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If Apple could lower their prices slightly at the bottom end of their range and Windows doesn’t gain a near identical feature in Windows 8, Macs could see a growth in percentage share over the next year or two. BooksShelfari: Book reviews on your book blogOn the Psychology of Military Incompetence by NORMAN F. A new service created by Apple app developers freshcode called Bodega livens things up a bit when you need a new piece of software for your Mac. Welcome to Bodega, the world’s most innovative way to discover and obtain the hottest and latest applications for your Mac.
Much like the Apple’s own store, you can look for apps by searching, browsing through categories, or checking out what’s featured. As you drill further into the store looking for apps, you’ll notice that the company has done a really amazing job at making the applications “pop” off of your screen. Not only do developers get a better deal by selling through Bodega, the service also provides assistance with marketing as well as deeper analytics than other services offer. I would highly suggest giving Bodega a look, as I’m already finding it as a sexier alternative to Apple’s own Mac App Store.

Misfit, the creator of the popular shine fitness tracking wearable, and Beddit, the creator of sleep analysis hardware, today announced a partnership that brings sleep tracking to Misfit’s iOS app. This gives you an inside look into what’s part of an iOS app or game, including artwork, plist files, bundles, various data files and code signatures, package info files, binaries, and much more.
Went through the directions, but when opened the Payload and then the app itself, says not supported on this type of Mac.
You did not have to be ignorant and disrespectful about what she said, she totally meant OSX 10.6, as in the OS of her mac not her iphone.
Bodega is like a storefront right on your Mac’s desktop, one that’s chock-full of software apps from Mac developers around the world. Apple truly revolutionized the Application delivery method industry  cutting the middle man in the process with their Mac App Store. Just be sure to make a backup so you don’t mess up the app, although you can always re-download it if you do. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

I think if you make too many changes though it breaks code signing and you won’t be able to put the modified app back on your phone.
It can track heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, sound, and sleep cycles, and it will now connect to Misfit’s app.
With Mac App Store users can easily find great Apps for their Macs thousands of Free & paid apps are available in the Mac App Store. Apple’s iOS 8 Health app will feature sleep analysis, and Misfit says it has no current information regarding an integration for sleep analysis with the Health app. Raymann. Misfit today has also begun selling a branded version of the Beddit via its online store for $149.

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