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We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. The Print Ad titled CHICKEN was done by Ammirati Puris Lintas Mumbai advertising agency in India. The Print Ad titled CROSS was done by Ammirati Puris Lintas Madrid advertising agency for brand: Amnesty International in Spain.
So here's the concluding part of the roundtable that Brand Equity organised with the heads of some of the leading advertising and media agencies from the Ad Agency Reckoner 2010.
The Brand Equity Agency Reckoner 2009 has given ad agency Ogilvy & Mather two a€” or is it seven? How have you been affected by India's emergence as a key market for both advertising agencies and marketers?
The agency manages to hold on to its position as India's top ad agency for the seventh consecutive time. Balsara : My understanding is that advertising agencies in developing economies like India chase growth for its own sake.
Its chairman, the gifted Piyush Pandey, is India's most influential advertising personality in the pecking order of creative and media persons.
The bosses are in New York and London where there is no growth and saying this is the place to be.
Perhaps it's only befitting that Ogilvy's client Vodafone was the country's most admired marketer in the survey results unveiled by Brand Equity last month.
2 and Lowe Lintas, Mudra and McCann Erickson following at the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions, respectively. Among media agencies, Mindshare yet again proves that it's number one in market share as well a€” the agency retains its No.
However, among media personalities, it's Madison Group's chairman Sam Balsara who was media Moghul No.

They are unable to see the difference between a bloody machinery cost or packaging cost and the cost of Balki and Piyush. Mudra Max's Pratap Bose and Mindshare's R Gowthaman edged their way above Shashi Sinha and Ambika Srivastava to take the No.
The world is under pressure and obviously when you have a multinational organisation you are going to look at your growth areas and put pressure on them.
The fact that India is a growth area doesn't mean we can't do something here for ourselves. 1 hat, with Prasoon Joshi of McCann Erickson and R Balki of Lowe Lintas cementing their positions as the hottest creative men. Perhaps the fact that these men are also the top three most influential advertising personalities seals the long standing argument of who's the real Paa in the advertising hierarchy a€” client servicing suits, media Moguls or creative wizards. Among film production houses, Nirvana Films benefits from the popularity of the Zoozoos by regaining its top slot after a huge fall last year.
That production houses run by young blood is giving the old ones a run for their money was evident from the fact that Prahlad Kakkar's Genesis Films left Abhinay Deo and Rajiv Menon on the chart of ad production houses at No. Clients will face this problem in a huge way when the younger generation comes into its own. Just two months ago, we did a survey and found that one factor for attrition is that people don't enjoy being in the industry as much as we did. 2 spot on the hottest creative director's list, while Leo Burnett's Pops has made a comeback at No. 8, which could be the result of his switching agencies; however, please welcome Anuja Chauhan and Senthil Kumar, who make their comeback among the Top 10 creative directors.
The introduction of three new verticals a€” Top Digital Agencies, Top Design Agencies and Top Brand Promotion Companies a€” last year has given insomnia to some more of the ad world folks. So while the Top 3 design and digital agencies remain unchanged, the cut-throat world of brand promotions has seen Encompass Events emerge on top this year.

But now is the best possible time to have this conversation since even marketers are facing the same problems within their organisations.
I must motivate them, I must make them work for me willingly and happily.' But because of the commercialisation, clients are losing out.
In my agency there are clearly some businesses my people want to work for and others they do not want to work for. Also a commitment that we will devote a little more time on coming to an agreement than we have in the past. How can we work together to give clients better value, using what we have within the system?
When you go to Deloitte and PwC and get those researches, they tell you what the numbers are like. In our business, they are emotional and put in a lot more than a commitment in terms of the number of hours.
This model is stupid for an ideas business since you need to remunerate on the value of an idea and we don't know how to evaluate that. We can say whatever we like in advertising but the consumer will get away with saying whatever she wants. On the back foot we'll just end up saying, can we cut 10 people or make the size of our offices smaller. Assuming that this is the last decade in the business for at least some of you, will you be happy or sad to leave?

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