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A possibility to enliven the presentation a bit is to operate freely in front of the audience. An alternative with Bluetooth could make the additional USB stick redundant for many notebooks. A compact keyboard-and-mouse set that gives you wireless convenience with the reliability of a cord. After better consideration one may attribute the presenters to a comparatively new type of product. Today we are to get acquainted with the Logitech Cube presenter, which was demonstrated for the first time this year at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Cube Presenter is supplied with black or white body color, as for us we got the latter alternative. Getting back to the Cube outlook one may mention that some of its users for a reason compare its style to the Apple style, which may be considered as a compliment. It makes no sense to describe all sides of the Cube, for that reason just “useful” peculiarities of its body are going to be described. The left-click equivalent is located in the front part, the right one is found closer to the centre. Logitech is traditionally famous for its packing design, considering the above mentioned Cube leaves rather mixed feelings. But in practice the packaging included just a cube-box with beautiful design (eventually true Logitech-style) whereas the inside part of the original box had a receiver and the Cube itself.
Before connected to a computer Cube uses a tiny Logitech Unifying receiver, that is nowadays applied at all the wireless keyboards and mice of the company.
First and foremost we downloaded the Unifying program, which is necessary for the receiver.
To perform the setting of Cube one needed to download SetPoint drivers, the universal tool for Logitech manipulators. The main window shows that Cube was automatically identified; the battery charge time appeared beside the device name. As it turned out, the Smart Move option is the scroll function that may be found in each and every mobile device with a sensor screen. The Battery tab allows showing the battery charge time both in percents and days that are left. The doubts about quite an unusual location of the buttons, the left one in the upper part and the right one in the center – were resolved. Before we started testing, the Logitech choice seemed quite an illogical one, still later everything became clear. Although it seems quite a simple unit from the outside Logitech Cube is the embodiment of a thoroughly calculated design especially for a device as tiny as it is.
Speaking about drawbacks one should mention that the device is not equipped with a laser pointer.
The device has the shape of a mouse and the body is really convenient for holding in hands and managing of presentations.
The conceptual Genius Ring Presenter is a much fresher example; it came into the market in March.
This clever little keyboard has all the standard keys—so you can save lots of space without missing a thing. The compact keyboard-and-mouse combo with all the standard keys, extended battery life and reliable, long-range wireless.
The compact keyboard is about 36% smaller than standard keyboards but still has all the standard keys—so doing the things you love is as easy as ever.
It helps protect your information by encrypting data transfer between the keyboard and receiver with one of the highest levels of data encryption available.
No matter if university, company or office – presentations rise and fall with their vivacity and their ability to captivate the audience. Usually a boring slide show that counts to one of the most feared things of meetings in many companies and which lulls their employees into a sound sleep one after the other.
This way, single participants can be addressed directly, or the one or other could perhaps be saved from falling asleep by the topic. Among the preferable yet not necessary functions one may mention the laser pointer function. The device was highly appreciated by the participants and got the exhibition design and engineering award at the sphere of computer technologies. Just looking at the device it is difficult to say either about its purpose or about its two base functions.

Taking into consideration the dimensions of the device one may say that Logitech made it as much convenient as it’s possible. On the other hand there is no information from Logitech about the capacity of the lithium-polymer fixed battery or at least about its estimated run time.
The main box is made from ordinary industrial cardboard with information about the product printed on it.
The receiver operates at the frequency of 2.4 GHz and provides connection at the distance of 25 meters.
Among the available settings one may find the pointer speed, its acceleration, scroll step and Smart Move options, as well as the pointer trace option. The core principle of that function is that one starts scrolling with a sliding touch while when the finger is put off the screen the scroll continuous “inertially”. Despite correct connection and operation of Cube and Set Point, the device was ignoring Unifying receiver. Even the smaller notebook “rodents” are not really ergonomic, quite often they don’t have enough body length, which is inconvenient, especially for men. The device do not apply the obvious way for slides change by pushing the upper button for going to the next slide and the lower one – for the previous slide.
It offers really user-friendly control solutions and it is indeed good at presentation managing yet Cube is not the best mouse. It is possible that a pointer could have spoiled the “simple control” principle, anyway, it is the fact that the device has no any pointer. The alternate presenters should be considered only if they have the mouse function, which makes Oklick Wireless Presenter Mouse 805M the best competitor. The device has a laser pointer and even a mini-joystick to control the cursor when in the air. That gadget has the shape of a ring and is to be put on the index finger while control is made by the thumb. Surprisingly, it seems to be one of the few such input devices with a (near) full-size keyboard instead of a tiny thumb-sized one. There is the possibility to control presentations from afar so that the speaker can move untied from the bonds of technology. One reason is that the possibilities that are actually available are hardly ever exploited.
The Wireless Presenter R400 from Logitech is located in the 30 euro range and doesn't have as many features in comparison to the other more expensive R800.
If you consider this, you get a solid presenter that opens a possibility of designing interesting and dynamic presentations in terms of hardware. By the way, a skillfully organized presentation usually doesn’t make one scrutinize huge slides for small details. It is just in the present time that quite a modest range, consisting from separate models from popular and not really popular manufacturers, emerges.
Telling the truth, Logitech’s device is not a revolutionary one, it is sooner “a-good-and-evident-idea” type of devices.
The Cube has a shape of a rectangle with slightly rounded corners, in order to make it comfortable when in hands. The “inserts” into the main surface are most probably covered with transparent plastic, which hides fingerprints.
Cube has sunk sides and the front part which makes it really convenient for fingers when using it in the mouse function.
There is no apparent scroll function, but one should not get upset, as it became clear, the device has sensor surface which enables smooth scrolling like in Smartphones and Tablets. In the same area the light indicator that switches on in case of low battery charge is placed.
The company claims that the device operates for a long time, and the battery discharges in correspondence to the tasks being performed. One of the special advantages of the receiver is the possibility to switch up to 6 Logitech devices to it, which means that there’s no need to occupy other USB connectors. In accordance to the instructions we switched on Cube and that was confirmed by the green indicator of the device. The time and speed of the scrolling depend on the speed and size of the screen sliding touch. As for the device being revised now, its body is absolutely tiny and, what is more, has unpractical rectangular shape. We are not asserting that this design is better than a conventional one with both of the buttons placed in the same plane.

