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AdSoft Direct provides tools to create, manage and deliver engaging, 1-to-1 personalized marketing programs that deliver 2000:1 ROI. We take great care in managing prospect lists and cleansing data using our 12-step process to ensure industry-leading deliverability on direct mail campaigns. For the past decade, leading organizations, including some of the nation’s top banks and lending institutions, have been turning to AdSoft Direct to develop deeper customer relationships and attract new business. As a leading enterprise provider of web-based marketing campaign management, AdSoft Direct puts a brand’s every marketing resource within reach of its geographically-dispersed sales team, agents, franchises, or office locations.
Marketing teams love the time saving benefits and the ability to maintain complete control of campaign creation, approval, and distribution by individual users using the integrated workflow approval and reporting tools. AdSoft Direct is a pioneer in the industry, being among the first to create a campaign management solution built by seasoned marketers for corporate marketing departments. Corporate marketing departments benefit from a 360-degree view of the local marketing and direct marketing process while maintaining precision execution and complete corporate oversight.
To see AdSoft Direct’s marketing platform in action, click here to schedule a live demo and watch the introductory video.
AdSoft Direct is an enterprise software and marketing services provider that deploys self-service marketing centers in the cloud for national brands with locations, franchises, agents or partners across the country. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
No matter how a company tries to promote its brand, it’s difficult to find the right balance of creativity and functionality. Introduced by a recent commercial, this initiative replaces traditional forms of in-store payment with random acts of kindness or fun. There are methods to make every potential customer feel unique without forcing them to do something that feels unnatural. Every one who sells, services, or promotes your brand whether across the country or across the globe is a brand ambassador.
Appealing to specific users is important on social media, as it helps put the potential customer first and gives an ad more individuality.
This could point to the enduring virtues of making online ad content with targets firmly in mind.
The ads specifically center around the Lexus NX vehicle, and could reach as many as 6 million people, or so the company says.
While viewing video on Facebook stands to be a further source of steady user engagement for brands, what matters most is that businesses are putting their best content forward in a consistent way.
The question is, could they be getting more if they added a robust distributed marketing platform to their CRM solution?  According to Edgar  Rodriguez, Distribion’s EVP and a 20-year-veteran of the industry, the answer is yes. Graphic credit:  The graphic used to illustrate this blog was provided by Distribion corporate PR, and is used with permission. In many occasions fundraisers manage stand-alone direct mail campaigns, telemarketing campaigns or any other channel-campaigns. In a next blog I will talk more about how to develop a supporter journey and important reminders for this. Jens Hooiveld (1 blogs on 101fundraising)Jens Hooiveld has been working as a fundraiser for more then 10 years now.

1) Plan communications in advance – it gives you a much higher chance of sticking to deadlines and means you can structure messages around key opportunities rather than just being reactive. 4) Monitor performance – these days a lot can be learned by looking at open and clickthrough rates, spikes in website traffic etc. Looking forward to reading your next blog and hearing more about your approach – it’s such an important area and if charities get it right then it makes a big difference! The company announced the release of a new case study that proves how well local marketing automation works, by increasing unit loan volume by 400% and delivering 2000:1 ROI. From product sheets personalized with local contact information, direct mail postcards and enveloped letters, to email blasts, corporate-approved social media posts and branded merchandise AdSoft Direct can help.
Their system is not a run-of-the-mill postcard creation and order entry system, as the marketing resource centers they create are unparalleled in helping a marketing department achieve organization and scale that was previously unattainable. Capabilities include the ability to personalize, manage co-op partner campaign customization and billing, tracking details of order history across regions and markets, and setting up automated drip campaigns up to one year in advance. Their integrated solution makes delivering personalized and localized marketing campaigns across both traditional and digital marketing channels fast, easy, measurable and profitable.
Customers could respond well to an idea from left-field, but something too experimental risks getting ridiculed and hurting business instead of improving it. Instead of using money, randomly selected customers in the first two weeks of February are given simple tasks from cashiers, including performing a dance or calling someone close to them.
Coca Cola, for example, released bottles of its soda with special names on them in a well-received campaign last summer, selling millions of drinks around the world. With a decentralized marketing plan, businesses have a chance to integrate themselves into the lives of their audiences seamlessly online, where boundaries can still be respected. Our marketing software sits in the cloud helping to execute and manage their local direct mail and email campaigns, collateral printing, microsites with SEO and landing pages, and social media posts without ever compromising your brand.
As the Wall Street Journal has reported, Lexus is taking a plunge into Facebook video marketing with a campaign intended to increase its reach with specialized video ads.
The car manufacturer has produced 1,000 videos for dissemination across the social network, geared towards different demographics and designed to seem custom-tailored for each viewer. What makes this announcement even more noteworthy is the way it may play into changing trends on Facebook. Information from a recent earnings call has revealed that 3 billion videos are watched on Facebook each day, according to TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden. Automated marketing solutions are useful for keeping target demographics on all platforms equally notified of new marketing campaigns that could concern them. With hardly any idea whether the timing and proposition are suitable to the supporter, but just because they fit general selection criteria or their own planning.
Like sharing social content, signing petitions, doing voluntary work, buying merchandise, etc. But for some supporter segments it’s sometimes better to ask for something else, or simply to ask nothing and give value instead. Apart from the obvious contact details and transactional data, also (non-) response data from all channels, online data and survey data will help you to build better profiles of your supporters. Sounds obvious but many charities don’t plan out their communications with this approach.

It is counter-productive to ask all your supporters to donate ?5 per month, participate in a fun run etc if they are capable of giving more.
Analysing this over time builds a picture of what your supporters are interested in and what they react to best.
If you do, please add that it “has been published prior on 101fundraising – Crowdblog on Fundraising” with a link to our crowdblog.
With their roots in direct mail marketing and local marketing automation, AdSoft Direct has expanded its offering to include email, social media and web-based marketing tools and the ordering of branded premium merchandise.
Companies can measure campaign response using toll-free phone number tracking, ROI sales reporting, custom e-mail addresses or personal URLs, or follow-up each campaign with voice broadcast services to boost campaign response.
The difference could be in the fact that Coke made its customers feel like they were being acknowledged in a way that didn’t put them on the spot like McDonalds did. Users have also been posting more videos, with the amount of video posts per person jumping 19 percent in 2014. And it’s great that they are willing to give you their support in these ways, and not just with their Euros, Dollars or Yen. Based on these data you can decide which proposition might be best to offer, via which channel and most important, WHEN. And to remind you, this is not only fundraising… Yes, this makes the process harder, but it will make you all grow stronger. Then he joined Greenpeace Netherlands where he worked for many years including a secondment to the regional office in southeast Asia. The company boasts a national network of AdSoft-certified fulfillment partners and is the only organization that has fully-integrated with USPS to download both Critical Mail and First Class tracking data and display it on Google Maps to give you real time mail delivery tracking. AdSoft Direct creates marketing centers that drive new business, improve customer loyalty, and connect you with the most important part of your business: your customers. When your organization is able to bring all these forms of engagement and support together, then you can start supporter journey thinking.
Based on what people do or don’t do, you need to learn when they are most likely to be ready for your next message. Drawing the flow forces you to structure to all the specific contact moments with your supporter. Supporter journey thinking can be your starting point for a supporter-oriented fundraising program. Find out what this is for each supporter segment and make sure you integrate this into your message. He currently works for Growing Minds as a consultant in supporter contact strategy and supporter journeys.

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