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One of the benefits of the recent upgrade I made to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is how consistently simple using a PC keyboard now is. There have been complete pc keyboard layouts before, but the one I used to use for british-layout pc keyboard no longer works in lion. This is made possible via the SDK (Software Development Kit), which is also where devs access the tools and resources necessary to build apps.
Besides, why would you have a single quote (‘) and a double quote (“) on two different keys? Next you will  have to start the SDK manager app by opening an app or script called “Android” from within the Tools folder.4. Now you will be able to download the repository, which will provide you with more download options.5.

Once the new download list appears, you will want to select the items shown in the image below, which include some necessary resources and tools as well as the OS itself.6. Now you will have to navigate to the “Virtual Devices” window from within the left column of the Android SDK and AVD Manager. Now you are within the “Create new Android Virtual Device (AVD)” window, which is where you will configure your Android emulator or virtual environment. Keep in mind that you will want to make sure Android 2.2 – API Level 8 is selected under Target.
Once you have configured the emulator to your liking, click Create AVD and wait for the process to complete.9. Now, from within the Android SDK and AVD Manager window you will see the emulator or AVD you have just created in Virtual Devices in the left column of the manager window.

However, Gizmdo notes that Google offers the following instructions for downloading Android apps being distributed independently.1.
Download a development tool called Eclipse (you want the IDE for Java Developers at this link)2.
Point the ADK to the directly where you’re keeping your Android SDK files (the same place where you extracted the SDK earlier, unless you moved it)4.

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