The new slide will be opened when any of the buttons in the “regular” Cube position is pushed. In practice it was exactly the body turnover that demonstrated the most intuitive slide order control.
Moreover, its competitors cannot boast of offering the sensor scroll and Smart Move functions. The price is absolutely acceptable – about $35, but it’s really difficult to find the device on offer.
One should mention as well that the device has extremely light weight; it is scarcely heavier than a matchbox.
However, it appears that the devise performs just two tasks and it wouldn’t be a great job for the manufacturer to check the operation time for each of them. According to the given information inside the box we are to find the device itself, a receiver, a USB-cable, a manual and a hard case. That function offered by Logitech deserves the highest grade, frankly speaking, the scroll of an ordinary mouse doesn’t seem so convenient after the Cube scroll was once used.
As we have already mentioned the left-click area is a bit sunk and one feels “hill” of the right button very distinctly. However, if one turns it over any of the buttons may be used to go to the previous slide or command.
It is not that the device is not worth it, but such a price automatically reduces the number of potential buyers and the device becomes suitable just for those who often have to make presentations and mainly when away. It looked like exactly what I wanted, and at a reasonable price, too.The K400 features a fairly attractive, clean design (aside from the odd random lines artwork on the trackpad).
One may not look at Cube during the whole course of the presentation and yet to feel where the button surface is located. One sooner has to hold the device with two fingers and palm starts to get tired because of such an unusual job. It takes some time until one gets accustomed to put the index finger on the surface carefully, as the latter is sensitive to sliding and is used for scrolling. The mouse function is provided by a sensor trackball; the wireless connection is supported at the distance of 10 meters. Commands were still accepted from about 12 m distance, even without eye contact to the receiver.
As for the Russian version, the device “doesn’t exist” and the reason for that is the absence of official sales on the territory of the CIS.
High quality batteries and pouch are included in scope of deliveryThe device made of plastic weighs 55 g, including two triple A batteries but without the USB stick. In fact, the red laser pointer has an even larger range, but merely the stated 15m are required for the intended purpose.VerdictLogitech's Presenter R400 does exactly what you expect. Presentations, screen films and slide shows can be remote controlled and details can be underlined with the laser pointer. The receiver can be stowed in the presenter and is thus perfectly stored for transportation in the included pouch. It's comfortable to hold, the range is good, the control functions are accessible without having to wrench the operating finger and the manufacturing quality makes a good impression. It's a lot easier to click or drag with your left hand as you move the cursor with your right hand this way.
You have to be a bit careful when pushing the presenter into the tight fitting case because the button can occasionally slide into the back position accidentally and thus remains activated. It also ships with factory-installed AA batteries, which is always appreciated.If you're looking for a decent keyboard for a home theater PC, this one seems hard to beat especially for the price! The battery charge status is roughly displayed on the upper side.Remote station plugged into the notebookThe little presenter (approx.
About Mac compatibilityThe keyboard claims to support Windows only, but I suspected this wasn't the full story. Sure enough, when I plugged it into a Mac, the keyboard and trackpad worked automatically complete with two-finger scrolling on both Snow Leopard and Lion. As Logitech states on the instruction leaflet, the black screen doesn't work with all applications. Also, you may want to remap the Windows (Command) and Alt (Option) modifier keys for a more Mac-like layout.The only catch?

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