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Logitech is a company that produces many types of devices from keyboards and mice to headsets and webcams for video conferencing and conversing. Download the Logitech QuickCam chat software by navigating to the Logitech website and selecting support.
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It’s equipped with a large lens, comprised of five glass elements for the best image quality possible.
Using the Logitech QuickCam chat software for webcams allows you to have additional capabilities and may even be required for you to use the hardware at all. Choose the operating system and whether you are running it in 32-bit or 64-bit and click "Download Software." It is 35 Megabytes in size, which has an estimated download time of less than one minute on a broadband Internet connection. Each completely private is room furnished with amenities that take you back to a more carefree, peaceful time that offers an escape from the present bustle of today.
When taking everything into consideration though, is it worth your $120?Introduction One of the best parts about being a technology writer is being able to see cutting edge products as they are released.
Be aware, the software is not compatible with the Windows 7 operating system and will not install. Once the download completes, double click on the file name and follow the on-screen instructions. We were also shown the QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, which includes its own healthy feature set. We will be taking a look at that webcam by itself in the weeks to come, as I ran into a few problems with my first copy.Whereas their Notebooks Pro webcam is designed for portability, the Ultra Vision is geared to be the cream of the crop.

According to press materials, this webcam has unsurpassed image quality and has the best lens available. It’s starting to seem unlikely, but its probably for the best unless you want to pay upwards of $200.
One is to snap a quick photo while the other is a quick video preview, so you can make sure the lighting is appropriate, before going live.On the front you will see the huge lens, microphone (center) and the Logitech logo. The ring around this logo lights up blue during use.Finally, here is the Ultra Vision on my monitor. Though this is a new webcam, there was already newer software for the taking, which downloaded in less than a minute. The entire process took around 4 minutes, which includes downloading of the latest installer. Once the installation is finished, you will need to calibrate your microphone and volume dials. Basically, if you are having a bad hair day, had too many cupcakes, look like a real computer geek, are on the run or simply want to have fun, you can change your avatar to something more enlightening. Like an alien for example.Before this feature will work properly though, you will need to calibrate your face to the camera.
While the QuickCam software only installs five of these avatars, there are over a hundred more at your disposal on their website. While at CES, Logitech told us that they would be regularly uploading new avatars each month.Another clever feature is the ability to use a privacy shade.
Simply put, it loads a graphic overtop of the webcam driver, so people on the other end cannot see you… just the image.

No, I haven’t been a huge member of the webcam club in recent years, but the Ultra Vision impressed me. However, for personal videos that you can later send to friends, the camera supports up to 960×720 which had quite the impressive result. At its peak, it records around 15 frames per second, so really you will not notice lag unless you are moving -real- fast. The downside though is that these videos get big rather quick, an average of 250KB per second.
Or do you, you sly dog?When it’s all said and done, I am impressed with the Ultra Vision overall and believe its quality is top notch. If you want the fastest performance and best image quality, then this is a great product and is likely worth that cash.
The average Joe may want to stick to a $50 Logitech model at a brick and mortar store if quality and performance are not a high priority. Don’t expect a miracle though.Discuss in our forums!If you have a comment you wish to make on this review, feel free to head on into our forums!

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