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The price drop of the latest iteration of retina MacBook Pros means the MacBook Airs have new competitors abutting their top-tier models. I come at this review as someone who has not upgraded her computer in almost exactly three and a half years.
I ended up selecting the mid-range 13-inch retina MacBook Pro, as the top-tier option comes with an unavoidable $300 bump to a 512GB drive (and an improved processor).
The only upgrade I took for my Pro was for the RAM—to 16GB from the stock 8GB, because a healthy portion of my job involves photo and video editing.
The slightness of the MacBook Air’s design and uneven weight distribution may affect this perception a little. Like its larger 15-inch brother, the retina MacBook Pro has a full-size HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, two Thunderbolt ports, a headphone jack, and a port for the power cable. Most of the keyboards Apple now makes are near-identical in design, but I do notice that key travel on the MacBook Air is a little shallower than on the retina MacBook Pro. This isn't a point of comparison but something that seems worth noting: almost as soon as I brought the Air and Pro into the same house, they began a power struggle over the Wi-Fi connection.
One of the reasons I originally made the jump from the original MacBook to the MacBook Pro line was the speakers. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.
For the moment, the standard MacBook Pros live on, coexisting with the lighter, slimmer MacBook Airs that are now equipped with Intel's more energy-efficient fourth-gen Core i-series "Haswell" chips and a much better set of battery life specs.

At the same time, Apple has been moving away from hard-disk drives in favor of the zippier and quieter solid-state drives found in the MacBook Air. My laptop before this was a “mid-2010” 15-inch MacBook Pro that recently took as many as 10 precious seconds opening the System Preferences menu while having fainting spells over simple GIFs. For that amount of money, I decided it would be better to beef up my home storage situation and try to carry less material around on the computer itself.
These tasks are already fiddly and moderately enraging enough without a beach ball cropping up for a few seconds after every action.
I expected this weight difference to be barely noticeable when spread over the whole body of a computer, but the relative heft is easy to feel in the retina MacBook Pro.
But stacked on top of each other and standing side by side, the Macbook Pro is actually more compact in length and width while sitting lower to the ground than the Air is. I will cop to being someone who is less affected by this feature, or at least, I don’t melt into a wailing puddle when I meet a 1366x768 screen. Eventually the Air established dominance and blocked the Pro entirely, unless I put the Air to sleep. There's more power, and videos and music sounded less like they were taking place in an Altoids tin. However, Apple didn't trot out a high-end MacBook Air with a Retina display, as some rumors suggested it would. These non-Retina models have a few legacy features that seem destined for the scrap heap: FireWire 800 ports and SuperDrive optical drives.

In this review, I’m holding the Pro up against a 2013 MacBook Air with an i7 processor at nearly the same price point.
I never liked this march of key wells toward being almost nonexistent, and I don’t really like the flat tactile feel of the MacBook Air keyboard. The disparity in volume and quality between consumer and pro Apple laptops is less than it once was. It also didn't update the MacBook Pro Retina with Haswell chips (rest assured, that update will come later this year). The company never got onboard with Blu-ray, and there 's little reason to start at this point. During photo editing, it’s now extremely evident which of my pictures are really, really sharp and which are just slightly, maddeningly blurry. While the Air can get decently loud, it was slightly cracklier and tinnier at the highest volume levels. Anyone who still relies on CDs or DVDs can get an external Apple SuperDrive that connects via USB.
If you happen to be using my same Netgear router, this is an apparent incompatibility worth looking out for.

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