will mean you can profitably invest more in advertising channels such as SEO, PPC, social media, affiliate marketing, and offline media.
From the initial contact right through to the session, Louise was very easy to communicate with and understood our requirements exactly. They had done a huge amount of preparation on us, our websites, and our social media profiles prior to their visit.
They took on board our level of understanding and helped to build us up to a level that we had hoped to achieve all along. She explains everything in a clear and concise manner and is really helpful with any questions, she has greatly improved the performance of our online campaigns and helped us to improve our online knowledge in house via just a few short sessions. Louise is an absolute expert in her field and I have found her to be extremely professional, patient and always available to offer advice and direction.
Our campaign is being constantly monitored and tweaked with detailed monthly reports focusing on the all important bottom line. Louise has introduced tracking for improved reporting, driven down costs and is most responsive to our businesses needs. We had wasted thousands of pounds on Google Adwords and with training from Search Scientist we are now able to use AdWords to target the customers that we want at a fraction of the cost. I would have no hesitation in using Louise again.
Louise’s experience and knowledge of online marketing means her expert help and advice has been essential to our company in moving forward. Under Louise’s guidance we feel confident we now have another unique advantage in the market. She arrived well prepared, and our training session was very informative and based on our live campaigns. Getting the right advice to start a business is crucial and it can make the difference between success and failure.
Louise’s online marketing and search engine optimisation knowledge is extensive and all businesses mentored by Louise have benefited massively.
Search Scientist knew all the tricks of the trade and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their sales. Having set up our Google AdWords campaign, her expertise and guidance has really contributed to our business success within the online arena.

She collaborated effectively with my IT consultant and made sure that all tracking was in order before launching the AdWords campaigns. As well as designing and organising our AdWords campaign, she offered us a wealth of ideas and information to help increase sales through social media and more traditional marketing methods. In a short space of time, she compiled detailed research and constructed an AdWords campaign that produced results instantly. Louise guided us through the setting up of video ads, image ads, local business ads and our YouTube channel. Louise was key in the expansion of our business by cutting wastage and getting us the ROI we were after. Significant improvements were made to the campaigns and each area of focus was delivered to pre-agreed timescales and with a full understanding of our requirements and needs. She acquired important knowledge on our products very rapidly and on a personal level Louise is very friendly and knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with.
We receive weekly updates, information and helpful advice. If you want a better Adwords ranking, more sales and less costs make sure that you make Search Scientist your 1st and only stop. It doesn’t involve shoot-from-the-hip guesswork, and it doesn’t have the excitement and appeal of magic buttons. Once you have identified your business’s arteries, search for blockages in them—that is, aspects of them that are underperforming. This usually requires some research aimed at understanding your visitors and their intentions. Bold changes give you more profit, and you get quicker, larger returns (it’s a statistics thing). Our experience has shown that the significant wins come from basing the new content upon insights that were gleaned from the previous six steps.
Pay particular attention to critical copy elements such as the headline, introductory paragraphs, and calls-to-action.
Each time your conversion rate is increased, it becomes increasingly difficult for competitors to compete. I had no hesitation in booking her services for a second project even before the first project was completed. Search Scientist have built the foundations and provided the expertise to allow us to continue to grow our on-line presence. Helping us to develop our understanding of how we interface with our customers and potential customers. In a crowded field of so-called experts, Louise stands head and shoulders above the rest with guidance and expertise you can trust to deliver results. If you’re looking for help with PPC, SEO, remarketing or google display then make Louise your first port of call. I have no hesitation in recommending Louise and Search Scientist to anyone and look forward to continuing our working relationship for a long time. Search Scientist is supremely professional and I can thoroughly recommend their marketing services.
I really enjoyed working with Louise, she has been extremely supportive and we all appreciate the hard work she has put in for Bailies Coffee Company. She is extremely diligent and articulate with her work and reports back to us constantly, so that we are aware of what stage in the process we have reached. We are really looking forward to working with Louise on our PPC campaigns this year. We found Louise to be very knowledgeable in Google’s products, and she provided valuable insight which will no doubt be of great benefit to our business. We are extremely pleased with the results of Louise’s hard work and with the improvement in our Google ranking. She solved all their problems, and gave them an excellent set of guidelines to take forward for the year.
She reviewed the sites, understood my goals, was flexible and focused on priority actions to deliver the best value to my business. Within a couple of months there was an improvement in rankings, traffic and business. Louise advised on keywords, landing pages, ads, reports, website suggestions and much more. You need to define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will ensure you meet your goals.
Carry out several usability tests on the wireframe and discuss them with anyone who has an empathic understanding of your customers.
All our questions (some probably very stupid) were answered and we left the meetings with clear direction, on a huge to-do list but with knowledge on how to carry it out. She is extremely knowledgeable in Google Adwords, providing lots of helpful tips and tricks. Explaining in simple terms how to adapt our approach to engaging our customers to ensure that we reach a greater audience.
Even if you think you understand Google Adwords, Louise will always show you something you didn’t know before. We’re assured that Louise is on hand to answer any post-training queries, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
She is always helpful and supportive and we are looking forward to a prosperous future working with her.
The return on investment has been exceptional and we would definitely recommend Louise to anyone wanting to make money online. If you are thinking of getting started be sure and give her a call; if you are already active and need a plan to expand and optimise your marketing she can be just as effective. Louise is an pleasure to work with and can be trusted to do a better job than bigger agencies.

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